Brian Shaw

What is Veeky Forums‘s honest opinion of the worlds strongest man?

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hes a big guy

4 u

He lost WSM to Eddie and the Arnold to Thor so you probably shouldn't call him that.

Don't think his head has been in it lately. He has only won a single comp since his son was born.

Seemed like a cool guy when i met him. Hasn't been performing so well but I still think he has more in him

He's not the reigning World's Strongest Man, but he's 4x World's Strongest Man.

He's a big thicc boi

There are a bunch of other guys with 4x worlds strongest man.

Eddie only won because the contest organizers specifically picked events that he would be best at.

Notice how there was only ONE single solitary event where you had to move at all and everything else was geared towards Eddie's exact specialties.

It was a bullshit political win, not legitimate.

Calves are completely genetic. His calves are big not because he exercises them but because of his genes.

No his calves are big because he's fucking huge and also roiding everything

So? There is only one person on earth who's been 5x world's strongest man and that's not this fag.

At least Brian didn't need a metric ton of cocaine to do it like Mariusz

and of course the years Mariusz won were the years that Zydrunas was competing in a different contest

Fucked the wive of his deceased best friend and put a baby in her.
I still don't know what to make of that.

Cant stand this cunt

The loading and dragging events are gay anyway, static strength is the best way to meassure strength. The arnold always has static strength events, and that's why it's considered the stronger competition.

You're a legitimate fucking retard

fuck off, jason blaha isn't the worlds strongest man. fuck off jason.

That's not Eddie Hall.

Since Eddie is not competing next WSM its between Shaw and Thor right? Who wins that one?

Moving events besides truck pull aren't really about strength. Brian doesn't own any of the meaningful event records either (atlas stone though I guess), which Eddie and Thor do. Brian had a good run but he also fucked himself out of a couple wins when the events were more his cup of tea (like letting sandbags roll off a platform)

Halfthor will win, Shaw is already over. just like Arnolds

Thor wins, no doubt about it. It's his time

Let's not forget about his cunt attitude. I'd much rather hang out with Thor or Eddie or martins

holy shit this amount of cope
Eddie's exact specialties is being good at Deadlifting, Squatting and Pressing. The win is deserved even when he is weaker in the meme disciplines

Why doesn't strongman have set events? Why does it vary each contest?

>cunt attitude


Seems nice to me


No, you're a fucking clueless shitdick.
To say that the owners of WSM geared the competition to suit Hall is dumb as fuck, especially when the reason why he even won is Brian Shaw fucking up two events.

Because it's part of the sport.
Also because over the years they've compiled a good 20 or 30 events if you count rep events and max events. The athletes would drop dead if they did them all, but completely removing events from strongman would also be be met with contention from atheletes who specialize in them, like Thor with the weight over bar.

>the guy with the strongest lifts one
>it was rigged!!!!

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He's ok but I'm more of a Big Z fan honestly

also heard that Shaw is a shitty sportsman overall, like didn't want to shake with somebody because they talked with Z kek

Looking at it objectively I would completely agree with you, but I have thought that about Thor before.

source can't find anything

How does a steroid cycle of top strongman looks?

Source? I thought Brian was a nice guy

Brian Shaw is literally the /fit poster child. The dude is a total fucking incel that compensated for his autism with "muh strength".

He's a good bloke apparently but he can get incredibly salty when he loses and blames anything other than himself. Like last WSM claiming he didn't know there was a time limit on the squats despite that being the case literally every other time and all the other competitors knowing that.

He is, he just hates to lose like any other strongman

What’s the point of being that strong when you’re just going to drop dead of a heart attack in your 40s?
At a certain point your heart doesn’t really care if it’s 300 pounds of muscle or 300 pounds of lard you’re carrying around. It’s still going to quit on you.

hes 6'8 you retard
At that height he probably cant get almost any service job because he will scare the shit out of most people. And if he's not fast and athletic enough for things like basketball, strength sports are pretty much one of the few things he can excel at.

Do you think that he thinks of Mike every time he nuts in her?