How do you feel about the average american Veeky Forums?

how do you feel about the average american Veeky Forums?

>13 in biceps flexed
>1 pull up
>5.08 in dick

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I still call bullshit on 180 bench, especially with pathetic stats like 12+ min mile and 1 pull up

>Number of men who would rather work out than have sex: 1 in 7
Never gonna make it.

same i see people i would classify as average joes on the gym that barely can bench 1pl8

Probably lying. Everyone I talk to loves to act like they lift x even though they haven't lifted in years.
I mean seriously, 13 inch bicep and 180 bench? Not even my twig self is 13 inch bicep

>52 bpm resting heart rate
>12:17min a mile

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the BPM is that of a fit man, not of the average American. They've been retarded with how they present numbers.

>81kg bench


I see barely any people in the gym actually even hit 1pl8

this i don't get. is sex literally just pee pee feel good time for them? do they not derive any good feeling from being attractive, lusted after? are they just content rolling in there and start rocking till they squeal, then giving up and going to sleep?

I die laughing at this pic every time.

where are you going to? the first time I ever touched a barbell I was benching 1pl8 5x5

I call bullshit on almost all of this, except for the 31% that say they aren't fit. That probably the actual gym-going population, all of whom know well just how far they still have to go to satisfy their own self-imposed goals.

$874 spent annually on vitamins and supplements? Is this real life? I don't think I could spend that much even if I bought into the bcaa, pwo, etc memes...

That's 1 rep Max

Bet you squatted 3pl8 your first time too, huh?

Yes, everyone on Veeky Forums is top 1%, we know. But in reality outside of dedicate powerlifting gyms the average person does not bench 1pl8 their first day. The vast majority of regular gym goers cant even bench 2pl8.

>reading comprehension

The average person wouldn't even be able to unrack 80+kg

14.75" Biceps
+10 pull-ups
6.25" dick
My stats are above average but I'm autistic when it comes to getting girls

>tfw can only do 1 pull up

I find it really hard. Fuck.

Are the people here saying they do 10+ easily actually doing proper form ones or are they doing crossfit tier "pullups"?

I try to avoid crossfit tier pullups by keeping my legs stiff but I have to hang for longer than a 'pause' to stop swinging. I can still do 6-8 before it starts getting difficult to really bring my chest to the bar versus just passing my chin, though

To get that 1 rep max you only need to be able to do 1 plate x10. It's easy but yea people do lie about this stuff. It's an over confidence kind of thing.

I say +10 because I can do proper 8 reps for 3 sets. I just haven't tried to see how many I can do in a row. At least 11 for sure lol

realistic measurements on Veeky Forums? get off t his board

>average bodyfat

Chad can weather all the lies and illusions without being lost..
Chad can tough the poison of hatred without being harmed..
Since beginningless time darkness thrives in the void, but always yields to Chad

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>tfw 255 bench and only 14.5" arms
Ahh yes, the lanklet's eternal lament.

Factor it against the fact the average American is significantly overweight and it makes a lot more sense

It's the kind of bro-rep you'll sometimes see older guys doing.
Not touching chest (don't go too low, man! You'll hurt yourself) and not locking out (it's bad for your joints).
Basicly a half-rep, with a spotter having hands on the bar the entire time.

Why do people consider pull-ups hard?

Because I’m 6’2

because u dont work ur biceps on bench? are u larping or an actual retard

Wow, I’m firmly above average.

coz they fat

brb doing as many pushups as I can in a minute

Since when does being tall mean you can’t do pull ups?
I’m 6’1 and can rep out 15+

>12 inch arms

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Does it really surprise you that people will come up with excuses for anything?
>oh it sucks because I'm tall I can't do squats

>number of men who would rather work out than have sex: 1 in 7

what tabloid is this? 5.08 doesn't sound right at all

How fast should a mile be run for lifters? What's considered a respectable time to be considered 'fit'?

>5'9.2" average height
>dude is getting at least +2" from his hair

When will they learn.

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>1 pull up

I can do 4 right now and I thought that was bad.

If I could have a skin-tearing, full body pump, everyday, at the cost of never having sex again, I'd cut my own dick off.

Are you me?

>17.6% average bodyfat

I call bullshit

I’m at 1/2/3/4 and can run one sub 7min. But I was a natural runner already before I started lifting.
I’d say maybe sub 8min. No slower than 8:30

It was probably a survey so guys lied.
“How much do you bench?” is the measure of manliness amongst normies because that’s the only exercise they know how to do.

>1 Average number of pullups

Why did you guys even bother voting for Trump?

Don't get cocky boi. You're still a dyel, and you probably have a fucked up pull up form.

no you idiot. you might some synergistic contraction but they aren't doing anything other than stabilization. you still work them out separately

G-guys I have a 28 inch waist? Is that bad?

I can do 13 in a row, controlled and no movement from my legs(straight and feet together) at 180lbs and 6’1 though my back is my strong point and I can only dumbell bench 60’s for 8 reps while increasing about 5lbs every 3-4 weeks so far.

I couldn’t do any at first so I did sets of negatives to failure. Then I did a few pull-ups to failure and negatives to failure (one set) then I did sets up pull-ups once I could do 5 or more. Then I worked up to 3 sets of 8 and add 5 pounds once you achieve that, rinse and repeat.

>googles average american weight
>this chart says average height is 5'9
>somehow comes up with 17bf%

I'm just as baffled as you are, user

>13 in flexed arm

Holy shit, my arms were bigger than this before I ever started lifting
Still couldn't do more than 1 wide-grip pull up though

>inb4 fatty
This was in the gap between losing 60 pounds and starting lifting.

1/7 = 14%

13% of men actually fit.


i'm a 5'9m manlet and can do 15 pullups with 13 inch arms, it's all in the upper back. just lean back when you pull, and distribute the force between the shoulderblades and triceps.

Oh shit

I could bench 220 pounds when my arms were only 13.5". You're likely not as lean as you believe yourself to be, even as a twig. At a low body fat percentage, 13" arms will look a fair amount bigger than the average man.

>13% of men actually fit.

Doubt it. I doubt it's even true for university age men, even if you go by gym memberships alone.

Haha. This was me. 5'4" manlet at 22 and was outpressing most guys at the university gym with my leprechaun body and 13.5" arms. Felt good to lift more. Kinda pissed that they looked a lot bigger with bigger arms though.

>pic unrelated

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13" unflexed maybe look decent, flexed are pathetic and OP pic says flexed

>average dude can do 33 pushups in a minute

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lel i am surprised no one pointed out this before, push ups are fairly easy but even then most people struggle to get 20+

average dude is skinnyfat at best and proper form pushups? 33 in a minute?

I can do 40 in a minute and I'm not even remotely fit but yeah that number is definitely a bit high.

i doubt this guy can do even 10 proper form pushups, even forget the clock

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>chest 43
>neck 16

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what the fuck

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>lift for 3 years
>look like mr average

lifes not fair

TFW 18.5'' neck, 50'' chest, 32'' waist, 6'1. Shopping for clothes is tough.

It's the illusion of size. Lean arms, even at 13" look comparatively big because your body is proportionally smaller and the muscles, especially from the side, make it look larger. They obviously won't look big to body builders, but it's basically ottermode level to normal people whereas no one gives a fuck if you have 16" arms and are overweight.

For example, the average American male is about 20% body fat and would lose about 18 pounds of fat dieting down to 10% body fat. You normally gain or lose about an inch in arm size per ten pounds of mass, so their true lean size is closer to 11" or 12", on average. We saw something similar when men were about 15% body fat in the 1960s. This image is from the army.

Whoops. Here.

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I don't get the percentile system. Shouldn't it be the inverse? The higher the percentile means that percentage of people are within it. Higher percentile = plebs

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Not sure I understand what you mean. Percent is not the same as percentile. A percentile is one of "100 equal groups into which a population can be divided according to the distribution of values of a particular variable." If we ranked, say bench press numbers of a hundred men, the 50th best weight would be the 50th percentile. If you were the best in the group, you would be 100th, and the second best would be 99th and so on, down to the worse score which would be 0.

Consider it like percentage of people you're superior to

You forgot to exaggerate there buddy add an inch and a half onto both measurement

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>tfw when only swole by 1966 standards.

6' - 183cm
Waist 32, chest I dont know, usually get large clothing
78 kg
Just done 80 pull ups (10x8 reps) in the gym today, not sure about arms but they arent even that big

Oh and dick is 8-9 inch depending on female

With poor form yes

>TFW you'll never have a time machine, travel back to the late 1800s and straight mog everyone.

If it makes you feel better, consider that it's literally your job to work out in the army, so back then the general population may have been even smaller in size. It's proof, at least, that nearly everyone has fatceps.

I have a resting heart rate of 58 and can run a mile in under 6 minutes. Guess I'm not not fit

Yes I can do 20+ I have low bf 140lbs 5'10

The average bicep size is 13"?
I'm a wristlet soyboy and mine are 14"

Your body is kinda like a sleeper car, you know when someone gets a basic stock car, puts in a powerful engine, and then trolls street racers with it. You should have bet people you could out bench them. Similar to a pool shark, a bench shark.

What arm size and one rep max do you currently have?

From the CDC:
Average Man 20 and over:
Height in inches: 69.2
Weight in pounds: 195.7
Waist circumference in inches: 40.0* (101.5 centimeters)

I'm above average on everything.

> 1 Pull Up
> 12 min mile
> 180 1RM Bench
Fucking bullshit. Probably half repping.

I know this has to be bullshit because I have 16 inch flexed and there are loads of people who don't even workout and have bigger looking arms than I do.

Me too. Funny how I don't feel above average.

Body dysmorphia is a hell of a thing. I feel like I look the same as I did when I weighed sixty pounds less than I do now. When I look in the mirror I can't notice any difference. You have to rely on measures and photographs to see yourself truly.

I don't believe this, I have 17.25 biceps no way I'm in the 99th let alone the 90th

>Don't want to cheat on wife
>Already fucked her plenty
>Might break 600 on deadlift this day

That's pretty much my thought process some days.

It's from 1966, although I have a more modern one somewhere that I'll see if I can find. Most men, even in the army, don't do any weight training so it's very difficult for them to increase their arm size by any significant amount. Doing 40 push ups a few times a week and a few pull ups won't do much.

>Bench numbers are segregated by age
>other statistics aren't, presumably include 20s-60s
Come on guys, do you really think the average 20 year old guy really can't move faster than 5 miles per hour?

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I like it, makes me feel above average in every aspect. Except biceps.

In junior high in texas the football coaches would test our strength in the weight room, a fair amount of kids whom played sports hit 135 or more in 7-8th grade. I hit 135 when i was 12.

12:17 mile? Jesus wept.