Reminder that you can’t “make it” if you’re a brainlet. Read you niggers

Reminder that you can’t “make it” if you’re a brainlet. Read you niggers.

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What does reading fiction have to do with getting smarter?

If you have to ask, you'll never understand.

>god tier
>no Kant
>no Nietzsche
>no Sartre
>no Plato
>unironically recommends fiction
please do the world a favor and kill yourself nigger

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>Claims Batman comics are god-tier and Mark Twain is shit

Confirmation public libraries and education systems are failing

Book related is BOAT.

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so goddamn true

>t. Reads self-help books


Overrated crap

This is a pretty brainlet tier list

you realize this image is a joke, right?

"No!" they dont!

That really was a game changer for the fantasy realm. I mean I've read a lot of High fantasy/fantasy but this was great. Especially the first time reading it. The sequels got progressively worse.

daily reminder to kill yourself if you unironically enjoy Jordan Peterson

t. messy room

High school books in your god tier list
> brainlet

>ayn rand

>Hemingway in anywhere else than shit tier

>implying A Farewell To Arms isn't book kino


>Ayn Rand
Lmao this better be bait

im glad you've finished high school op

>God tier
>Ayn Rand

>Best fantasy series not even mentioned

Are you even trying Veeky Forums?

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I thought A Farewell to Arms was written by Mark Rippetoe


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The image isn't a joke, it's just part of a copypasta.

On that note;
>To KIll a Mockingbird and Game of Plebs in Shit Tier


>Huxley, Dostoevsky and Shakespere low tier


I'm reading my Kafka collection right now user, am I gonna make it?

On second viewing, someone has edited the original and put Batman and Ayn Rand in god tier...

>god tier

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I got the first 2 books but haven't read them yet, thanks for reminding me. I loved pic related too.

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Good taste, my friend.

Quentin, go back to /v/.

The fuck is catch-22 even about? Is it just supposed to be a absurdist take on military life? I read it, and enjoyed it, but it seemed really stupid and pointless.

Glen Cook is also top tier. You have good taste in fantasy.

I agree with ayn Rand on a lot of things but atlas shrugged is a terrible terrible novel
It's a doorstop sized political rant with a boring plot and hamfisted delivery (at one point she devotes around 60 pages to a speech given by John Galt, and this is supposed to be the climax of the plot)


>no evola
shameful thread

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>reading makes you smart

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>The Dark Knight Rises
>Atlas Shrugged

take your own advice, cuck

If anything triggers me its the great gatsby. That's a shit book and it should be erased from history holy christ.

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I know you're just shitposting, but are there really people out there who don't believe this?

Honestly the list is fucked but the idea of "you should read more" is a good sentiment.

>A movie tie-in and a fucking Clifford book are higher than Ulysses, Catch-22 and Huck Finn
>Grapes of Wrath isn't God-Tier
>Atlas Shrugged isn't shit-tier

Who made this and WHY?

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>Brave new world is in low tier
>1984 is in high tier

That's why you're fucked, America.

Explain to me how reading makes you more intelligent ?

It gives you +1 to speech.

I understand and agree with that atlas shrugged isn't the greatest book. But given that I've actually read most of it, I do and don't understand why people give it so much shit. I've also found that most people who say it's shit haven't even read it. Can anyone who has actually read the book tell me why it would deserve shit-tier?

Kant, Nietzsche, and Sartre are all fucking jokes.

>ayn rand god tier
> notes and catch 22 is low tier
>no lolita
nice bait kiddo

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>Atlas Shrugged
>God Tier
Brainlet confirmed

anyone in the genetic modification debate should read brave new world as a pre rec