Is bodyweight the same as lifting?

Is bodyweight the same as lifting?

serious question no trolling.

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no it's more holistic, most bodyweight exercises are sort of whole body in terms of stabilizing muscles

and you can't really progressive overload with bodyweight or get as high with weights. you can still get ripped though, just look at gymnasts and the like

do bodyweight increases your metabolic rate?

>just look at gymnasts
>implying they don't weightlift
>implying they are not on steroids

yeah im aware, but gymnasts will tell you that they mostly work out by doing bodyweight stuff, at least some of them do

personally for upper body I think doing pushups and pullups will give you faster gains than lifting up until a certain level. Nothing compares to squats and deads for legs obviously

idk what you mean

I dunno how to write it better.

do calisthenic exercises increase the daily methabolic rate like weights do?

well your BMR goes up as you gain muscle, as in you need more calories per day just to maintain the muscle, so in that sense yes

exercising is by definition not part of your BMR so i dont really get what you're asking

I'll ask again.

what causes the increase of metabolic rate (in regards to burning calories while resting) of lifting weights and can calisthenics do it as well?

>(in regards to burning calories while resting
being heavier, specifically having more muscle. if you're talking about some other subtle effect then i dont know what you mean

ok, so basically just being bigger increases the metabolic rate.

I guess lifting works because your body uses the calories you eat to rebuild the muscle while he uses your storage fat as energy.

am I getting it right?

Different user here, just putting in my thoughts.

All forms of exercise will raise metabolic rate. Some forms of exercise will raise it more than others, and I don't know what would be optimal.

Regardless of your goal if you currently do not exercise frequently and are looking to get started any program you do consistently is what's important. You can worry about optimizing once you reach intermediate and advanced status

I'm just a begginer with some months at the gym, but I've gotten bored off it.

And I wonder if calisthenics and HIIT and cardio will help me get fit and aesthetic.

like he says anything done well will get you there basically.

I'm a big fan of hill sprints and calisthenics but continuing your lifting program will be just as good if not better

It will get you fit and aesthetic in the sense that you seem to be passionate and interested in this. Go try it out for a couple months, and then evaluate where you're at. Worst case scenario you'll get decent gains and have fun in the process. You might return to the gym and even develop your own program that's a hybrid of weightlifting + Calisthenics... Who knows

both are essential

No. BW has more to do with creating levers and technique than lifting in general

>and you can't really progressive overload with bodyweight
Of course you can, just eat shitton of food

Yes it is. TUT is the same no matter if you get it from doing bodyweight training or weights.
The main differences are that you can't track your overload in bodyweight training the same way you could when weight lifting, and that you can use weights to isolate certain muscles, which you can't really do using your bodyweight

i agree but it's not quite the same thing

theres actually a usefull and grown up discussion happening here, pretty rare for /fit, im proud



For upper body gains at the beginner level, sure.

I hate how Veeky Forums still thinks calisthenics is doing hundreds of pull ups and and push ups. If you get some rings and move on to new progressions you can reach some insane strength levels. If you reach full planche and handstand push ups you can do shit like 90 degree push ups, then when that gets easy move on to ring planche etc. Calisthenics requires a bit more patience imo as you may have the strength right now to do a back lever for example, but your tendons and shit might not be ready. Calisthenics goes hand in hand with mobility too which is a plus. Legs are an issue but you don't mind not having the most impressive gams pistols and sprints can get you to a decent level at least.

You can overload. you only have to invest in a weight west.

IDK about all the anons saying there's no progressive overload in bodyweight training, Check out convict conditioning (also the 2nd book and faq, they're great books too). That book(s) is a gold mine for bodyweight training.

Well i've only been doing BW exercises and i have gained a ton of muscle and strength because of it. The only somewhat downside i would say is you need allot of balance for most exercises, but even though i have a shit balance i am still able to build muscle and strength. Another thing you need to take into account is that for some exercises creating the next overload might be hard so you need to do allot of reps in order to get further, but it really does help

i'm replying to myself, check athlean-x on youtube he has a ton of good bw exercises, all the ones i do i learned from him