Fit memes you fell for

>compounds are enough for nice arms
>deadlifting is enough for traps and forearms
>weighted dips are bad exercise
>women dont care about glutes on men

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I don't know what milk you guys get but that's like 80-100+ grams of sugar a gallon for a run of the mill supermarket one

>women dont care about glutes on men
Literally no has said that

>you're gonna make it


>Dry Fasting

starting strength, going to the gym

>Sugar in milk
U wot?

>can't grow calves



They sell lactose free milk if it bothers you.


they add the lactase enzyme
basically just breaks down the lactose partially so it's a little sweeter, but it doesn't change the sugar content.


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>read the sticky

raw whole milk from local farm wasgreat when i was doing it

its fantastic for recovery



Do GOMAD but don't fall for the SS meme

Train every day with 2-3 compounds and 3-4 accessories
Don't listen to fatass 'powerlifters' who are lazy as shit, if you sleep enough and eat enough you'll recover

Obviously cut back your training when you start to cut

>squats are enough to work your core
Best thing in my life was to start doing weighted situps and hanging leg raises. I finally start to see ab definition. Don't fall for the squat meme boys, do core work

yeah because when yo usquat bitch weight your core doesnt need to do whole lot anyway

i have massive obliques and developed core, though lower portion sits under layer of fat, just from bracing hardcore for squats and deadlifts.

especially paused squats.
But i do agree, some isolation wont hurt anyone and can only help

>cardio kills gains
>don't do machines

Fell for the no arms meme, I'm still mourning my 13"ers despite surpassing the holy 1/2/3/4

Around what weight do you think squats and diddlies start becoming effective core excercises?

Damn I can't believe you only have 13" arms after 1/2/3/4. Had you never worked your arms before or something?

>compounds are enough for nice arms
This, I have a 250 bench but my biceps still suck

eating clean, brosplits, squats are bad for knees

So does your bench

Fucking Jew government in Canada has raw milk being illegal. I’d have to cross the border to New York to get raw milk

When you start hitting 3/4 for sets. Also front squats and OHP.

Don’t get me wrong, if you want that shredded look you need to do extra ab work, but heavy compounds are “good enough”

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>New York is somehow less Jewish than Canada
Have you ever been there?

lol the few farmers i met from upstate ny were jews
>sure we'll sell you this "raw" milk. It'll be $12 a gallon

>doing bench for biceps
You shouldn't skip brain day

don't do machines is a meme is a meme

Serious Question Bros - what is the ideal ratio of height to bicep circumference in order for biceps to look impressive?

How so?
ie: there is this great triceps isolation machine that annihilates them like nothing else and contributated to my big tri's. How am I in the wrong here?

Not the user you're replying to but I think you're right to some extent. Machines are nice for isolation and if you want to additionally hit some specific muscles after your main workout. Just never base your workouts on machines only, free weights are far superior for overall development.

>you don't need to directly workout abs

>Doing Squats

Squats are for girls. Deadlifts and explosive pulls are enough for most guys legs and have the benefit of building the back.

16"s will make normies think you're huge

These are all true though... Is this some kind of ruse post?

2-3 compounds with accessories

You just explained proper book enforced SS tho.

>bro just train upper body, women don't care about legs.


ss has you actively avoiding accessories bar pull ups and cleans. Also too few sets of upper body and deads.

Never fell for any of these cause im not a brainlet

>Squats are for girls
the usual phrasing is "gloots for the sloots" but otherwise correct

It's all in lactose form so it's fine. Milk on the GI index isn't even close to diabetic tier.

>just do compounds
>lol abs come naturally at low bf you dont have to work them

this, instead of doing smith machine chest presses, which are good for either warming up or finishing off to burn your chest, always have the main lift be either a barbell or db bench press. Particularly, I love doing DB bench press because it automatically caters to my own natural mobility of the movement, rather than forcing a preset path of motion of the smith machine.

Like I'm all for machines as accessories, but I actually think the Smith machine is a waste of space and waste of time unless you have an actual injury or something.

no, it has its place, for instance, I use smith machines primarily when I am doing depletion workouts during a cut, such that doing dumbbells and barbells might increase the risk of injury. I find it more convenient and actually bearable to do those workouts while achieving the goals I am seeking.

I feel I usually get more just using a Hammer Strength or Nautilus machine. Don't have to push a bench up and just feels like I'm doing something compared to smith.

Squats for the thots
Glutes for the sloots
Floor for the whores

Yeah you're actually right, my squat/dl is pretty pathetic. My knees are fucked up and I'm afraid of putting too much load on them. I did run a lot for quite a few years, so my legs are well developed (well, like a runner's, obviously not compared to a weightlifter). I'm okay with this tho. I'm sure that above a certain weight squats help your core, but if you're a novice like me, you want to see progress, and having a jackshit core is disheartening. Funnily enough, there's this situp machine where you can select weight, I'm sure you know the type - I managed to max out the weight there, and I do sets of 40 now (started at its midrange with sets of 20, the speed i developed was amazing. It's weird because I'm very close to hitting 1/2 but 3/4 is miles away...

Anyway, after a while I did leg raises, and I noticed that I could do them with my legs fully straightened - something I could never really do with good form earlier. It's funny how these things work.

The smith machine is great, i do pullups in it kek

forearms to choke strong

lmao, same

What is a definition of an compound and accessorie excersise?

Raw eggs, I saw Rocky do it

4 x 8-12 for life

>I don't know what milk you guys get
only the best

Wrong. Cleans and chinups are the first exercises added to the routine.

my squats stagnated for a really long time so I was desperate to get some progress but I just walked around like a a retard and failed my fucking set because of that fucking plug fuck this forum

>three dozen eggs

you mean a butt plug? nobody can possibly be stupid enough to fall for that