‘I want you every day’: Arizona teacher accused of sex with student, 13, in classroom

>‘I want you every day’: Arizona teacher accused of sex with student, 13, in classroom

why do women hate manlets but love 12-15 year old boys?

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Because boys can grow not men

probs just geneticly blessed boys who seem the most mature in appearance compared to the rest of the classed and have already surpassed 5'5 as a 13 / 14 yo

>surpassed 5'5 as a 13 / 14 yo
Lmao I was 6'2ft tall when I was 13 years old.
Girls were all over me.

Where were these teachers when I was a kid? I was dying to fuck one of my teachers and she was nowhere near as hot as this.

she was doing chad

I was chad.

Let's be honest here. This bitch is probably the same kind of crazy that will try to get pregnant, and take everything you've got going for you.

This, if you didn't get laid by hot female teacher in middle school it's over for you
Confirmed incel Tbh Tbh

No, this girl is probably sociopathic cut your dick off for not folding the sheets crazy.

ya her husband has the soy smile and wrote how he met her on "how he asked" (how she asked is lesbos only)


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Alright, story time then. This alpha clearly fucked every thing that moved in the teacher's staff room.

What stories like these make me wonder is, have so many female teachers been fucking their male students all this time, or is this a new brand of pedophilic thot that got the idea to become a teacher from stories of other teachers like this?

More younger hotter women teaching high school level these days than 30 years ago.

back in the day it was kept secret better probably
nowadays with cellphone texting etc it comes to light easier

I didn't have sex until I was 20, it should be obvious from the fact that I use Veeky Forums that I am incel.

There was a divorced milf teacher that everyone assumed was having sex with students when I was in high school. A couple years later she was at a college party I was at. She ended up in the bathroom blowing 4 guys at the same time.


thought so

Because they love to manipulate young people, it's the reason they got into teaching in the first place.

I banged a 27 year old when I was 15. She wasn't a teacher though, just some office employee and was a solid 4/10. I just remember she had a giant bush and I hated going down in her but tried for like five seconds anyways. Also an insane person.


And yet here you are...

I always LOL for the "husband" you married a crazy whore.


Fuuucking hell, getting cucked by a 13 year old, mother of God that is some depressing shit right there


They don't hate manlets.

I'm 5'5 and I'm married to a tall blonde - before her though I never really had a problem with height.

Granted I have a great face and I make a few hundred grand a year - saying they hate manlets is just a meme.