Penis questions rarely asked

How do you prefer to keep your dick while wearing jeans? Upwards or downwards, that includes erected state.
I've always been a fan of the upwards position, keeping it down feels weird and too uncomfortable, but a friend SWEARS by the downwards position. Lately though, I've been pointing it down more and more. I'm a grower, I wonder if this changes my preference.

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I tuck it between my legs.

lmao how's 9th grade treating you

always down the left leg, if I get a huge boner and have to stand up in fromt of people I’ll flick it into my waistband

>always keeping it up

girls checking you out will think you have a micro peen, don’t do that

left is for dicklets

What? Do whatever is comfortable faggot. Why do you need outside opinions on this?

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I like the spiral position honestly but it gets stuck like that after a few months of doing it regularly. I took of my clothes to get in the shower a few days ago and it looked like i had a cinnimon role where my junk should be when i looked in the mirror. I think I'll spiral it the other way but it really hurts.

down and left. never up. inb4 otb&

Keeping it down on the side so I can grab it through my pocket if I evee get a boner.
Can't put it upwards since it'll peak through my pants since I'm not a dicklet

I'm 19. lmao

but when you become erect and the shaft protrudes the waistband and you must dorkily pull your trousers higher is an obstacle

Upwards is bizarre, I don't understand people who do that shit.
Down and to the right, that's the only correct position.

>wearing clothing that chokes and constricts your genitals and causes your nads to overheat and sperm to die and T to drop

>Down and to the right, that's the only correct position.
It depends on if you have a curve, which ball tends to hang lower than the other, there are many variables.

i cant do left anymore. if i get a boner im just fucked and i cant hide it
does this mean im not a dicklet?

Leftpic or upward. When I was little my mom used to buy me these tight underwear (type like pic related). It was somewhat uncomfortable compared to boxers so I would always pull my dick upward and the underwear would hold it.
Today I have 8" dick (9 inch when I was 18 but its hard to get it this long nowadays). I actually thought about this before and I think this position of holding your dick is optimal when growing up and developing its what allowed my to develop my full size.

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lyk dis

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You should've graduated 9th grade by now

My cock gets so short when flaccid that it is sometimes a literal chode, so I've never even considered this dilemma. When an unwanted erection ensues it gets pointed to the bottom right, without question .


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Upward? What the fuck? Having that warm thing across half your hips is fucking uncomfortable, and that's sideways. Literally would go above my belly button "upwards"

It straight up doesn't fit in boxer briefs with any decent amount of blood, which is why I avoid wearing them unless I know in going to fuck