Let's face it, were all lifting to get that bimbo looking GF

Let's face it, were all lifting to get that bimbo looking GF

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Fuck those girls, I'll take a cute shy girl over this any time

Thots are for cummies, not GF

I actually despise bimbos.

This, if anything you just unload your balls in them and go find yourself a qt3.14 wholesome girl for a gf instead.

>sour grapes: the thread

I am a bimbo looking girl, and I wouldn't date 90% of you.

90% of fit is small though

whats wrong with her legs

Most of you have personalities like the people on r9k, which I find unattractive.

I want one of those fake weeaboo girls with hime cuts that have a legion of beta orbiters, dude. Not that.

/r9k/ posters are small too

Sad but true. I have the bimbo kink but I think most guys do to some extent.

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>I am a bimbo looking guy, and I wouldn't date 90% of you.




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>trapped on a farm providing for 3 women
If that 3rd kid is a daughter, then that man is going to have a hard life

Stupid bitch, get your heels off the couch.

"hard" indeed

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Too bad to get a bimbo gf you NEED the face/the cash. Body is just a bonus.

Very much this.
We're both gonna make it, user.

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I’d rather be the bimbo-lookin’ GF


You'll never pass for a girl you faggot

How can anybody doubt these digits?

I wish I could afford implants

No one could hear your daughters scream.

>clams on the menu
>clam on the couch

Also shoes on the sofa. What a bitch.

absolutely wholesome.

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Life is meant to be hard, that said it would be easier raising 3 daughters on that farm then it would be to raise them in the city. Imagine trying to keep 3 teenage daughters from descending into either 3rd wave feminism or absolute degeneracy.

Tits and timestap or gtfo


No muscles.

This. What kind of fucking house was she raised in

I’m lifting because it’s the only thing that keeps me from committing suicide

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I got a wholesome gf but then got gains afterwards.
>tfw want to fuck bimbo's but gf is too loving to cheat on

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are you going to use that edge?

Don't do it bro, you're a grown ass man, keep your priorities straight

when youre that hot, shoes on the sofa dont fucking matter

Is she actually that hot though? Put her in normal clothes and no mackup. Lets see what she looks like.

Yeah keep in mind girls can make their tiddies look better in photos with makeup

monogamy is a lie, just do it

I find this type of woman revolting. It's like you can't even touch her, you keep pouring money into this thing and you never get anything back other than a few kisses if you get lucky. Pic related.

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to fuck a bimbo is great
but to date a fake plastic tonofmakuup creature... no thanks

this. Just convert her to gains lyfe bruther.

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I want part of the bimbo look but not so much the basic bitch mentality.

>it would be easier raising 3 daughters on that farm then it would be to raise them in the city
He was talking about tough farm life and absence of help from a son you nigger. It's not a movie, you need to work your ass off 12 hours a day

Christ I'm a week into nofap again and I just want to hold her down and get her pregnant

Yes that feeling is what makes me want to cheat.

I do my best bro

all that money spent on appearances and she can't even get her roots done

reminder that dyed hair on a thot is like elevator shoes on a manlet

Use to be a degenerate only got pussy from drug whores who would put out for a blue. Started lifting, I've entered a new world. Girls talk to me and are actually interested. Use to want to die by my 30's, now I'm ready to fuck in my 20's marry in my 30's and die at 70. Getting Veeky Forums has done a lot more then just make me want to fuck thotties. God bless Veeky Forums.

Die at 70? Er you might want to shoot for a little bit longer lifespan

I don't know why but i feel like there's something sad about this pic. You can see the inside ugliness of this girl.

I am perfectly happy with my
A v e r a g e
Azn qt gf.
Bimbo's like that are unattractive.

Fuck you, I want a 5'6", 140-150lb, androgynous face, thicc ass, flat tummy, no body hair, brunette boy.

You and me both buddy. Let's make the father questionable.

This. I actually married a semi-autistic gamer girl. She was a virgin, she didn't even shave her cunt. Sucked with makeup and didn't know how to dress good.

And you know what? We discovered she loves to swallow cum and getting fucked in the ass. 15 years together now. An awesome 5yo son. And unlike gimbos, she actually reads books & can have a convo.
Fuck the roasties.
Getting her Andromeda for birthday next month (it's the 4'th time she plays Witcher III now).

every day after I see a hooker I get exponentially more depressed and lonely. And yet every few weeks, I do it to myself again. Lads it's the only thing I look forward to in my mundane life but I would prefer a girlfriend so I don't have the blues like this every time.

I'm close to just saying screw it, snorting a line of coke and going to the closest bar at a last desperado effort to get over

>tfw no gf

rearrange the furniture in your home

Forever jealous

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anyone here is into average shy women too?

i still want to fuck the sexy ones, but that's all. no gf material to me.

Sauce for the love of god

You can make it too, bro. Just look for those girls who are often... invisible.
Plus is, they will be as shy as you when you start a convo, so you can try chatting online first or ask for her KiK or whatever it is you kids are using now.
Just like guys, they are completly different persons when chatting through web.

My man

This is the kind of girl I want

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Not me.
I've been with the same girl for about 15 years now.
I lift mostly because I couldn't look at myself in the mirror when I got that post college pudge going on

She looks gross desu, I'd only go for her if she was an easy target

I feel like that picture would be about 9001x better if the father was holding the baby and not leaving it on the ground like it's a pumpkin.

>Getting her Andromeda

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You think she might be interested in surgery? Don't force her into it though.

Hold down who?

What are asian bimbos called?

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>traditional slavic girls

Gods gift.

Do bimbos bleach their anuses?
Asking for a friend..

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Green tea bitches

Only when they whore themselves online

>like it's a pumpkin

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a turd-eating vampire?


The Japanese have a word that's roughly translated as ching-chong-mister-dick-pull-a-thing-long.

I currently train and am in the process of figuring out a perfect drug stack so that I can become a male pornstar in Japan.



Yeah, we aren't. I don't like bimbos and bimbos don't like me.

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my home, more particularly, my room is quite organized.

I'm lifting, cardio, reading, going for /fitlit/ but no matter how big you get or smart you are, nothing can fill that hole in your heart other than a qt gf

I honestly hope I get as lucky as you did

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Is an Amazonian gf too much to ask for

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Pretty sure that's a bunad, meaning it's a scandi

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So there's a chance.

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Statements like this always confuse me, In my experience the bimbo looking ones are way harder than the shy ones.
Then again im not a virgin so maybe we are on different wavelenghts

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Someone buy me implants

I know that, but if you're living inner city what you lose in term of working your job you gain in terms of having to increase the amount of parenting you do to ensure your children don't end up broken.

70 is the perfect age long enough to enjoy retirement and not have to eat cat food to get by on ss