Tfw you hit 29

>Tfw you hit 29
>tfw you look better than what you looked back when 23
>tfw all your classmates already starting to look like crap
>tfw you see all the girls in your class on their facebook to look like rotten milk

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Time to get that barely legal poon.

time to slay teenage pussy

Why does your Pepe look sad then? Stop complaining

I dunno, I've been struggling with mid life crisis.

but are you as happy as them and more content with your life and decisions as of now ?

since youre posting on here and felt the need to kill a thread for this asinine shit about people who have probably never thought of you in years id assume not

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Same OP. SAME.
>mfw no wrinkles yet
>mfw better body
>mfw better socially
Women my age have started to throw themselves at me while I simply go to the 18and-up club every week.

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>user you're such a pervert why do you only like younger girls you should only be attracted to women your own age

imagine how fucked up a girl is who is 18-19 and dates a 29 year old lel


>using cambridge analyticabook
>notice that you didnt say any of those girls are trying to hit you up

When is the male peak?

When can i slay early 20s pussy easily?

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Wtf happened to this place

Late 20s- early 30s

In my experience, you slay the hottest ass in college as long as youre not a sperg (join a sport a club or a fraternity if its not a gay big one at some southern school)
Then you graduate, your life stalls, your hot gf now realizes she can do better, and starts hitting the fancy clubs and bars.
Then you have to lower the bar a bit and use Tinder and shit.
Then the cycle repeats once you have the good job, nice clothes, tight bod, car, etc.

Ive seen it happen to myself and countless other college friends. Its actually encouraging for me to know in a couple years I have some more stuff to look forward to

fuck off chad

>slay the hottest ass
>have a hot gf
>use tinder

>thread discussing improvement and getting laid
>not accepting advice from someone who has improved themselves and gets laid

user I was broken when I lost my last GF, was basically jobless after college, turning into an out of shape meme manchild who paid more attention to a fucking 3DS then his fraternity brothers or loved ones.

Then I lost everything, dropped 25lbs, moved across the country, started over, and worked my ass off to make it. Were ALL gonna make it.

>southern fraternity guy

oh thats why

Dude I literally said DONT join a fraternity at some southern school
I was in a frat at a private midwestern school of about 3500 people and my pledge class was 9 people. There was no hazing. It cost 200 a year ot be a member if you felt like it. Greek life was just a place to have a house to party and meet new people.
I would never join some 2k a year Chad farm for finance majors with daddy issues

Shit, I think if a man takes care of himself and is ultimately confident in his self and abilities, the prime can damn near last till the late 40s. I just turned 24 and recently graduated from college and hit the life stalling part for a bit to finally finding a job and making money. I got a shit ton of girls in college thanks to my "gay big one at some southern school" so coming back home and not getting shit definitely did hurt. But since earning my actual money, taking care of myself, and being excellently fit, the future looks incredibly bright.

use this pepe instead

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Post bod or larp moar

> 22
> better shape than 90% of males around me
> still kissless virgin incel because my face is fucked


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Grill here. I just want to be happy and find someone compatible to love. I want them to love me back.

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it's not your face, it's your social skills.

this is good news, social skills can be improved just like your bench or deadlift.

I wish you were right

dude take a look around you. Tons of super ugly motherfuckers have gfs, are married, etc. It's not your face

I remember being a kid and going to family reunions. People who were in their 40s and 50s had medical problems. were fat, and just in general unhealthy and unhappy. I saw that it was a socially-pressured thing; it didn't have to be that way.

So, here I am, in my 40s. I'm healthy, lifting, running, making good money. getting laid.

I just have to figure out the "unhappy" part now.

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they're rich tho

it's a good feels, I'm only 23 but the people I went to HS with already start to become fat

no, not all of them. You can accept reality or keep lying to yourself.

Start squinting and get good at it, will hide nearly all your facial problems

never seen anyone uglier than with me a gf that wasnt rich

TFW 32, best shape of my life
6'1 252lbs with a 32 inch waist
Married to an amazing woman
3 great kids
Pretty financially successful

TFW none of it worked I still hate myself and fantasize about suicide daily, I won't do it, my kids deserve better but God damn do I just wanna go to sleep and not wake up

who here went back to college and attracts freshmen with ease

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>mid life


being a fit guy in your 30s is actually great if you've cultivated a hot body

most people have completely given up on themselves by that age, so the people who take care of themselves really stand out and you've got your life on track by that point

as a bonus you can fuck emotionally damaged women/queers with daddy issues

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>tfw you grow into your receding hairline

please stop it user ;_;

how do I do that

daily reminder that you dont know what have till you lose it,and when you never had it in the first place,when you finally have it,the joy will be such that you will fall asleep smiling and wake up smiling even harder.
Real struggle is a blessing anons,keep pushing,you only have one chance.

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Its apu apustaja you dumb faggot

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>tfw also 29
>tfw never been stronger than now
>tfw only been lower bf% when digging trenches in ozzie outback 45 degrees, vegetarian and yoga erryday
>tfw almost back to visible abs but I have pecs now too
>tfw house value keeps increasing


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>better shape than 90%
>good face too
>good job + own house
>not kissless virgin but fucking almost because sociopathic+psychopathic tendencies


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Don't waste your breath trying to convince someone who is committed to making excuses instead of finding solutions. Instead, I recommend gently advocating suicide.



I’m 20 and the people I went to HS with immediately got fat. Some Lanklet cross country runner I knew went from 130ibs to like 220ibs in the span of a year

>Be 32, go to family wedding
>1.5 hours drive
>Bride doesn't remember my name
>Her folks fake smile and hug me
>Socially awkward and uncomfortable
>Can't drink because driving back later
>Music is fucking awful
>Hate most of my close family I sit with on the table
>Food is really bad
>All bridesmaids are related to me and all the women look too young and slutty

>I missed Pull day for this shit
>LITERALLY THINK "I wish I was at home doing bent-over rows"
>I've become the uncomfortable swole guy from the comic

It's a weird kinda feel.

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