Thots and Morality

Hey Veeky Forums,

I keep matching with chubbies, fats, girls in open relationships, boring girls not going anywhere in life, and feminists on tinder. Some of them are within my range, but I find myself avoiding fucking them, because I don't want to reward them while they lead degenerate lifestyles. The idea is that if I play their game and subtly tell them that their lifestyles are enough of a turn off for me to not want to fuck, I might be able to influence change socially.

Is there any worth in this?

Should I just pump and dump these whores?

Pic related, with an ugly

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jesus fucking christ that's a munter, have some standards mate

Doing God’s Work, user. You walk the high road.

Taking a no realy fucks these people up. They can't handle it.

Although I agree with what you're doing, it's totally pointless. There aren't enough people doing what you're doing to inspire a total social change.

Yeah for like 30 seconds after that 10 other guys already texted her and she forgot.

Not really. This is a downward spiral. However all they want is a male to hate, so OP is giving them that and that's kind of a lose-lose situation. She will indulge herself nonetheless.

>being an asshole to strangers out of some misguided sense of duty to moral crusade
why the fuck, how do you even have the energy

>the chad user
Get some self-respect mate. Gains are not only physical

Don’t do it man. I thought it was a good thing at one point in my life to cope with my ex leaving me but I realise now it is truely boring and draining pursuit. The more pointless encounters I have the less human I feel, just live your life and opportunity will present itself, thats my mindset now.

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same here buddy, most of the time its thots looking for validation. when its not its shitty sex with some one i literally dont care about

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This is some retarded shit. It's not going to change them by any means. If public humiliation and consequences by not getting anything (Doesn't work with feminists, NEETs and the like because someone or an entity will take care of them) of their actions meant anything to these people, the world would already be a much better place.
The majority of people on that spectrum are mindless, self-absorbed and materialistic. This goes for both men and women. Why the hell should you care about them? Surround yourself with better people, or like one user said, you'll continue to feel less human because that's what these people lack; their humanity. Natural selection will take over eventually.

>The more pointless encounters I have the less human I feel
Unironically deep. I feel just a little pity for the thots with triple digit partner counts

>God's work
>Delaying fornication

Don't use tinder at all if you're concerned with morality

Trying my best, mates. I read something on here the other night that got me thinking (although it was still pretty autistic). Something about how being a Veeky Forumsizen elevates you, and it's a new standard to hold yourself to. Kind of reminded me of how Marcus Aurelius talked about Romans as a kind of an ubermensch. At this point it seems like stooping if I were to fuck roasties

That's also kind of what I was thinking/ afraid of. What would feel better, getting some thot puss or knowing that I made them think?

You're absolutely right. I'm trying to get to that point now. Yet I still go on Tinder twice a day.

It’s mean but I had that feeling when I looked down at the chick I was fucking and studied her below average, not fat but just not... nice looking, I looked at myself in the mirror and I just had that inward thought of why am I wasting my body that I worked so many thousands of hours in the gym for, for a chick that obviously doesn’t look after hers? I might be gay, who the fuck knows desu

What's your definition of "going nowhere in life"? How does that compare to what you are doing with yours? An honest question for comparison.

Not OP but all these thots go to community college, or take an easy ass major, or failed out of their hard major. Many are not even going to school, and are working as baristas or something.

I’m from a good, wealthy family. Spent my entire freshman year studying my ass off to graduate a year early instead of fucking around, and will be making 6 figures by the time I’m 24-25. If we’re looking at it from a dating standpoint, 99.9% of the girls on Tinder are naturally just going to be a hard no. Still at the point where I’ll chase the nut tho

Don't really know if this is the right board to ask, but here goes. How do you have decent lines when talking on tinder? I mean i am already pretty damn autistic and clueless for word irl but on a app is even more hard believe it or not. Anybody got some tips?

Just get straight to the point and seal the deal of meeting up in like the first 2 messages, if your photos look good it’s a straight forward process, don’t try too hard and if there’s no response/shit response fuck her off and get on with your life or the next match

Feminists actually want to be put in their place in the bedroom. You're hindering their growth by not allowing them to realize this.

Something along the line of :"hey looks like we matched, wanna get together?". ?

You wanna be quick but not that quick, just comment on an aspect of one of her photos, than after she replies go for the ‘we should have a drink or something when you’re free next’ again, do not try hard at all.

Ok, i'll try that. I am absolutely shit at social interactions and i kinda hate doing it aswell, but i still like having sex so it's worth a try

I believe in you. Sounds fucked but what helps me is I always tell myself that everyone I ever know and will know will be dead in 100 years so why not put myself out there.

True that, because of my weird ass situation i solely rely on escorts for sex but that has now lead my into a little weird situation to say the least. Besides that costs money something i do not have alot off

To be fair, a lot of people don’t even have the confidence to fuck an escort, but seriously man you’ll get over the pursuit of meaningless pussy, it’s really nothing special, it’s just another distraction from what you could be achieving. Build it (yourself) and they will come regardless of your pursuit or not.

Yes you're right, but the thing i honestly don't know what i could/want to be achieving. Until a little under a year ago i didn't even think that i would ever be remotely fit in life again, and now down more than 30 kg quit all the addictions i had and even finally got my learners permit for the car i do not know what direction to really go with my life. The only thing that hasn't really changed is the fact that i do not like socializing with people. Point is this i kinda feel like i'm missing out on something and i do not even know what that "something" is, so i thought "hey maybe its sex". It most likely isn't but still

OP (and anyone else who uses it) do you pay for gold to see who likes you? I've had 10+ likes for days but half my matches came AFTER the fact, and it's giving me that bullshit 'expand your discovery options' shit.
I don't really want it showing up on my bank statement since I'm a pleb that's still supported by parents

Dude, if you take a trad view of women then they're not exactly wasting their lives here. You expect them to become high flying lawyers and bankers with six figure bank accounts? Or would you rather they have a casual part time job and aim to raise a family?

As long as your working or in education then you're probably doing something worthwhile with your life. Anything's better than neetdom

Why do you guys even humor ugly chicks on Tinder? Raise your standards and stop right swiping everything

I changed my bio to “No hookups, looking for the stay at home mother for my future children” and got a ton of matches almost Immediately. The non degenerates are out their brehs

>Not wanting your wife to stay at home and take of the kids, raising them hands on so they can develop as well as they can
Why would you want your wife to also be wealthy and have to spend as much time as you at work?

Is this true?
Why so eager to have a woman for life anyway? Aren't you fine by being with yourself?

So I don’t know about you guys, but I want a wife who has legitimately achieved something in her life, because that translates to raising better children.

Can you imagine how vastly different the successes and personal insecurities and values like hard work and dedication are for a girl who’s not going to university versus one who’s going to school to be a doctor?? It’s like night and day.

My point is that the woman I actually want to marry is Not a college dropout or at cc, because it’s signalling. We’re just not compatible in that way

Honestly it was how I was raised, and my dad would still do things like coach my soccer team, and my mom started being a stay at home mom after I was about 7. I think I can do it better though, and I know with how busy I will be, having a woman who is busy in the same way and working towards a future for our children would be relieving. It would be much less pressure on me than to satisfy a stay at home wife. It’s just better for me

So you want a man with a vagina who has to abruptly sacrifice their career for having a few kids with you? Good luck, lel

Your mentality isn't even conservative. You think feminism is bad and men and women each have specific roles, yet also refuse to marry a woman who doesn't have a high status job previously reserved for males? Bit of a contradiction here

He wants a family.

>I want a wife who has legitimately achieved something in her life, because that translates to raising better children.
i question the wisdom of this line of thought. Good mothers tend to be feminine, whereas 'success' in the way you mean usually translates to how masculine the woman is

>The idea is that if I play their game and subtly tell them that their lifestyles are enough of a turn off for me to not want to fuck, I might be able to influence change socially.

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I think you’re confusing me with another user. I didn’t say anything about feminism

I mean can a general practitioner doctor not be feminine man?? Do they have to be nurses?? Like, women can be successful and still be feminine. All it does it make them more intimidating, but it’s not a knock on their femininity

Someone pls gibe tell. I don't understand how people get matches unless they're seeing who has already liked them

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For sure, I'm not crazy trad or anything. I know a few women who were doctors actually and they were great mothers.

I just mean that you might be looking at two different skillsets. BUt for example a kindergarten teacher is probably best of both worlds, because she has shown her ability to engage in something but it's a typically feminine vocation.

And no, I wouldn’t want my wife to abruptly sacrifice her career actually. I want literally the opposite, because I saw how it affected my parents when my mom did stop working and lost some of her sense of purpose

Yeah I know what you’re saying. It’s kind of a trade off to be honest, because women who are teachers should generally be better moms. I mean it’s just my preference though, whether out of insecurity or how I was raised. But back to the original topic of tinder thots, we’re talking my early 20s here, so as far as any long term relationship goes, I’m not gonna commit to some girl who’s dragging her feet all the way

Lol m8, fucking every girl in the world dreams of having a man provide for them. It's society that tells them to be fucking engineers and shit.

Unfortunately I'm too poor to provide entirely for a woman/kids on my own.

Based lmao

I've had the same thing bro. I'm going to remember that last bit, "why am I wasting my body on someone who clearly doesn't give a shit about theirs?"

"i'm 5'4", like sushi, netflix, friends, dogs, fun"
>works at a starbucks or grocery story
>maybe taking a few classes as the jc/community college
>uggs, yoga pants and a north face fleece
>no other hobbies

Whereas, I go to the gym, am getting back into jiujitsu, finishing up my first book, investing for some land to build a house on when I get out of the military, hike, go camping/shooting, climb, and read. Going to start working on my Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering with muh bennies in a few months as well.

There isn't much overlap between them and I. I don't expect to find a female version of me (and if I did she's probably a dyke), but I have a hard time finding any value in thots who just sit there.

Do what said. And if that doesn't work, use pickup lines like this:
You: What do you do for work?
Her: I'm a hairdresser
You: Funny, I heard that hairdressers like guys who (give head, are hung, etc)

No, I refuse to pay for pussy. The most I'll pay is for coffee or maybe a 3 star meal if I really like you (until we're actually dating). Plus, it shows them when you use Gold.

You should be instilling those values in them, she should be teaching them feminine ideas, to help them be well rounded. Why would I want to marry a woman whose gone through 10 years of school to be a doctor? Do you think that type of woman would want to give up her career to have your kids? Come on now

>plus it shows them when you use gold
Yeah I noticed this when I got a match and a notification that said 'You found a match because of tinder gold!' or something to that effect. Don't really want that showing up on the other end but I'm very confused about who my constant 10+ likes are that they aren't in my discovery queue

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I’d encourage you to use that as actual motivation to go be more successful for their sake. I think there are stay at home wives who are bitter and greedy, but I think there are plenty of women who if you treat well and support her and your kids, will support you in return. I’d like to believe that anyway

No b8, it’s true.
And yeah I’m ok now but eventually I want a traditional family and to do it better than my parents

That thread name made me kek really hard, thanks user

should I just fuck a hooker ? I'm 20 and don't work out that much but im skinny not bad looking. I think I would just be bad at talking to girls so I don't really interact with any. I feel like if I don't start doing it soon I'm going to regret it but at the same time I feel like I'll lose my dignity if I get with a hooker.

If you’re too poor now, make strides to be there by mid 30s, rich successful 30 year olds can get 95% of women. They all want a daddy to take care of them and their kids

For the practice

Stop swiping right for uglies.
The tinder algorithm matches up people based on a hidden attractiveness score based on how many people you swipe right, how many swipe you, and what % of people swipe right on the girls who swipe you back.
Swiping right on uglies will fuck your score and put more uglies in your stack.

And when I say rich I just mean wealthy enough to support a family of 3/4. If you live outside of the biggest metropolitan areas that really isn’t that hard.

I don’t know why you would man, but I would. I wouldn’t want my woman to give up her career though- I literally said that above. I had a nanny who my family loved and that honestly caused no problems with my upbringing

>not replying boga
You fucked up

I'm on track to a better financial life. But I don't just want some thot that has been around the cock carousel then gets supported by me to pop out 3 kids and divorce me in 15 years when she wants to go back on said carousel.

I can't imagine there are many girls 25+ that aren't used up roasties.

marrying a girl is just kind of a losing proposition in today's world.

I'm not saying don't do it but you should be aware of the statistics, and the fact that there is not really any benefit to the man in marrying.

i dont really know what the answer is to this

Pic related. I have tinder because i don't drink so it's hard to make friends.
What's funny is I'm a virgin but literally the only people I care to have a relationship with think I'm a turbo chad. I just want to care.

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Thanks to common law marriage it doesn't even matter if you don't get married. Women are entitled to everything if they want it.

Tbh I think the only hope is to find a girl that is devotedly religious and understands the importance of marriage/no sex outside marriage. Luckily I am Christian so it's not totally hopeless.

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lmao that girl doesnt identify as a feminist? I'm sure if the guy asking looked like Wil Wheaton she'd have a much more staunch and rude answer


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why did you match with that pig in the first place ?


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Wow haha dude you got her good

>I make 6 figures big kiddo
Jesus Christ you're pathetic

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she will never recover

I right swipe everyone, just want a friend man. I only read bio after matching.

W/e fag hillbillies don't make fat stacks. I was just countering her conjecture you homo. There's nothing pathetic about working hard to get rich.

I've been wondering: what about males ? And does another study replicated those results ?

I'm curious about it

yeah idk man its kind of depressing

>I don't drink so it's hard to make friend

OP, what you're doing isn't necessarily wrong but I'm not sure that it's really a productive endeavor.

>i don't drink so it's hard to make friends

I think you don't have friends because you're just an asshole.

Gym, getting into joy jitsu, in the military working on buying land for a house, same hobbies, AND you’re working on an electrical engineering degree? Dude, are you my twin or something? Holy shit

Teachers are brain damaged, run away

You absolutely must fuck a good looking, high quality expensive hooker. Absolutely must. Better yet, three different ones if you can afford it. Emphasis on high quality.
This is the single greatest confidence boost that you can get, for aproaching normal girls. When trying to get smthg from girls it will be a huge mental boost that you had previously already phisicalky got that smthg, even if you have paid for it.
When you get the high wuality version it will not fell undignified.
You need to do your own research on how and where to get them depending on where you live.

Shit bro, wanna go gay? N-no homo

What branch are you in? CONUS?

But I'm not lol. You'll never have the balls or conviction to do what I do, just like 99% of people I know. How am I supposed to find someone like me to be friends with that I'm not already working with?


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>tfw even the ugliest girls on tinder are talking to 10+ guys at once

A good looking girl will have so many messages it’s not even funny. Fuck tinder I’d rather take a ton of phenibut and adderal and talk to them in person

>its another "every guy on fit thinks they are the cream of the crop of males on earth and degrade all women yet are still obsessed enough to use a phone app to try to get them" thread


did this thread hurt your feefees, roastie?

I'm OP, not gay, just want bros to hang out with. Just moved to a new base.

Not saying that everyone in my career field is straight and normie.

keep talking about how you're a 19 year old in the military making 150k a year as en engineer


>The more pointless encounters I have the less human I feel

this is truly one of the smartest things I've ever read here.

Her reaction is literally "I'd better call myself a feminist before I get SJW'd".

I like the idea in general but don't ask leading questions and then beat down on those who might already be on your side.

>literally the most obvious thing to everyone except western babyboomers and their descendants

>literally the most obvious thing to everyone except (nearly) everyone

fixed that for you

you've failed at convincing an internet weaving forum that youre cool.

you are not "turbo chad".

>imagine being this autistic and still wasting time on tinder

Hate to burst your bubble OP but the most you are going to change in these people's lifestyles is becoming 2 minutes of gossip or a little rant post in their blog. If they won't forget you right away after quitting the conversation, that is.

>on tinder
>on your side
yeah probably not a thing, that being said that question is extremely leading for sure

From what I have heard, it isn't as big of a factor for men. I believe it has to do with the fact that when a women sleeps with a man, their brains release a bunch of chemicals making them love that person because they could potentially be carrying said persons baby and they form a bond to them.

That's why women want to cuddle after sex and men want to fill their other desires (usually food). Although I think it is important not to be a man-whore if you don't want a whore yourself, but it is more important that women stay chaste.