Tried to bulk

>tried to bulk
>became extremely fat
>too narcisistic to do anything but ego lifts he can't handle
>tore his pec doing dips
>now dislocated his knee

Reminder this is the kind of "fitness expert" Youtube breeds.

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el monstruo los veganos

el goblino verde

I saw him get like $12,000 in donations during a half hour live stream
Must be awesome to be a popular YouTube personality

No you didn't. Stop making lies about yourself, Richard.
No one here likes you.
We're all just waiting for you to tell us "Jasmine" actually has a cock. It's pretty obvious.

la creatura...

I'd bet my ass he's stronger and bigger than 99% of Veeky Forums.

1% reporting in

I don't think he even deadlifts.

>this is PEAK natty vegan lifting too

Never seen a single impressive vegan body on Veeky Forums in my life. When will they just die off already?

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he dl 4 pl8 or more

Like I said, he doesn't deadlift.

12000 cents maybe

Marcelino,cara pepino

>10 years to 1 rep 425
Is this a joke.

Jealous of his superior diet.

He hasn't lifted for about half of last year and most of this year due to the injuries he gave himself. Being fat doesn't equal being "big." He doesn't even know how to cut.

He says he's gonna do a fat loss series but then quickly gives it up and posts videos going to Comic Con with Jasmine and eating pizza. Legit retard who has no idea what he's doing.

>man who only trains for aesthetics gets injured
Shocked. Truly unheard of

>No one here likes you.
i do
>We're all just waiting for you to tell us "Jasmine" actually has a cock. It's pretty obvious.
then you are posting too many shit about him

10 years to 1 rep 425 is objectively terrible. That's litterally doable in less than a year by many.

>being this low test you have to defend your hermaphroditic internet crush because men on the internet are so mean

that's really not impressive at all.

>locking legs on leg press
Did all of the pea protein make him actually retarded

Here's a sympathy (you tried)

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Imagine my shock
A nutritionally deficient v*gan’s body is falling apart already in his 20s

His chest hair makes him look lightly charred.

More like molded bread

has this guy posted on Veeky Forums? That and he obviously isn't natty..

If only he had the calcium from the dairy...

>tore his pec doing dips

when did this happened? he has not mentioned it on any videos.

Does someone have a pic of Goblin Gainz fat?

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Doesn’t he drink almond milk?

Now you have

those steroids are deffinitely not making face gains past a 15 year old

Like these people has all life been vegan, their parents has given them meat in their childhood times. So yeah, saying he is so big fit becuz vegan lifestyle. Well... LIES

Lmao holy fuck

>bulking with plant oils and soy
serves him right.

He isn't. He can barely bench 265 without tearing a pec.

>had a vasectomy
>married an ugly dyke
>got an injury that blocked him from training
>became fat
Does a more justed goblino even exist?

Same here

This guy either gets injured or sick every week. And then they tell you to go vegan xD

Part of the 1% now bring that ass here boi

FiltyFrank is not vegan.

I see him posted here a lot
Does anyone know when he went vegan.. it just seems like a cheap gimmick to me
Makes me want to get big on steroids and meat and then make YouTube clickbait that I'm vegan, who would ever possibly know the difference?

Mid/late teens i think

LMAO just go vegan bro, what's the worst that can happen?

You say "steroids" like all the other IFBB pros aren't taking them. What's next? Gonna call out Brian Shaw as a juicer?

Clarence Kennedy, Jon venus

dios mio...

As if he trained to increase his DL for 10 straight years

Yeah, this happens all the time, try to make fun of him, he is a successfull man married with a beautiful girl and also red pilled as fuck (veganism and child free life) that is something you will never be.

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Fuck OFF Richard

i hope this guy is secretly bulking so you all you faggots cream your pants when he "loses weight"

>successfull man
>beautiful girl
>red pilled as fuck (veganism and child free life)
This post is fucking great.

If someones willing to cheat their body do you seriously think they aren't cheating their diet?

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>he is a successful man
he e-begs for a living and lives in a shitty apartment

>married with a beautiful girl

>red pilled as fuck
he is a virtue signaling soyboy

>veganism and child free life
his apartment looks like a zoo. funny how all these people who live "happily" without children feel the need to collect a bunch of pets. it is comically sad.

>that is something you will never be.
thank god for that. he made every bad life choice in his life and that is why he is always bitching about being depressed.

he was already retarded before all that. can't wait to see him on his 30s and on suicide watch.

Clarence went vegan AFTER reaching godmode.

Kek why is this meme in Spanish and why is it so funny


El duende verde

>pulling a pec doing weighted dips
the meme supreme

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lol brainlet. All studies recently suggest milk is detrimental to bones

Jajaja, amigo

>2 fucking reps per set
wtf, is this guy a meme or something?

only milk is because of the sugar. Other dairy products help bone strength you illiterate retard

>in suggested when i paused video

wtf? what kind of retard keeps their bum off the bench? does he not know how many injuries he an get hiself into?

Speaking of injuries, i see brainlets at the gym all the time doing their techniques wrong and getting themselves hurt, but i don't do anything about it or say anything because they're already jacked and could easily beat the shit out of me.
There was this one retard who had their back shaped like a c while doing dead-lifts, i was sure their spine was going to snap, and this was on 100lb+ too!

fuck, its even worse when they don't complete a full cycle and make little bench-lets to increase the number of reps at the expense of quality.
God fucking damn!

sounds brittle, perhaps it's the deficient vegan diet?

>look vegans can look good!
>posts a roider

to dominate this vegan twink in the bedroom would be a dream come true

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