Why do girls even bother?

Why do girls even bother?

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Because we're self loathing and insecure, just like you.

she looks awesome. Can't way to see how thick, full and tight she can get

Damn, check those skull gains

Yeah but she's actively making herself look worse... I'd argue the same for extremely roided pro male bodybuilders, btw.

Do steroids make a woman's head get bigger?

She ruined her body. Sad.

It's not fair to judge bodybuilders (male and female) during their competition desu. They are dehydrated, covered in bronzer, oils and just undergone months of strict cutting. In 2 weeks, she will look like just a normal fit qt. Trust me.

Anyone that abuses roids looks bad imo though. The girl in OP is not abusing shit, looks very natty.

>starving themselves
Wow sounds really healthy. What exactly are they being judged on again?

tbf if she just returned to normal bf% now, she'd be extremely joocy

Is female bodybuilding the key to not being a chinlet?

>implying bodybuilding is about health
nigga what

Op is a retard but we are even more for posting on this bait thread

>not getting Veeky Forums for health reasons

Nice strawman.
I didnt' say any word about my motives.

I'd take left over right any day. If I wanted to fuck right, I'd just fuck a man.

Right just SCREAMS mental illness

at least before she looked female
yeah a female of a different, non-human species, but still female

Women who do this to themselves should be institutionalized

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how can anyone fuck this willingly literally the same unfuckable tier as a fat chick

The only reason i get fit is because i don't like how I look in the mirror when im fat. Looks are the only thing that drives me to be fit. I don't give 2 fucks about heart attacks or whatever bullshit conditions there are from being fat

>What exactly are they being judged on again?
their muscles. being healthy has nothing to do with anything

They thicken her cheekbones and jaws, yes. It does a similar thing to men as well, but it is less noticeable.

You can basically see the overgrown clit.

man you guys are seriously a bunch of faggots. if you can do any better, then do it. don't just sit there and act like your vaginas are so unique

lol, 99% of people aren't here for maxing health gains. If that were the case, everyone would eat meat twice a week and focus primarily on cardio. But reality is everyone here lifts, rarely does cardio and eats what ever the fuck will give them the best muscles.

What's so good about looking like a bog mummy?

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This is genuinely sad. She used to be so pretty


Profound personality disorders.

She actually still looks pretty nice.

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She ruined herself