So I had to get my liver tested again recently, asked them to test my testosterone levels also whilst doing the blood test because I thought it'd be interesting to know, results were:

Serum testosterone levels: 10.70 nmol which is about 309 ng/dl as per this online calculator I used. Does this make me a soyboy?

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> is about 309 ng/dl as per this online calculator I used. Does this make me a soyboy?
I have the EXACT SAME number and I am fucking 20 years old


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Ignore the retard spamming. 309ng/dl is pretty low, you should be around 600-900 as a 18-25yo male. It's nothing that is set in stone however, I went from 245ng/dl to 660ng/dl after starting with eating better, supplementation and free weights.

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I'm 28, I don't lift currently, I stopped after an injury and then my diet went to shit, since the beginning of 2018 I've been eating a lot better again though but haven't picked up any weights since I quit. I reckon I'm going to have to start lifting again then, thanks for the serious reply.


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What's your free testosterone though (and possibly LSH/FSH)? That's the one that actually matters, even if a low total can indicate low levels of bio-available test too. People can and do experience different effects from the same level of total test due to differences in SHBG etc.

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I asked them to test free and total testosterone levels but I only got back serum testosterone levels. Thanks for the reply though, interesting.

Free testosterone is harder to test because it makes up such a small part of the total, so they probably didn't bother to do that. But that's the part that's responsible for most of the masculine effects in your body.

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Alright then, I think I'm just going to start working out again and drop the excess fat I've gained and hope it corrects itself. Currently only taking Vit D3, you think supplementing with Zinc might help also, or should I just try to get this from food intake?

Fuck bro that's pretty bad, consider pinning test.

I'm getting my bloodwork done tomorrow, last time I had 18.5 nmol/l total T which is not very good, but my free T was at 479 which is apparently at the higher end of the scale, I've been told that's the one that actually matters.

Working out, slimming down and having a good diet will definitely be beneficial, possibly very much so. Supplement any vitamins or minerals you think you're not getting enough of, but getting as much as possible from food is generally a good idea. Check again in half a year and it's quite likely you'll have improved your values by quite a bit.

My free testosterone is at the low fucking range and my LH and FSH are also very, very low. What the fuck do I have senpai?

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Thanks a lot for all the info, I'll follow your advice.
I've thought about it honestly, especially now I've found out my results but I might try to correct them naturally before I go shooting up test, if not then it's an option.

I take zinc supplements and my free T is high af for my age (32)