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Friendly reminder to clean your tonsils.

If you never have cleaned them or had your tonsils removed, odds are you have a few of these hanging out. They are rarely visible and using a qtip isn't enough. You have to press hard all around it with your finger.

Pic related is from one week, flossing + brushing teeth + gargling mouth wash+ warm salt water rinses every day.

Oral hygiene can greatly affect your gut health, your heart, and not to mention your breath. Just one of these can make your breath horridly putrid, but undetectable to yourself since the tongue on wrist method of checking won't work.

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Closer view

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Where would they be?

In and around the crypts and folds on your tonsils. Basically anywhere that isn't a flat surface where food can collect and calcify.

>where food can collect and calcify.
That's not fucking food, stop eating shit you are allergic to


I can't understand where to locate that shit.
Also I could never reach my tonsils with my finger.

so i'm not the only one that likes to watch youtue videos about this?


my tonsils were removed.
can you please describe in detail how you managed to clean them

I've tried this once with a qtip, the really long kind. Couldn't find anything.

God fucking damn it - These are the single worst smelling things I can think of

Get a waterpick bro, makes it so much easier

This is a good post. Thank you for sharing.

Are these unhealthy? Why do I remove them? What tools are safe to use if finger makes me gag?

You have to stick your finger all the way back and press hard on your tonsils like your trying to push through to your ear. There crypts aren't always straight, so you have to "guide" the stones out to the opening. Once they become visible you have to extract them with a dry qtip as they are slippery from all the excess saliva. There usually isn't a bump or visual cue to find them, some of the crypt openings just look like a regular part of the wall of your mouth. They might not come right out, and can take a couple tries to get it to the surface.
Or this apparently
However I don't think it'd be able to get to the deeper ones.

but how do I do that, I cant even get my finger halfway into my my mouth without activating my gag reflex

They can exacerbate bad oral conditions like gingivitis, bad breath, which can affect things like heart disease as well as your gut biome.

Water pick / qtip but qtips will bend too much to get the deeper ones and I've never used a water pick to do it.

Further, how do I locate them? And really, what do I do about the gagging?

What. The. FUck.

I can never get these fuckers out without gagging/throwing up and when I do persevere and get some out I get a sore throat the next few days. I've been to the doctors multiple times but they never want to remove my tonsils. Shit sucks man.

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You'll have to work on it incrementally till you can get it all the way back. Just work on it and eventually you won't gag as much. I used to gag too but when I realized what was happening I said fuck it because I couldn't stand knowing I wouldn't be able to fix my breath.

They will be in and around the tonsils, but visual cues are seldom unless they've already reached the surface. Try using a qtip until you stop gagging then try using your finger once you've adjusted

As someone that had a surgery trust me, get the stones removed will step up your oral hygiene big time. Those are little balls of sulfuric smelling Satan's skunk, although I never had many problems besides the bad breath, holy shit that changed a lot of things.
So please get yourself clean with qtip, water pick or some other specialized tool. Even if you don't suffer from bad breath do it, if do them removed the stone will most likely help.
Either get used to it, because you are really sensitive, or do it correctly, might be the case you are doing it wrong.


n-no homo

Are you kidding me? Whenever I have these I notice it and I cough or gag them up, I never had fucking 20 of them though

That's because you're coughing up the ones that got dislodged or pushed out. There's probably more in there if you're coughing them up, I was the same way before I actually tried to get them out. I guarantee if you pushed on your tonsils right now some would come out.

>I can't reach my tonsils
I can reach your tonsils

be my guest ;)

oh meant to say no homo

>American diet and hygiene
Fucking disgusting.

Obligatory >obsessed

>not brushing the roof and back of your mouth after you do your teeth

Won't do shit if they're already there and even so, you can't brush deep enough to clean the crypts. they probably are full if you've never checked.