Have an impressive physique

>Have an impressive physique
>Like gay shit and and dress up like a retarded nerd in public
For what purpose?

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>have impressive physique
>enjoy the things you enjoy even if other people think it's weird
Sounds like a good life to me


For that comic con puss

Because he enjoys it duh

It gets worse

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fuck yeah one piece


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Reminder going to an animecon slightly buff with abs showing is the easiest way to get laid
>The quality of dudes there is on the fucking ground.
>most girls have shit confidence
>you can dress in shitty cossplays and still not look like a retard because its normal there
that said most of them are ultra degenerate and for me its a triggering for the amount of trans and gay flags. Always carry beer or any kind of alcohol to endure those situations without wanting to murder everyone


Barely outside of dyel

>not wanting to walk around like pic related all day everyday

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>not going for that weeb twink boipussy
They are total freaks in bed

just being naked with a good physique and long hair is a cosplay

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Because you can do whatever you want when you're fit and good-looking. People still think you're cool anyway.

Be less ugly and you'll understand, OP.

Damn. If only I wasn't a manlet I could pull off this cosplay. I have a similar chin & hair.

He should do Ulquiorra cosplay desu

>grimmjow jaegerjacques
>ate his buddies because their limit was 200 arranger
>wants to be king
>protects his homeland
>loves a challenge
>fights tactically and uses his wits to stymie an even stronger opponent
>joins forces with but still wants to fight and kill good guy for his own reasons
>gets cucked out of his position by a black dude and a twink (no homo)
>regains his position and shows the twink who’s boss (no homo)
>not Chad

why not op? It's worth it to get the comic con sluts, there's a ton of out of shape ugly nerds there and very few fit men, let alone Chads.

I don't look like that guy, but it's insanely easy to get con sluts back to your hotel room. I can only imagine how much easier it'd get looking like that.


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This It's an open secret that the hotels near comic / anime conventions are basically dedicated fuck fests for the Instagram-famous tier cosplayers.

For ATTENTION. It is the only commodity of any value left.

Because they are manchildren obsessed with escapism and conspicuous consumption

>>Like gay shit
just cause you jelly dont mean no homo.

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For fun

My pick would be one of those giant novelty flasks, but that's just me.

>Tfw con twink
Can confirm

I never liked Bleach and it's designs, but holy shit I would kill myself before I dressed like that garbage

>it's insanely easy to get con sluts back to your hotel room
How do you do it?

Definitely thought about going for the con poon sometime although I won't be Veeky Forums enough by the time the one I would have any interest going to would be going on this year. I'll just keep it in the back of my mind for now I guess.

Would be afraid of the gross people there touching me and wouldn't want to bump into 99% of them while shirtless. I assume being an attractive male cosplayer with abs would end up with you getting your butt touched more than the females which I'm not personally a fan of based on who would be doing it.

That's not cosplay. That's a representation of an actual warrior from a historical nation, not some anime crap.

>Instagram-famous tier cosplayers

That's one of the most worthless phrases I've ever heard in my life.

"Hey! You 300 pound landwhale who watches cartoons! Let's fuck! Follow me!"

Then watch as you get stampeded by fat supposed-females.

There is only one acceptable animuu character to cosplay as and it's Guts.

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>Gets all the cute shy nerdy virgin girls who idolize a one partner romance.

Sounds pretty good.

Have you been to a convention? Not enough room for fat fucks to manoeuvre so not many go. Lots of tight bitches though in tight outfits.

At least in this country anyway. Convention centres are bigger in the US so I imagine more fat cunts go

Yes, I've been to multiple comic conventions in multiple cities. Just like in any seething mass of humanity, you're right; there will be attractive people. But 90% of what I've seen at them have been smelly, fat, ugly people who have no real lives and instead act out anime or Star Trek fantasies.

Con girls

My dude no one can cosplay Guts, Anyone who tries looks like a faggot.

This. Although if you cut off one of your arms and replace it with a fully functional arm cannon and can somehow swing an irl dragonslayer, it becomes much more acceptable

larping is still cosplay coperino

>be 6'4, dark haired, ripped guy that got his heart broken by small brown girl

I'm going to pull it off, just you see.

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Cosplay is the only reason why I get or stay Veeky Forums

What, you think I do this for girls? 2Dcon 4 life.

OP, I used to do what you do but starting at around '15 or '16 cons got dangerously psycho and then #metoo happened

can i pull this of if im only 6'2?, i've already have my heart broken by several small brown girls if it helps

Veeky Forums has retarded standards about height. 6'2" would make you a giant at an anime con.

That's borderline manlet tier according to /fit.

6'4 or better go as Griffith.

Looking to cosplay as Venom snake

When I was chubby, I did MGS3 Big Boss and called him “Snack Eater”. I’m a world apart in terms of physique, and I’m looking forward to doing a comparison.

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>Go to Renfest dressed as a sexy Viking
>Get hit on by old hags and gay butt pirates
>Next Renfest
>Only get hit on by wenches
Eventually I'll get hit on by attractive women in their 20s right guys?

when I make it I'm going to at least try this

bleach is literally all about design and style

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>having a better physique than the character

never seen bleach because its designs look shitty

>never seen bleach
have you ever watched any other anime? a lot of people shit on bleach (and there are reasons for it) but objectively its designs, aesthetic and style is one of the best in anime world, dont forget that bleach started in like 2004, you will definitely find some good looking anime in 2018.

when will they learn?

>implying cosplay isn't fun and doesn't pull mad bitches

Either get with the rising subculture or get left behind loser

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