How many times can you rep 2pl8 bench, Veeky Forums?

How many times can you rep 2pl8 bench, Veeky Forums?

I hit a new PR yesterday and did 14 reps. Feels good man

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Post body pls

0 I failed one a half plates last week

6 times. Is 2x8 a good way to increase strength? Or is 5x8 better?

2x at 145 lbs body weight

I did 14 reps with 230lbs, because 2pl8 in euro plates is 100kg or 120kg/265lbs if you use the actual euro plates (25kg)

None times
I can do 1pl8 afore 12 reps

1pl8 is my last bench for sets in SS. hoping to hit 2pl8 before year ends though. we'll see

No, a plate is always 45 pounds or 20kg

Last time i tried i managed to get 20.

45lbm isnt 20kg, stupid fuck. Learn conversions you weak soyboy faggot

It’s always been at the end of my 5x5 I try 225, last time I hit 2. I’m sure if I did it at the beginning I could do 4 maybe 5

Maybe twice

1 time it is my PR.
Felt light tho, i could easy do maybe 2 reps

More volume is always better. If you can do it

225 is my 3rm.

45lbs is 20,4 kg

20kg is about 44lbs...But this is splitting hairs

Your clips would probably add a pound to the bar anyway, if they're not shit

just failed 210 bench 3x5... now my belly is all scratched up from doing the roll of shame

Can do 7 reps of 225.
Not much but we all start somewhere.

180kg is roughly 397 lbm rounding up, so while i realize your lifts make the conversion negligible, it doesnt mean everyone is weak enough for it to be.

About 18 I think


I've been stuck at 225x6. Not sure if I should just drop the weight and increase the volume (say 210x8-10) or also include at least one heavy set of 245x3

Can do 2pl8s for 11-12. Is that enough for 3 pl8s?

2 times

Pretty close for sure. I can rep 225*13 and got 3pl8 a couple of weeks ago.

Best I've done is 225 for 2 reps. My chest looks horrible.

It’s close enough, Mr. Autismo


i do incline bench 95kg for 5x5,
so i'd say flat bench is bretty gud

Never tried it, I can do 5x5 80kg though.

What the fuck is 45lbm? Kill yourself.

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I think 95 or 97 kgs would be possible. Your almost reaching 100 kgs

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It's not a conversion. America uses 20.4kg plates, and Europe uses 44.1lb plates.

I've been lifting for around 8 months and I'm currently at 4x8 of 145 lbs at 165lbs bodyweight
been kinda stuck at that for the past 2 months though