Take your squat and bench press (incline) seriously, everything else is for fun

>take your squat and bench press (incline) seriously, everything else is for fun.

If you don't feel this way ,you are undoubtedly wrong and a goon.

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I have recently become a devotee of the low incline bench press, so much nicer on the joints and a better pump

>life life by
fucking hell

>tfw incline kills my shoulders

Now do a low incline dumbbell bench press. God tier.

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squat is a meme

take your deadlift variants, bench press (and variants), overhead press, weighted pullup/chinup seriously

squat, bench, ohp, dl.
only lifts i take srs

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Honestly, what is the purpose of benching? It feels unnatural as fuck, opposed to squatting or deadlifting.

squatting is just as natural as benching. In what real life situation are you ever going to have squat with a few hundred pounds on your back.

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Yeah, I'll get right on that, chief.

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i feel like i am at a crossroads with squats

on one hand i like doing them and recently hit 405 for 2

on the other hand my legs are huge and so is my ass and jeans dont fit comfortable anymore

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we're not talking about proper exercises here, but carryover to daily life. It's not something unheard of to squat to pick up something while carring a backpack, or some kind of weight on you. Even training to do the motion properly is useful. But I don't see how benching is useful or has carryover to anything.

Only faggots don't squat.

Is that you in pic? Show us more please.

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bench press is just an OHP variant
debate me

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>he takes squat seriously

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> Not working your back

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Squatting with a perfectly even weight bar on your back is 100% unnatural.

If it's about getting better at the movement and gaining greater physical awareness then calisthenics and single leg dumbbell variations are superior in every single way. It's why athletes and martial artists actually use it over just dumbfucking around with DA BIG LEEFTS all day.

As for the bench.
It's to push things out from your chest.
Unless you think people don't use that plane of movement ever. I mean...do you do anything except dick around in a gym?

I dick around in other places too. Like your squishy first apartment.

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The no lats on the left is like me


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I've got my fair share of diverse physical activities on my back, and I agree that calisthenics is superior if you wish to achieve greater physical awareness. I'm still not talking about weight on your back in a barbell, but the carryover to normal life.

I can recall the last time I somehow squatted to pick something heavy off the floor, and I can too recall the last time I squatted with a weight on myself, both similar to deadlifting and squatting.
However, I can't recall a single time I was horizontal, facing up, and had to push something off my chest, this is what I'm talking about.

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