How often do you rest fit?

How often do you rest fit?

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every night for 4+hours

>Wake up at 6am to get the college bus
>Gym at 9am
>Class the whole day

>Arrive home at 8pm all drained
>Go bed at 9pm

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>go to bed at 10:00pm, cant fall asleep until 1:00am
>wake up at 6:50am
>attend classes all day
>get nothing done afterwards, just jerk off, fail my diet, skip the gym
>before I know it midnight arives
>too late to go to bed at this point, im mid-fap sessions still for fucks sake
>attend mandatory class lab but skip other classes
>get back
>shitpost on Veeky Forums
>go to bed
>repeat process
crawling in my skin

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I'd love to lay naked with a gf like that. Just relaxing, not a care in the world. Enjoying each other's bodies.

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Any reason you posted Jesus' face with that post?

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Delet this

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The proper spelling would be Jesus’s

I'm a perfect student. Not smart. Skeleton.
Come in every single day and attend every class. I don't get why people don't come in. You could atleast try. I try my best to encourage my friends to come in. Even help one out so he doesn't give up doing his project.

Going gym at 9am makes me feel so alive. The great feeling are my fuel during the day.

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Bed 12am
Alarm 5:30am
Commute 6:00am
Work 8am-8pm
Commute 8:30pm
Home 10pm
Shitpost til 12


literally me at college. stop doing this to yourself asap my man or you're going to regret all the time you wasted. lift and study hard, otherwise you're going to regret it for the rest of your life. You can still make it, I did, but thinking of all the wasted years at random nights still makes me jump

Same here user. It’s amazing how hard people sabotage themselves. If you go to every class, take some notes and listen (not play on your phone) then you barely have to study to ace exams because you already heard the answers. Just make sure you check rate my professor and don’t get a sociopath. Easy as fuckk.

like 3 times a week

>5:30 hours of sleep
LMAO sleeplet

I had your mindset my first two years. Junior now and I just can’t bring myself to it. The standard I’ve set for myself is keeping my GPA above 3.3 but anything on top of that I just really can’t be arsed

Ye, but I work a continental schedule, so I only endure that sleep patter for two days at a time

>wake up at 6am to get to work
>gym 3 times a week,2 times at weekend
>Work for 8.5h
>most expierienced programmer chugs prozac like candies
>go home at 17
>make some proper food and sit at pc without energy for anything else

Enjoy social interactions while you can pal.

I'm studying computer Engineering.
I hope shit goes well for me. But we are only studying Java and it's bugging me. Just using eclipse.
I'm in first year.

I wanted to do game development but I didn't get in, find out later they are using game maker studios and nothing else.
Next year hope to move into a college room if I find a job.

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Last year here. Here goes life tips no matter if you want them or not.
IntelliJ is way more comfy.
Most of what you'll learn in univ is useless archaic knowledge, best way of learning is work.
Go for part time job during studying, it will drain you a little but expierience is extremely valuable in that profession.
And the most important, get yourself a woman, IT will drain you, good woman will let you go through until you get enough knowledge to chill.

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Man I hated college. The only good thing about it was being surrounded by people your age, but even then it's not like I talked to them.

>going to a Java mill
Enjoy your non-education
>game dev program uses game maker
Yeah that's not a real school, sorry that you have to go through that

~8h per night and no working out on saturdays

t. didn't graduate 7th grade

about tree fiddy

Once a week if even that .

> have 4 part time jobs
> school full time
> lift 3-4 times a week
> swim or rock climb on off days
> sometimes lift and rock climb same day

She'll know she fucked up.

I need to get my diet straight, quit smoking and drink less. That should be happening once I get my house rented out and I move into my friends spot.

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I'm not gonna fall for that.