What routine should I add on to my physical job?

I work at UPS as a package loader (pic related). For around 5-6 hours a day I'm loading boxes into trailers. My dad (who's in amazing shape for someone in their 50s) taught me that it's best to make everything in life an exercise. Because of this I've made it so I'm constantly walking during the work day and I'll also pick a 15-20 pound or so package and do reps with it throughout the shift. Usually I do sets of 25 preacher curls and 25 lifts above my head with each arm and then 50 preacher curls and lifts above my head using both arms at once.

I'm in pretty good shape as far as my arms and legs though but I want to loose belly and face fat. Is there a way I can do this at work? I'm surrounded by heavy shit but I can't exactly lay down and do sit ups.

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eat les
that's it

no, no you gotta eat more, bulk up and confuse them gains.

Work harder, do the work of 3 men, constantly. Absolutely no water break bathroom break and double that shitty 6 hours a day and go 12. You'll get used to it 1.5 months, im repulsed by water now

I've stopped carrying my credit card around so I'm not tempted to get anything out of vending machines and shit but I still have the problem of eating well at home. What can I eat that will fill me up but not contain many calories? Usually I just chew gum and eat apples until I'm full but I don't stay full for long with those.

I'm less worried about gaining muscle than I am about losing fat. I just want to feel attractive ;_;

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guys with physical jobs tend to eat shitty food and drink a lot, because they don't have the time/energy to make good food, and alcohol is just part of the culture.

don't do those things and you'll lose the belly. meal prep on sundays. limit or eliminate drinking. drink lots of water instead of sugary stuff.

I mostly just chew ice but are you sure I should cut water? That's pretty much the only thing the saftey cunts and the greybeards ageee on.

Plus we get like 3 people going to the hospital from heat stroke a year.

Yeah that's me. Notice the neck fat.

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don't count your work as a workout, everyone with a physical labor job thinks it's like working out when it isn't, you want to build muscle you still need to train, you want to lose weight you still need to diet.

>Usually I just chew gum and eat apples until I'm full but I don't stay full for long with those.
no shit you retard. eat meat and fatty foods to stay full.

I don't drink but I have this thing where the medication I take makes it so I'm barely hungry throughout the day and then at night when it wears off I'm starving. I try and eat healthy shit throughout the day when I'm not hungry so I'm not as hungry later in the day.

Eh, you don't look that bad. How are you on cardio?

eat a real breakfast before you pop your adderall instead of nibbling on fruits all day.

chewing ice is bad for your teeth

I usually go 2 slices of toast with plain scrambled eggs or a big bowl of raisin Bran and toast. How's that?

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Why the fuck are my images uploading upside down now?

toast/cereal and carbs in general aren't good at making you feel full for more than an hour or two.

more meat and veggies.

For breakfast? Like a plain chicken breast?

More UPS photos because fuck it.

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Thread will be 404 soon. Thanks for the tips everyone!

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why are you taking pictures inside the hub?

Because why not? I'm not supposed to because I might be selling our valuable corporate secrets to FedEx on the black market but literally no one gives a shit.

Try to get into driver position.

I'm doing that and most days I don't even have time to stop to take a piss let alone eat.

That wall is fucking shit OP

Thanks for reminding me how much I dont miss working at this shithole

Eat oats for breakfast, fill you for longer than cereals I find

>being a logistics chuck

Bruh I did that shit at Target for a year and I was ready to shoot myself. Get into management or something

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shit-tier tiers

Stop eating bread