Get good body

>get good body
>use light cycles and claim "genetics"
>hire Instagram manager
>shill products/routines/model
>invest money
>never have to work a day

Seriously, what are you waiting for? Social media is our version of the gold rush and 2000 internet hype. Take advantage of it

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I'm 5'6 though.

>average face
>average muscle placements

It's just allowing people who have the looks but would normally lack the drive, connections and platform to be able to make your self image profitable. You still need the genetics of a model, which in reality most people lack.

that does sounds like an awful amount of work

I don't think it's as easy to become an instagram shill for guys as it is for girls

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im perma cruising and its true you can basically get an instagram body with almost a passive level of effort

but im also old and not that good looking, so whatever

It’s the platform’s fault she racked up $10k in debt? She would have made enough to pay it off if she showed more skin

Because i'd rather contribute positively toward society rather than contributing to its disease.

>hurrr i wanna make money despite im below average looking while not showing any tits/ass

she might as well kill herself

She's an ugly arab for one.

i dont actually know because i dont even know what instagrams really for

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If she weren’t a woman she would have better financial sense, then again she wouldn’t have any tits to put on the internet

whats the name of this whore and how many BBC's do you think she takes?

It sounds so soul-less and vain

>'m 5'6 though.
you can lie. People usually can't tell from a picture.

>use light cycles and claim "genetics"


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That doesn't work if you are below a 6/10. Stupid girl learned her place

>Calveiro told the Post that a lot of the travel she did "was strictly for Instagram."
She's just a dumb thot who spent too much money traveling for fun while fantasizing about becoming rich doing it.


sick m8

Toppest kek

muh fukin dik

Every Instagram model that claims natty while having a crazy cut body, sponsors a supplement and some of them coaching and selling shit brosplit 3 months program for $$$ (ex. carlton loth, david laid, jeff seid, etc).

"Hi! I'm user McAnon. Welcome to my InstaTwitGramTube! Today I'm going to teach you one of life's most important skills: shitposting on Veeky Forums. Oh, and here's me curling a 2-pound pink weight with some dubstep playing. sure to subscribe!"

Manipulating angles will make you look way taller.
Just look at what turbomanlet Zuckerberg does

>i dont even know what instagrams really for
95% of it is a massive circlejerk of people trying to boost their low self-esteem
The rest is famous people and models

>be ugly
>be stupid
>lose money
>somehow it's instagram's fault

At least I will never be this retarded

but im a bald manlet

I guess i could shill razor blades

Thats because she kept going on expensive holidays thinking if she posted it online she'd get famous

on the internet nobody knows you're 5'6

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>use steroids and lie about it
also kek, good post