Is training for strength just a meme? I was told as a natty to build strength and size will come

Is training for strength just a meme? I was told as a natty to build strength and size will come.

Bull fucking shit

Here i am at 5’9 148 benching 355, still dyel with 12 inch arms. Fuck whoever convinced me of this meme.

What should i do next

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post pics

stop seeking the approval of anonymous posters on an imageboard for faggots

About a month ago no change

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The numbers were meant to represent kgs/lbs, not grams, big boy

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You look good, dood.

Thx, but im small af. Extremely dyel in a shirt. Haven’t gotten any bigger from gaining strength its just a meme...

Go on a mild bulk, add in some higher volume accessory work and you'll look great.

>Extremely dyel in a shirt
like basically any natty. such is my life friend

just wear a small shirt

There is no fucking way you are benching anything above 2 plates. How fucking stupid do you think these people are?

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also, bigger arms will help. your chest is already (((big enough)))

Hypertrophy occurs when neuro adaptation ceases, doesn't mean you shouldn't lift for size too.

Dont really expect you to believe me. Ppl in the gym double take sometimes but i have a vid if u want somewhere

I think if i stay this weight for 3 more years i could reach 405 but not strict comp standard, touch and go.

Switch to ppl/phul now and become a god

yeah post vid of your 160kg bench

Ramp up your arm workouts and EAT YOU FUCKING FAGGOT.

well tbf your chest is like the biggest part of your body, maybe you just forgot to do something else than just bench all the time.

There is no way you can bench those numbers. My roommate is 5'7 same weight and is super lean and he could only bench 1 plate for 3 reps...

Go on a 500 calorie surplus of clean food and keep your reps around 8-12 minimum. You don't look bad at all, but you should definitely look bigger since your mass is spread over a manlet frame rather than a tall person's frame.

>I am good at using my chest WHY ARE MY ARMS STILL SMALL

Post vid
if its actually true and you do not compete atleast at bench only meets you would be an idiot

you ripped as fuck them traps tho

video now

you're definitely not dyel. admitadly your arms are kinda fucked up but they dont look "bad" so to speak.


you need to bulk for a little. How much are you eating? You will have to lose definition for a while to put on mass. It's really the only way. Congrats on the 355 bench though.

You should try some German Volume Training(GVT) for a few months and see how iy works out for you. I alternate between strength training and gvt through out the year and has worked well for me. You're going to feel like dying the first week after all the volume but its not so bad. I will say to go easy on it when you get to squats or be prepared to walk like you shit your pants and are trying to keep it from falling down your pant leg.

Mate, if you can bench 355 at that size then you are an outlier. In an "exception that proves the rule" kind of way.

>What should i do next

I think you're ready to try some of the other exercises now.

This is the only vid i have from 7 months ago. Was at the end of a workout just part of a given workout brcause i had a friend with me. Obviously inproved since then even tho that was about 80 percent

lmao now I understand how you """"""bench"""""" so much.

yes its not comp standard bench which i never tell anyone it is. my pause rep is only about 145, touch and go is 155-160kg depending on the day. i have no plans to compete so never really tried to correct my ass raising like an inch off the bench, it happens even when i bench 40kg, just a habit i never corrected from day one.

Nice work man, ignore the haters.

That was a candid video mid workout no spotters. He only has to prepare and refine if anything.

The only time I made strength gains without gaining size was when I first started lifting.

6 years lifting under my belt now, the only time I gain muscle now is when I make strength gains. I can do 5000 sets for chest with 225 and my chest will not grow at all, but if I do a few sets of bench and PR above 300, even just 3-4 is those sets, my chest grows.

As far as I know my real world results match up with how natural gains are made with lifting, so don’t even try to debate this shit.

The nervous system gains end after 6 months or so if lifting, all your strength gains after that require muscle growth. But most of you faggots quit or get on steroids before you get to that point so you can’t even understand or relate to what I am saying because 99% of people on here have never actually lifted with 100% consistency for years and years naturally.

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Are you serious he bounced his ass like thai whore

I think i probably need to focus on gaining weight more but i dont believe in hard bulks as a natty, so i will aim for like 1kg a month maximum. maybe i could get to a 405 bench if i gain another 10lbs of muscle, would be happy with that. last year i gained like 1kg, but i got leaner at the same time, so i was gaining but just really slowly.

bs. it took me 2.5 years to get to 100kg. then in about 1.5 more i got to 160kg. once i found my stride my strength exploded even faster. i found what my body responds to optimally for me personally. no cookie cutter bullshit. drawback is that the size gains were a meme.

idk dude he actually basically benches it

Its only a leg drive issue that can be fixed with a bit wider stance.

Yeah and I bet he would lose 40kg on his bench if he stopped that.

I think i should work on it, it might give me some extra gains. do you have any good resources?

Secondly. For the guy above me. There are outliers who just have insane strength capabilities due to a combination of factors, mostly being leverages, that does not cancel out the fact that strength is required to increase muscle size as a natural.

Having insane leverages for a specific lift just means for example you will have to deadlift 750lbs to build the same size hamstrings as a guy with average leverages who deadlifts 500lbs. Everyone has their own set point they need to reach to grow.

If you’re a twink that benches 300+ your an outlier, 99.9% is guys at your size can’t bench 135. Oh and FYI, all top atheletes in powerlifting, Olympic lifting and whatever else, they’re all outliers. You cant be at the cutting edge without being an outlier.

Now if your twink ass can bench 350, imagine what you could do if you actually bulked up and gained 50-100 pounds of muscle/water/fat? You’d be benching in the 600s

Dont have a resource on the top of my head to share. Its just something you have to figure out to please the online perfectionists. I dont think its something to worry about ultimately.

I deal with this shit even in person. people say that i have a wide grip so im cheating while they bench in smith machine... commercial gyms for you... im beyond being bothered by it. I kinda agree with the leverages thing. my deadlift is really pathetic. I used to squat more than i deadlifted till recently and now its a smidgen more after i started pulling sumo. Squat is 175kg and deadlift is 185kg.

I'll increase my volume on bench. right now its really low but i bench 3 times a week. this kinda motivates me to gain some weight.

Form fags are the worst.

>heh not even below parallel
>heh upper back rounded
>heh his ass came off an inch off the bench
>let me show you how its done
>thats a perfect 75kg squat not what youre doing lol

Youre training, get as far as you can and then refine. Its so simple. These guys have been stuck sub 3 plate for years on squat its fucking sad.


If you're benching 355 then step it down to 315 for reps and you'll gain size. You're a beast. Stop complaining.

Ignore the haters mate.

>no cookie cutter bullshit
could you elaborate?

do some arm exercises.


basically any workout program thats already online which you just follow. they will never work great for you because they are designed to work for as many people as possible, and everyone responds to different things. so these programs are "just" good enough.

for example, i did 5x5 in my first year and i gained strength slower on my bench even on a 1000 calorie per day bulk than i did a year ago year while eating like 100 cal bulk in 8 months. 5x5 doesnt work for my upper body. might work amazing for others.

Madcows was even worse for me. texas method was absolutely shit. canditos 6 week didnt do much either. all "strength" programs.

Now i found that my upperbody responds extremely well to very high frequency, very low volume and very high weight. its like magic for me. if i up the volume then my strength gains stagnate and i spin my wheels. soon as i found out these three factors are what my body responds to optimally my strength skyrocketed even faster than my newb phase.

funny but my legs are opposite. they need much more volume and a moderate weight/frequency. tried high weight low volume for a while and stalled.

just gotta find your groove. takes a lot of trial and error.

Stop e-statting bitch.
>355 bench

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Lower the weight to 135. Do the magical 8-12 hypertrophy bodybuilding range where weight doesnt matter only squeeeezing and time under tension

Lmao fucking weight would snap your noodle arms the the moment you unracked it. Weak bait. Better luck next time

I don't know about a 160 bench. That 120 looked pretty taxing for you, but regardless that's a solid bench at your even if you lifted your ass.

You look decently lean in the photos you posted. You probably have to embrace the bulk and eat hard. Train in the hypertrophy range, do a bunch of volume and you'll grow.

Personally, I think you look good mate. On the smaller side, but lean and hard looking. As a guy who is the complete opposite to you (not lean, big and not proportionately strong), who trains almost exactly like you... sometimes its just genetics and you have to find a way to overcome.

In this photo my arms are 18inch, and I weigh 101kg and can only bench 150kg. It's in the big numbers range for a commercial gym but pussy weight for someone of my size.

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I want a vid because you're either lying or some kind of .001% freak of nature.

I usually use the occam's razor approach so you're lying.

You can probably get it but keep your ass on the bench and don't put your legs so far back

I don’t remember. It was over half a year ago my mate just filmed it for me randomly. I think i was right at the end of a 6week training cycle so pretty beat up and that was 80% at the time which would have been my last rep of the workout on the way down from 135kg

But I definitely cannot go and hit 160 whenever i want i need to peak for it, daily max touch and go is more like 150 rn.

Either way thx, i apreciate the advice and i will take a harder look at diet but definitely volume too. Its the only thing thats stayed low for me.

To those saying not vid there is one above scroll

ITT: Sub 185 benchlets give """advice'"" to a 355 bencher

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Lower the weight to less than half? No. Stop giving terrible advice.

No fucking way you can. I used to have 15 inch biceps when I could bench 130kg. 5'11 at 75kg. That much weight would snap your twig arms.
5/10 bait at least you got me to reply

that is not a good bench, sorry mate. Normally I'm pretty laid back about form but that is in no way a legitimate lift, your grip is hilariously wide (borderline illegally so by the looks of it) and you bounce the weight horribly.
You're basically just using short ROM and bouncing it off your diaphragm.

Have you actually measured your muscles throughout your years of training?
I literally was never at my biggest when I was at my strongest.
In fact in order to get stronger all I needed to do was practise movements somewhat frequently with low volume and low effort.
I only now look like I lift and I'm way weaker than my personal best.

Bench won't do much for your arms. Arms are the most important muscle in a T-Shirt, if you want to look jacked.

Just add like 10 sets of biceps, 2 times a week and progress in weight, while being in a surplus.

In 3 months you'll have gained 1-3 inches, depending on genetics. (If you havent trained biceps directly before.)

Skipping biceps (and side raises) is the reason why some powerlifters look like they have never touched a weight in their life.

My middle fingers are on the rings so its not max grip. I cant unrack the bench in my gym with max grip. In fact the hardest part about bench for me is to unrack because the hooks are too high for my manlet arms. It compromises my set up big time just so i can unrack which is why i think my ass comes off bench so easily. I cant get a good set up if i want to unrack it.

That bounce is not even heaving. Back then i didnt know that slowly lowering is actually an advanced powerlifting technique, which i do now. I would upload another vid but most ppl will forget this post by the time i can. I didnt even claim it is a conp lift, just touch and go. I never said my form is great and i dont mind tips but you are blowing it way out bro.

Anyway started to get pissed off with these now. I doubt you could bench that even with worse form.

>Weighs 67kg
>how come i aint big guise, is strength for size a meme???

Try gaining 15kg, nice bait tho, lots of (you)'s

wow guy i can't believe i never thought of that