Has anyone tried cold showers? Do they do much?

Recently I read that cold showers can give a lot of benefits like increased alertness throughout the day and even a better sex drive/fertility. Is this bullshit? I took one this morning and while unplesant as fuck I don't feel too different.

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it's a meme like nofap

Damnit. Those "This will not only make you fitter but improve your eyesight, make you live 10 years longer, grow your brain, and give you super sperm" things are always bullshit.

They feel nice.

Do it every day ma man, was trained by the iceman in person. I would recommend it

Besides being more refreshing, they train an important part of your anatomy that most people neglect. Your body constricts blood vessels when exposed to cold, forcing the blood towards your internal organs. When this very small but important part of your musculature is out of shape, exposure to cold is painful. As you train it, it gets easier and eventually you become essentially immune to the cold for short periods of time. Cold water is also better for your skin, whereas hot water is bad for the skin.

Also leaving barefoot footprints in the snow in my neighborhood is cheeky fun.

I'm not gullible enough to fall for that bull. Minor health benefits were something I was prepared to belive though.

Tell me user, is wim a madman in real life?

Has some mild health benefits and is better for your skin, but has no effects on testosterone levels, sex drive or fertility. Don't go too cold with them, just have it warm-to-cold

true patricians choice. start hot end cold

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i used to do this when i was a teenager because it made me feel badass. it doesn't really do anything

Look up wim hof and cold therapy videos on youtube, apply some fuckin critical thinking skills and weed out the obvious bullshit.

Here's a fact that can't be argued: The human body has to burn calories to stay warm. If warmth is constantly being pulled away from the body due to cold exposure, the body will burn more calories to try to maintain homeostasis. You burn around 100 calories during 15 minutes of shivering.

Well I haven't been shooting for shivering cold. Today was my first time and I really just started warm and then moved to a temperature that was lower than my body temp. Then stayed in there until I had cooled down to match it

the acute stress is what boosts the immune system. quit being a pussy, there's a reason it's called a cold shower, not a warm-to-tepid shower.

thats only if you live in warm weather.

This but it feels great after a summertime run outside.

I live in cold weather and every normie is only exposed to cold while wearing full winter garb, on their way out to start their cars and crank the heat. Nobody gets enough cold exposure unless they purposely try to.
>not taking an ice cold shower after sauna in February

Its a fucking meme

As if a cold shower is going to change your life and suddenly stop you being a miserable unsuccessful shit.

All these things are fucking memes, noporn and nofap, cold showers, just dumb people looking for a quick fix through dropping something they like.

Why is it that people like you get so aggressive in defending your bad habits? Every nofap, cold shower, etc. thread is full of you autists screeching at people who decide to stop doing something you do way too much, almost as if you're projecting and you know that those behaviors are bad for you.

Day 41 nofap and day whatever cold showers, how does this make you feel?

Here’s the thing. Quitting Veeky Forums would be more beneficial to us than all of those things combined.

It's good for your hair and skin which will increase aesthetics.
That said, a warm shower is heaven for sore muscles.
Keep your head out of warm water at least.

skin and especially hair quality will go up but nothing like a noticible difference in your gains.

Sounds nice. Can I gradually train my way into colder showers or do I have to coldmaxx

>Do they do much?
Can you be more specific?

Much what? They leave me feeling refreshed and ready to go.. if there is a long term benefit some say cold thermogenesis leads to fat loss.. I think that is more from longer immersion in cold water but regular cold showers will at least keep you adapted to cold so you are able to get into cold water with less distress.

I did it every shower for 3 years. It isn't magic but
>1. Makes you better at withstanding cold temps, and makes your body circulate heat better
>2. Wakes you up really well

No reason to pussyfoot around it. Go shorter amounts of time and extend as you can. I started saying the phonetic alphabet and extended untill I just feel generally cold

I'm aggressive because its all just misdirection and ultimately futile. It's the wrong advice, completely, yet these guys are gonna waste their time thinking a cold shower will change their life instead of actually getting out the fucking house and meeting people or doing the thing they want to do.

You're blaming the wrong thing then, cold showers, nofap, noporn, etc. are not to blame for people being idiots. Some people find them beneficial, so the problem is in the person, not the activity.

About a year ago I started because it shrinks pores. It helped my acne a lot.