Has anyone here followed this or had any experience with iodine supplementation?

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Never heard of this before. Guess I've got something new to binge research.

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worth looking into. any organic sources of iodine?

I've ordered in a book called The Iodine Crisis but still waiting on it to come in

Spoke to a doctor about this, he says for the most part everyone gets iodine from salt in the food they eat.
if you are a vegeterian or just avoid salt, perhaps this is something you should look into.

if you are losing hair or feeling weak, you should look into this,

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I got the drops he recommended. Didn't notice a difference


Seaweed is crazy high in it, and also great to add to cooking for its flavor.

Just eat table salt.

I buy a package of dulse every week and add it to my salad. It's also pretty decent in potassium.

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There is enough iodine in bread and many other products that contains salt to make sure you don't suffer iodine depletion. If this was actually a thing people would develop goiter very frequently.

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>>in bread
>still eating the modern chemical mixture commonly known as bread

I've started drinking water with two teaspoons of seawater salt every morning, I can't tell if it's placebo or not, but I skipped a week from doing this, and I felt as before, tired, fatigued quickly, wanted to go home the entire day.

I bake my own bread, though - I don't like all the chemicals in bread you buy, and it's really easy to bake it yourself without any special equipment

Like with most vitamins/nutriets, there's a difference between being deficient to the point of illness and deficient enough to retard optimal functioning
If you're putting in effort in the gym it could make a small but significant difference. If you're a standard issue mouthbreather it'll do dick all, just like everything else that gets shilled

I am trying to understand what you wrote, but i'm having a hard time

allow me
>add sea salt to water
>dont feelgoodman

seasalt is not iodized (in the US anyway) so I think he may be retatrded.

well basically everyone on this board is fine, then

Been taking two teaspoons of seawater salt every morning. Before doing this I felt fatigued easily, wanted to go home all the time, etc. To check this I stopped doing it for a week, and I felt like I did before I started this habit.

Not from the US of A, buddy :^) and it has iodine here, we don't get our thyroids jewed.

I also bake my own bread, user. Started as soon as I moved out of the college dorms 2 years ago, and I never even looked back. Takes like 2 minutes to throw it together, come back in a couple hours and bake it.

go check

just take a multivitamin holy.

>trusting a multivitamin made by ((((them))))

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