The Modern Man

Are you a pajama boy or an abs boy Veeky Forums ? Do you even want to make it?

What does Veeky Forums think of this?

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Was just about to watch it


this is pretty gay

he compares wanting abs to being a bearded numale. basically you're only a man if you only train for strength and end up Rippefat

>Mark Rippletits

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I shave my face, I do strength training and now I am cutting down for summer. I love Mark and his no fucks given attitude, but shit like this keeps you at 30% bodyfat BLOATMAXXX.

i agree, just see pic related
>the chad clean shaven vs the beta bearded male

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if you dont look like this by age 16, you're a faggot

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That’s not beard though that’s stubble. Beards look good on most anyone that can grow them. Only idiots think that facial hair is beta

cringe. whats so new about this you faggots. do you need rippletits to tell you ,,dont be a faggot''?

if you're not trolling I'm sorry but you gotta go

lmao you've never interacted with women before.

why would you ever agree to have a picture of yourself taken next to gandy? its like you want to get mogged to oblivion


to a 18 y/o girl, could prime, shirtless, Connor murphy survive? or would he get mogged?

of course they would prefer conor because of the age, but only few men can compete with prime gandy

>age 16

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Mark rippetoe is good at coaching bench press, low bar squat and deadlifting

I wish people would stop acting like he's some form of life guru and swallowing everything he says uncritically

Because not everyone is autistic and thinks in terms of being 'mogged'

The number of ugly men sporting beards has gone through the roof

If you have a good face, why would you hide it behind hair?

>not thinking about getting mogged
Literally the reason why you get mogged in the first place.

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i could be imagining it but i swear women are more receptive when you haven't shaved in a few days or a week or whatever. i dont mean a beard, just not being clean shaven

you should never take a picture with a person who mogs you. its bad enough that you get mogged in the moment, but the picture will immortalize the moment you got mogged. you should however take pictures with people you mog. if you want to open up a dating profile you should find a turbomanlet and take pictures with him, making you seem taller. once you understand that this is a mog or rot world, you will understand my point of view

a real man

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That's some Blaha philosophy

>he fell for the SS meme

>because of the age
you have much to learn about female attraction, friend

he was talking about 18 y/o girls friendo

yes, I know

i dont think the average 18 yo would prefer a 40 year old over someone in his early 20s

if only you knew how wrong you are

>that nw7

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He's right, men no longer aspire to be like Beowulf. They've been cucked into feminist submission and then they wonder why their gf can't have an orgasm with them and has a friend named Tyrone.

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>Not using the right gif

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wtf monicas boyfriend was a gay porn actor all along

Well if you only train abs and ignore everything else he's right.


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essentially he's saying you're not a man if you care what you look like. strength is the primary determinant of manhood and everything else should follow from that

It's like he's justifying his shitty diet, rippletits might as well be writing articles about low body fat privlige and health at any size.
There is nothing wrong with wanting look good, there is literally nothing I could do to make myself look like a soy boy, I was born with a manly face and body type, I genuinely believe you have to grow up or be born a certain way to look like these little queers.