Fellas I need some pictures for a tinder catfish, any help?

Fellas I need some pictures for a tinder catfish, any help?

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Chiko Lachowski

How's my tinder profile guys?

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The best way to catfish someone is to use photos of yourself so they if they reverse image search them, only you come up


What's so bad about it?

i thought catfish meant to act as someone else. you're talking about just using it normally

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The best way to cheat on a test is look at the material ahead of time and memorize questions that might come up on the test!

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Having a bio longer than 7 words reeks of autism

Holy shit youre trying WAY too hard

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100% natty
100% success rate

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Just crop the girl out

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Also ur jaw is rly obviously clenched and u look retarded

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You look like a Romanian gypsy with a shit hairline. Stop posting.

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Did you/he go to UH manoa? Because i feel like ive had you/him in my class

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I don't know who the guy I posted is

Never forget

Is that a tablet he's holding?

Got that man is pure sex. Wide jaw + wide lips + Stache is peak male aesthetics


Shit you're too smart for your own good

you pucker those lips any tighter and they'll just think you selected "looking for women" by mistake

>i enjoy swimming
>main picture is you with goggles and a t shirt on, not smiling

kek, is the next picture you flailing your arms in the air with a completely deadpan expression?