Why isn't focused/goal oriented periodization more popular? Okay, I understand doing SS (start with 3x5 weight...

Why isn't focused/goal oriented periodization more popular? Okay, I understand doing SS (start with 3x5 weight, not the bar) for a couple weeks to practice form, but even beyond 6 weeks of training, why don't people build routines based on specific compound goals?

If I was training a new guy and he told me he wanted a good chest as his priority, id have him do SS for 4 weeks, then drop deadlifts, do volume OHP, and squat once a week. All other energy would be invested in the bench

I bet I could get him a 225 bench in 4 months, easy. After 12 weeks on that, I'd switch things and reintroduce deadlifts while choosing the next goal

I see people on this board stalking their bench at 135-185 everyday, so don't tell me noobs are able to do a little bit of everything and still succeed

tl;dr 8-12 week blocks of specific focused training are superior to being a "jack of all trades", lifting wise. Even for beginners. This is how high school football players get 350 lb squats in a year


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does it matter why it isn't popular? Why do you care so much about what threads you see on a peruvian butter churning board? Just do what works for you, user.

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Because people like easier and simpler things. It is the same shit SS shills about amraps, they try to appeal to people laziness saying it is too complex for beginner. Telling people what they want to hear when don't know anything about said subject gets that easily.

Beginner/Novices programming doesn't need to be nowhere nearly as well crafted as intermediate/advanced lifters, but it isn't super simple either.


Dyel noob here. Been lifting a couple months on greyskull and have been thinking about this. Fed up with not seeing gains. What if I do a month of all back, a month of all chest, and then a month of all legs? Maybe with like 1 full body day per week for the entire time.

Whoa dude, a question about fitness on a fitness board? God forbid we have one less tfwnogf/tinder/lookism thread

This isn't about me, i hit 1/2/3/4 in 6 months making my own routines long ago, im asking why what seems to be a superior way of training isn't nearly as popular as more cookie cutter programs. I'm not even the only person to realize this, bugenhagen also talks about it, which I found interesting

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>350 pound squats in a year
I've done that in 6 months while focusing on other lifts as well.

When I started lifting my big 4 were very asymmetrical. So I started rotating my heavy lifts based on major benchmark goals of increasing 10% increments. I lift three days per week, so I would do one major compound all three days, then the other three lifts spread across the three days. Once I reached a new 10% closer to 1/2/3/4 I would start doing my weakest lift all three days until it rose another 10% closer. I ended up getting pretty symmetrical in terms of both strength and appearance within about 2-3 months. After that it was just a steady rotation.

What the...?

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Cause goal oriented programs can fail just how weird meme programs can bring a ton of success by accident. Then you gotta hit the guys with the bullshit excuse to deload or they did something wrong.

SS is just such a well established and time tested program that its an easy answer rather than going into the deeper meanings of fitness.

Its quite exhausting giving people meaningful advice everyday every hour for years on end.

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I'm a noob and for what little my opinion is worth I kinda agree with you. I've been doing AxBxAxxB with
Rows/Lat pulldowns
and some ab and arm work thrown in

It might just be me but I can only really get excited about 2 lifts per week at max. I know some people are able to give their all to all of their main lifts but it seems like more fun to really concentrate on a few lifts at a time. Especially since form is such a big deal for newbies that going heavy on all 4 lifts seems risky.

all jokes aside, guys like this that are genuinely happy and fulfilled get constant action from females. Women want to have fun. They could care less if your arms are 3-5" bigger than they are now

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I dont think you could progress much faster as a beginner. For advanced lifters this sure is the way to go eventually but as a beginner you should be able to progress on all 3 big lifts at the same time without much trouble.

Because then you'd have a T-Rex with tiny arms and big tits and shoulders which round forward.

The body is a complete system made up of multiple parts. You have to maintain its balance or shit goes bonkers quick.


My triceps and biceps were fucking tiny on SS/5x5.
triceps are barely used on the bench press, it's all pecs and front delts for me.
First time I started doing 5-10 sets of tricep extensions was the first time I actually noticed my triceps growing and getting painful doms.

Your position is interesting, but I don't see the necessity to cut off DL as long that the weight isn't to high, something like 5*5 at 60% of 1RPM should be fine.
Lets suppose in this case that user trains 3 times per week his bench, he could at least train in between his bench days another set of muscles in between days with a considerable heavy load.
This is true for beginners, I don't see any restriction to progress in at least 2 main movements, considering that he already did SS and can't progress in all of them.

But completely ignoring a muscle group for so long risks of muscle atrophy

>>guys like this that are genuinely happy and fulfilled get constant action from females
>>Women want to have fun. They could care less if your arms are 3-5" bigger than they are now