Do pull ups hit the rear delts?

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Pull ups

lol you still wear pullups bro? embarrassing

Not enough. Do reverse flys or face pulls at least.

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>cut to 118
>Still look fat
>Bulk to 180 and look more muscular but still fat in the gut

I just can't win bros

Gotta be honest, I laughed.

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There are two fucking qtd threads up you fucking retard. Delete this and post in one if the others. Use the fucking catalog

There's this certain no man's land during a cut where you somehow look fatter than you did the previous weeks. I'm guessing it's just muscle flatness from low carb or something. Point is. Gotta keep cutting and eventually that soft phase should pass. At least, that was my experience

If I'm weak and kinda fat, is it better to bulk first and then cut, or is it better to cut first, then bulk, then cut?

is fasting and 5x5 possible at the same time?
i got stuck at 90kg for a month, 17 to go.
will i die if i try? i dont want to be that guy that passes out during a squat.

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yes. pretty much all of your compound lifts for upper back and lats will also hit your rear delts and rotator cuffs, but the ones that do the best job are those with pronated (palms out) grip (bentover or pendlay rows, pullups) and the ones that do the worst job are those with neutral grip, with supinated (palms in) grip (underhand row, chinups) inbetween those. even pullovers hit them to some extent.
focus always on compounds first and leave isolation for faggots and people with injuries

fuck off you know-nothing

should faggots with injuries only do isolation lifts?

man, I did face pulls for the first time at the gym today. I know my form was correct, but that movement felt so awkward.

I figured I just had no muscular base. I'm hoping after this current cut I'll have much better results.

You won't. Also people will be able to see how small your penis is.

What is a good posture to keep while walking and standing? I feel like I slouch a lot, but wanna use my tall body to my advantage when I'm teaching and whatnot.

>What is a good posture to keep while walking and standing?
Good posture is a good posture to keep. Try that, bitch.

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OP In my experience No

Neither your comment nor your condescension are useful to me.

I started working out recently and my main focus atm is to get rid of my gut.
Friend of mine who works out quite a bit says I shouldn't work on abs cuz growing ab muscles will keep my gut the same size until I start getting significant fat loss.
Is he right or is that bro-science?

Nor yours to me.

How do you cold turkey soda? I want to stop but I just can’t.

Is it good to do pull ups and push ups every day, even on days where my lifts are focused on something else?

e.g., if I'm doing a standard PPL routine, am I getting benefit out of doing pullups and pushups at home on a daily basis? Or should I just focus on them during respective push/pull days?

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pic related is what you want

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you have to be more than 18 to use this site

I'm 35.

What are the best macros for putting on muscle and not becoming a fatty?

So I started using a calorie/vitamin/mineral/protein tracker ...

and I realized that (albeit with a multivitamin, i know it's cheating) I'm hitting almost every nutritional aspect of my diet except Potassium.
Like I wasn't even at 50% of a daily value and I had already consumed spinach AND a banana.

How the fuck does anybody get enough Potassium from day to day without supplementing it?

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if it's caffeinated then you have to wean yourself off or you'll have withdrawals
you can do that with caffeine pills though

your friend is full of shit
you want to lose the gut, then just diet and lose the fucking weight, the gut will go
you don't need dedicated ab work anyways if you do barbell lifts

ppl is retarded do a 4x/week upper/lower instead
if you grease the groove with push and pullups, just don't go anywhere near failure, just do a few for the work accumulation

>dinner and a movie
what is this, 1987 all over again?
never ever ever buy dinner for a woman that you are not fucking. never.
first time, hang out somewhere where you either aren't expected to pay for shit, or where the cost is cheap. also where you can talk and get to know each other, which is not a movie lel. activities (skating etc billiards whatever fits) or a coffeehouse or quiet bar for drinks (not a noisy dance club)
spend most of your time listening to her. no woman ever complained about her date not listening enough. ask questions, leading questions, that require her to talk. remember that your main job in conversation is to talk less than she does and hold her interest
every date is a job interview. hold frame; you are interviewing her, not the other way around.

listen to the "military posture" guy

bullshit exercise
if you're doing your pullups and rows (and maybe some cleans and snatches) then your rear delts and rotator cuffs will be fine

pretty much only faggots, or people with injuries, or faggots with injuries, should do isolation lifts.
i would add that actual athletes doing isolation for sport-specific "pre-hab" should do them, but none of you assholes reading this on Veeky Forums are in that group kek

Gatorade has only 37 milligrams of potassium ...
also, enjoy your diabetes

thank you for your contribution user

What does Veeky Forums think of the pictured protein, also what do you guys think about Stronglifts 5x5?

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Do you run faster on or off a treadmill?

I've been running on a treadmill barefoot, so I don't know how fast I run off of one with shoes on. I don't want to go outside to test it because I live in Hell.

Are there any accessories that help with deadlift? It's the one compound lagging behind for me.

fasting as in water fast? I would honestly stay resting or do a 1x5 day just to maintain 5RM numbers

lite salt has a lot of potassium because they use it as filler for the lower sodium concentration

Cleans and Snatches. Make sure you get the form down because you don't want to fuck those up.

>t. Assblasted nigger that has no rear delts

>Isolations are for fags!

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>fucked up my back 6 weeks ago going for a 1rm squat
>no joint damage but every single muscle seized the fuck up so it wouldn't bend at all without an insane amount of pain
>slowly been recovering, trying to relearn how to sit up without hands now
>back is pretty much normal except after long days and in cold weather when it hurts a bit on one side, but not enough to impair movement
I think I'm almost ready to get back into the temple of iron but my fitness has taken a massive hit, how do I get strength levels up again without risking fucking up my back?

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The FDA doesn't require that potassium be listed on the nutritional info, so most things don't include it even though they contain potassium. Eat your veggies and you'll be fine.

Rack pulls or standard deadlifts with chains. Unless your weak link is grip, in which case anything that requires grip endurance. Many long sets of barbell shrugs, farmer walks, supinated rows, whatever.

That’s a sign of CNS damage I believe. Go to the doc to make sure you’re okay, and god bless.

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General question:
How fast did your arms grow when you first started seriously lifting? If they were small to begin with, did they grow fast or did you always have problems getting mass on them?

Doctor + physio both described it as not damaging the nerves or joints, but all the muscles in lower back tensed up to protect the spine and it's taken weeks to get better
I can touch toes and lean back now, and other mobility is fine, I'm just not sure how to start lifting again safely and kind of scared of squats since I can still remember the popping sound from the original injury

Dumb, but it caught me off guard and gave me a proper laugh

Is keto a meme? Can someone explain why?
The science behind insulin response and fat gain sounds so solid to me, but I keep hearing conflicting opinions, especially around here.
I'd love to be convinced since I love fruit and wish I could eat some without feeling like I've fucked my progress.

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it's a meme, unless you have epilpsy
everything is CICO and IIFYM and keto helps some people with CICO, especially if they eat lots of veggies; if they use it as an excuse to eat nothing but bacon and beef jerky, they'll get fat, and quick

rows and pullups and front squats and good mornings
also dl variants like stiffleg, romanian, snatch grip, etc
cleans and snatches are a good way to get pulling volume without frying your body
ignore meme shit like rack pulls and chains and crap

your totally witty replies really btfo'd the guy whose post had details of anatomy and lists of exercises
well done sire

>samefag fatasfatass "powerlifter"

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>Barbell lifts are enough for abs
Let's see those abs big guy.

should i run with these

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How do you get the mentality that eating Veeky Forums is a lifestyle? Any advice?

Probably not the best answer to this but when I started doing extended (3-4 day) fasting, I gained a new appreciation for healthy foods.
I crave certain vegetables and grilled white meats now, never before. Unhealthy things rarely tempt me either.
Maybe try doing OMAD. If you get yourself hungry enough, a lot of healthy foods become much more desirable, since you're seeing them as the sources of fuel that they are.

Intense hatred of fatties

100% agree

Take a day where you try to cook something delicious with healthy ingredients while observing your macros.

Cook plenty of meals, perhaps enough for 4-5 days. Eat them and then ask yourself if you felt better compared to when you consumed junkfood

When I'm doing accessories to help my compound lifts, how many sets/reps am I supposed to do ? And should I use the same principle of adding weight to them every workout ?

Are these a meme? Or do they actually help work the abs really well?
Also would appreciate some lower abs exercises, and something to help work my adonis belt without having to fast, if possible.

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>Lifting for 6 months
>Hands still baby soft

When will my callous gains come in? I don't want the hands of a pansy. I don't use gloves.

Can you maintain your physique with keto? As in eat at maintenance but with the same keto diet used to cut down in the first place.

Thanks guys

Do some rough labor, like construction or farm work. You'll be wishing you still had your pansy hands after that shit

barbell rows deadlifts and shrugs are the main culprits.

What are food supplements people take for joints that work?

They gave me wicked doms compared to other ab workouts, so I'd say they're not a meme.
They're cheap and fast to use anyhow, so what are you waiting for?

Your muscles will look a lot smaller if you’re carb depleted

What would be better for cutting?
Diet plus cardio or Diet plus lifting?

Are zinc suplements good? Is there any negative effect?

>mfw i dont do any lifts with weight i cant do at least 8 reps with
>mfw ill be injury free forever and bigger and better looking

Cardio burns more calories
Lifting will slow or prevent any loss of strength and lean body mass
If you're fat or trying to cut really fast, either cardio or both. Otherwise lift weights.
I've heard good things about collagen peptides, don't have any research or personal experience though.
They're good if you have a zinc deficiency, as that can lower your T levels.

I was told this is the best you can get right now freely, anyone had experience with it maybe?

>Cardio burns more calories
>Lifting will slow or prevent any loss of strength and lean body mass
>If you're fat or trying to cut really fast, either cardio or both. Otherwise lift weights.
I just want to cut for a couple of months and see how my body will change. I'm not really fat, I've lost a lot of weight and gained some muscle, but still have a garbage bag of a fucking belly and moderate love handles.

No idea sorry. Fish oil is definitely good though, I see that in the ingredient list. Lots of research on its antiflammatory and neuroprotective effects.
I'd probably lift and cut harder to compensate then. An EC stack is a fairly mild supplement for weight loss and is extremely helpful for appetite suppression, look into it. Might be hard to get hold of ephedrine outside of the US though.

I can't do a pull up. Is it enough to just jump up to the top position and try to slow my decline as much as possible over and over until I'm exhausted? I'm hoping this will be enough to eventually get me to the point of doing one.

Dumb fucking question.

Do all 3 you moron.

Diet, cardio, and lift, or else you will look like a DYEL bitch

Yes. Those are called negatives, or ecentrics (as opposed to concentric, the contracting part of a movement) and they're an excellent training tool for both bodyweight movements and resistance training with equipment.
Don't jump though. Step up using a stool or something similar. Lift yourself as much as possible using your upper body and use your legs to assist you on the way up.

Keto is not a meme, carbs make you fat, stop eating them.


>carbs make you fat, stop eating them.
Don't listen to this guy. Excessive consumption of carbs makes you fat, but eating within your energy expenditure is perfectly fine. Carbohydrates are the body's most efficient source of energy.

Niggertits, I don't live in a fucking basement and am not NEET. Fuck you, I don't have time for 3+ hours in the gym.

I got a real almond activating question
At what height is it better to be a foot shorter? For example, would you rather be 6'4 or 5'4? Kinda obvious. How about 6'10 or 5'10? 6'0 or 7'0?

Anything above 6'9 it's better to be a foot shorter.
t. 6'8

found this routine online, just so you know I have requirements
>needs to be able to be done in my small bedroom
>only equiptment is dumbbells, weight bench and pull up bar

bench press 5x5
incline bench press 5x5
bent over row 5x5
ohp 5x5
skull crushers 5x5
dips 5x5

squat 5x5
cycling 45 minutes

incline bench press 5x12
dumbbell flyes 5x12
dumbbell rows 5x12
dumbbell lat raise 5x12

front squat 5x12
cycling 45 minutes

from what I read first two days focus on size then the last two days you decrease weight and increase reps for hypertrophy

Smith machine/guided machines.

>can’t understand isolating a muscle works it more efficiently than indirectly hitting it by doing compounds

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Please rate my noob bulk diet. I feel like I need to get in more protein.

>150gr cottage cheese
>2 bananas
>50gr walnuts
>big tuna, ssalmon or chicken sandwich with veggies
>100gr buckwheat or rice
>200gr chicken
>broccoli or veggie mix
>2 scoops of mass gainer
>50gr walnuts

Calories: ~3000
Carbs: ~380g
Protein: ~175g
Fat: ~95g

Current weight: 74kg / 163lbs
Height: 1.84m / 6ft

Okay, fuck having a separate thread, I guess it has its place right here:

Guys, I'm having a dull constant pain in my ulna. I'm auschwitz-tier fucking thin so I've been working out and among other exercises - doing a shitton of curls of all sorts.

The muscles handle it alright, but the right ulna aches like hell. I still can go on, but I sense the pain even with the lightest weights, especially at the in the very beginning of the ROM and while letting go of the bar. It's not imparing my abilities, but it's hella uncomfortable and yes, it's the ulna itself that aches, not any sort of muscle.

Any experience/advice?

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I see excuses.

Do 20 mins of cardio a few days a week and lift regularly 40 mins a few days a week.

Do all of this while dieting.

Stop making fucking excuses and do it you little bitch

I wouldn't want to be fucking 5'8". Give me a foot taller up until at least 6'11", if not 7'0". Then I could go rock the fucking NBA. Fucking being anything shorter than 5'11".

Am 6'0" right now. you manlets jelly?

Cheers lads!

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Bulk first then cut brah. Always.
Muscles are the engine that burn calories, build a bigger engine and cutting gets easier. Muscles cells require more energy to survive than fat cells meaning if you have more muscle mass, you burn more energy passively than just fat. Ergo, hitting a 500 calorie deficit is easier. A 500 calorie deficit will shred about one pound a week. You really dont want to drop too much more than that else you get the stretch marks. Strong bro science is strong brah.

Or you could eat healthy at or just above maintenance with a gram or protein per lb while you shred fat and gain muscle.

but that's usually too complex and isn't as fun. nothing like the excuse of being on a dirty bulk makes you feel better about chugging beer to wash down your pizza, you fat fuck