I am poor

I am poor

Because of this I go to the gym wearing basketball shorts and a gotta catch em all pokemon shirt.

Can I be kicked out for this?

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I wear a Pewter Gym shirt. Hides my power levels

>basketball shorts

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you literally are not allowed to wear anything else but basketball shorts and old t shirts until you hit 1/2/3/4

Just do your lifts, man. The more you lift the cooler this shirt becomes

Not gonna lie, I want one

Rate my workout, I weigh 130, 5"5

Day A Bench press, Shoulder press, tricep extensions, Dips, Push ups

Day B, Deadlifts, Squats, Leg extensions,

Day C Lateral pull downs, bent over rows, upright rows, bicep curls w/d-bell, barbell curl, pull ups

Rinse and repeat this is my workout. I also eat my body weight in protein

looks solid, add more leg exercises for juicy legs and do deadlifts on back day

This x 100
>friend wearing tank at gym
>1/2/3/4 >>>> him
>"im huge"

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Get excited

Kek this is autismo level clothing

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No, despite the memes there is literally nothing wrong with wearing basketball shorts to the gym. What the fuck else are you suppose to wear? Assless chaps?

That must be pretty heavy.

i used to work out wearing black jeans and pretending they were like something more comfy, i managed to buy a few £2 shirts and £3.50 tights, it's ok user i wont judge you.

that's like the normalest fucking gym outfit ever

But Chad and the Gym bunnies will. What's the point if getting Veeky Forums if I'm mindbroken by the end?

I'll be a lunk of mass with zero confidence

Nice so you eat 130 lbs of protein each day?

Yeah am I doing it right? Or do I have to eat more for the protein I burn when working out?

Im like 84kg woman trying to lose 30kg, thats like almost twice my current weight im trying to burn off.
Chad and Gym bunnies will probably see/notice you but you're just one of the many fatties who go in the gym so what if they figure out you're trying to lose or gain weight and wearing shit, you're there for yourself and let noone try to be a fucking cunt at you.
Also i only have one pair of converse that i bought like 1 or 2 months ago, i can already see it starting to tear up and shit, being a poorfag sucks but atleast with some time and control it's worth the sacrifice.

I'm wearing off-brand 3 year old chucks to gym and nobody gives a shit.

Yes, OP shouldn't be upset, clothing's not big of a deal just do your business.