How often do you guys masturbate? I ask because I fap 3-5 times a week and am trying to stop

How often do you guys masturbate? I ask because I fap 3-5 times a week and am trying to stop.

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Once every 3 weeks if I didn't get laid before then

Once a week maybe, 3-5 weeks is fine dude

1 a day. if i feel suuper gay like iaccidently bump into REALLLLY erotic gay porn (in words) i just have to pop another. i love men so much

combine high sex drive and loneliness and I see prostitutes now instead. Obviously it's better to do neither but if you stop masturbating I urge you not to replace it with a degenerate hobby like me.

a lot, i have ridiculous sex drive. i can have sex 4 times in one day and still want to masturbate

twice a day

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So basically, you guys are telling me I'm gonna be a hairlet, even if I stop fapping.

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That's honestly not bad. In highschool it'd be anywhere from one to 5 times a day (was browsing a lot of r9k at this time) but now I'd say more or less once a day depending on how busy I am (21 now)

When I try to stop if I get bored I go to R9K but then I get the urge to fap again. I should stop too...

3-6 times a day.

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Had myself down to once a week but jacked it twice today. Feel noticeably depressed now. Hentai is my gains goblin.

I used to fap like 15 times a day since I was 12. I'm 22 now and everytime I fap or have sex my dick hurts and I need a whole day to rest.

I ruined my dick.


Once every 2-3 days

I fapped so much that I have trouble getting it up without stimulating myself.
And my dick is curved as fuck, pic related (kinda exaggerated, but you get the point)

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Anyone else has unstable libido? I have periods when I masturbate 3 times a day, and periods when I don't masturbate at all. How do I explain this? Now I have period when I don't masturbate and I find it difficult to have erection. What might be the problem?

Doing stuff outside the internet is the biggest thing that helped me change my habits. If you recognize going on 4chin is gonna lead to you crushing a can for Jay Owen, don't go on there. Read a book, go for a run. Try to find something to occupy your time, otherwise you're just focus on not jerking off while aimlessly browsing Veeky Forums which is basically impossible

live with gf , but still feel the need to fap to traps - when i do itll be a few times in one day.

Trying to cut down to an average of once a week but im not sure what the optimal amount is.

every ten days.
It feels better than when I fapped every day.


I masturbate up to 25 times a day but I am a big producer.

is one time a day too much

2-5 times a day.
I have a big dick so its a great forearm exercise and kinda works my upper abs as well, though obviously not to the same degree.

>no fap
feels good for two months or so

start cheating I don't feel too bad about this. sometimes you gotta

I'm 22 and i masturbate at least once a day and probably have sex about 3-4 times a week. when i was younger i would consider 3 times a day normal.

2-3 times per week