Be a Christian/ is there like minded women?

Are their woman out there that don’t want to have sex before marriage?

Before stupid comments I was a heroin meth addict for years to the point I only had my neck vein.

Not going into detail but God saved my life via heart infection and blood clots I left hospital and survived, Gang member nearly shot me but random lady was walking dog at 4 am, get picked up on same warrants I bailed myself out for two weeks prior because of computer glitch which led me to sit in jail and get clean, been clean 6 months I’m in really good shape again (muscle memory) bought new car/ work side job as bouncer at bar.

Recently broke up with GF because she’s an atheist, would pressure me into having sex with her, felt like I turned my back on God.

Well fit are their good women left? Or are they all like the degenerate whores I deal with every weeend?

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Bump for serious input

Depends where you live, if its somewhere in Europe your chances are slim as most of the "Christians" are just roasties who got old and felt guilty. East Europe probably has some qts though because they have less of (((them)))

William of ockham is spinning in his grave.

Even if god were real, the belligerent dipshit manchild in the sky from that retarded book isn't worthy of your worship. If Heaven requires an adamant refusal to use adult-level critical thinking skills, god can go fuck himself.
As for you, man up, get your girlfriend back. Fuck her and enjoy your life without fearing some father figure in the sky shaking his finger at you from thousands of years ago.

Ignore christfags
Hide christfag posts

Yeah god created the whole universe but he especially cares if you have sex with some roastie.

Yes, but ime most pure ones are mormons or catholics. Christianity and non denominational churches pick up stuff like ex drugies and alcoholics so your chances are lower because "anyone can be saved". With strict catholics look down and reject outcasts. Mormon girls normally are married off fairly young though because theyre more family oriented.

Good luck finding someone who will accept your past, believe you're a virgin and not have their own sexual history.

ITT: "Enlightened individuals"

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Lel, youve trashed the biggest miracle god gave you, threw away the girl that loved you, and now you want a non degenerate girl?
Its too late fag. You dont deserve shit.

I live in California, I’m not looking for a virgin, most people have a sexual history. I have a crazy one. I’m saying are their woman out there who are willing to wait until marriage or engaged to have sex?

>God saved my life via heart infection and blood clots


How did I throw her away lol she didn’t go to the gym, I’m half way thru my cut six four 225 lbs 12% bf work at a bar on the side work at winery during the day, there’s a ton of girls that come up and talk to me every weekend. I’m not worried about that, I openly tell people about my past drug use because litterally beta dudes can’t really talk shot because I’m better looking stronger and generally better off than a lot of them in my peer group.

Yes I left the hospital and should be dead he saved my life by stopping that from happening. Wtf is wrong with you idiots. Your the phaggots that post about your GF cheating on you and why you can’t get big or lean because you have no work ethic and you latch yourself to anything that will give you the time of day. I’m at a point in my life we’re I want to find a like minded person, I have many options as far as woman goes but I’m not going to settle for a degenerate pot smoke if binge drinking pos

Yeah you can find qt3.14s that will date you and not expect sex or want to engage in sexual activities till marriage.

I suggest to you to just focus on your relationship with God. Read your Bible and keep to the straight and narrow.

You'e at a point in your life where you've found an unfalsifiable idea to cling to and you sacrifice your critical thinking skills for the chance to keep the nagging uncertainty at bay because you don't care enough about anything in the world you live in to have goals or ethics without sky daddy keeping you in line. You're slowing down the evolution of our species and any relationship you enter into will be unfder the pretext that a woman stifel her intellectual and emotional growth on account of your decision to trap yourself in a masturbatory chamber of masturbatory self-validation and confirmation bias. Nobody cares about your imaginary friend.

>God saved my life

Yeah, that's it. It's not like YOU created those heart problems and blood clots by drug abuse and shitty life or anything. NOOOOO! *GOD* did it!

The delusion of people will never cease to astound me.

You didn't take responsibility for yourself, and you paid the price. Now you are, and you're improving. God didn't do a fucking thing. YOU did. Own it.

>go to hospital
>get better, walk out
>"god saved my life hes so great"

>go to hospital
>dont get better, die
>"god works in mysterious ways hes still great"

Why doesnt god ever get the blame for bad things that happen? He gets all the credit for the good things.

user what the fuck would a good woman want to do with you? You are a degenerate whore (male) who for whatever reason thinks that he is above the rest of the scum.

Protestant christian. Nothing wrong with pre-marital sex with a woman you love

>Well fit are their good women left? Or are they all like the degenerate whores I deal with every weeend?
>spoken by a degenerate
fuck you

He has redeemed himself

Kill Yourself

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Ignore all these idiots ITT. OP, I believe your crazy meth head story because I've known some crazy meth heads in my life. Just find a church and tell them your story. They love hearing people who have reformed their life with Christianity. You'll probably find a Christian gf there so long as you socialize.

I'll throw you an actual reply rather than just Fedora posting like the rest of the thread.

You're going to meet the kind of girl you want at church or bible study, they dont tend to have a huge social life beyond that because why would they? Churches vary wildly. I've gone to churches that were primarily people 60+, churches that were almost entirely older couple's with kids in their teens and churches with most people between the ages of 20-25. Find a church that is the latter, I guarantee you that the girls there are looking to husband up the right way.

Once you find said church and get interested in a girl join a Bible study with her and get to know her. Good luck and God bless. Remember we're all going to make it (to heaven).

***tIps fEDorA***

A momentary change of heart does not wash away a lifetime of bad behavior. Most junkies relapse, why would he want to inflict his lifestyle onto a good woman?
At any rate given that he's been a heroin/meth addict for years he's probably in pretty rough shape physically and a carrier for any number of infectious diseases. Again, why would you want to inflict such a creature on a good person?

Think what you want. Been there, done the whole Christian thing for many years, even to the point of almost being clergy. The whole thing is a scam.

You need to be married, if you are unmarried then then it is sin.

Go to church, that is where you are most likely to find a Christian and Christian friends. Fellowship is very important to the Christian walk.

>a sin
Don't believe everything in the bible, it was written by men and not by God himself. The best strategy for a nation to dominate the world is to make pre-marital sex "illegal", that way people don't have a choice but to raise a family and multiply (see islam)

That being said, western sexual habits (tinder, getting drunk and having multiple sexual partners) is degenerate

why do atheists shit up every thread on this board

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This thread turned into the shitfest I assumed it would when I read the OP.

sex only after marriage is an outdated tradition that existed to prevent the spread of STDs and unwanted pregnancies.

now that we have knowledge and technologies to prevent such consequences, clinging to outdated traditions is beta as fuck, because you're obeying a rule just because some people said it was a rule a long time ago.

Even religious communities are coming to terms with sex. why aren't you?

>Those silly, silly go- Christians am I right? Sure the world has fallen into a death spiral when the nuclear family was destroyed but, they are being degenerate first! So why don't you goy?

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Brother, I know that feeling.

I'm glad you found the Lord.

There are true Christian girls out there, I'm sure you will find one.

The existence of a man like you is proof not everything is lost.

Keep fighting the good fight, user.

>Itt assblasted fedoras

Christians have been persecuted, tortured and killed for thousands of years, and you guys think insulting a brother will make him change his mind?

Truly pathetic.

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>calling women degenerates
>was a heroin and meth addict
How can someone be this dense and high and mighty?

You can meet a girl who isn't a virgin but is not a total degenerate. Besides in extraordinarily religious middle eastern countries most women who are not social outcasts will have had sex.

Not OP but I used to be an atheist as well and the only thing that can change their opinion is a manifestation of God, like it happened to me

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what's more interesting is how brainlets seriously think there's no god

and all this isn't one giant simulation

and we(humans) are trying to emulate god by creating virtual worlds using the most high tech VR software

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Congrats man. Hold tight to the Lord. You will find a partner one day, just surround yourself with Christ minded individuals. Even pray to find one.

I prayed I would find a like minded girlfriend for the first time last year. After about a week of prayer all of sudden I found myself in my first ever relationship at the age of 23. We broke up after a few months, but not for any bad reason. We were both spirit filled Christians who sought the Lord. I think we both learned a lot from our short time together. I truly believe it was the Lord who answered that prayer, and since that time we dated I've never doubted I would find a girl one day.

Fuck off heretic shit fag, stop leading good men astray

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God isn't real.

Picrelated: the post

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It’s beyond you’re understanding.

>the only thing
that's not true. I was an atheist before and became Christian without any supernatural works. I just started looking into religions, morality, philosophy, etc. and well Christianity makes a lot more sense than atheism.

Why would you inflict yourself upon a good woman? I don't think that you are remorseful at all and the grace of god sure as shit hasn't humbled you.

Hmm.. and have you ever felt the holy spirit or witnessed events that were hard to be considered as mere coincidences?
ie: when I woke up and realized God was real, I was "tested". Like I would find a $20 bill on the floor and seconds later walk-by a homeless man sleeping next to a dumpster (I put the money in his pocket). This is just one example.

PS: I felt the water in my body

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Because they are empty attention whores starving to be noticed, nobody gives a fuxk about them IRL.

Post pics of when you looked like shit.
And yes, there are girls like that. Even in here sometimes.

>most of the "Christians" are just roasties who got old and felt guilty.
That is often true. I know somw who turned into real christ-maniacs after their looks went to shit from party life & old age.

I'm a student, so my situation is slightly different, but I know plenty of attractive single Christian girls, lots of whom are willing to/want to wait, the only challenge is finding one with a decent personality, although I may just have cracked that, fingers crossed

I got just the woman for you
she had a severe heroin habit, sold her body for years to pay for it, has been arrested a couple times, but found god in prison. now she's changed and wants to settle down, you interested?

Have you tried going to church?

>God sat and watched your heroin addiction consume your life
>Kept you from being shot because he isn't done seeing you suffer yet

Sex is the ultimate seal of love that binds two people forever. Sex and marriage are the same thing in the Bible.

>A death spiral

Nigga when Christianity ruled Europe we had the black death and cholera and typhoid, feudalism and people with epilepsy were given exorcisms

Now we have modern technology, a ridiculous comparable quality of life and all the advantages of advanced civilisation and you're calling it a death spiral because you're an incel

That's called a type one error; seeing a pattern where there isn't one
It happens s because evolutionarily, making a type one error is generally less costly than making a type two error (not seeing a pattern where there is one)

Hence the human brain is heavily weighted towards detecting patterns

It just doesn't make sense, it's beyond any understanding.

And then you just have straight up mental illness.

You're an atheist so with all my respect, your opinion on the matter is irrelevant

>and then you just have straight up mental illness
Another atheist... see

I'm sort of a believer in an evolutionary advantage to religiosity, specifically belief in an afterlife. It's totally distressing to be a being that realizes you're going to die and likely lives a horrible life of hardship and know that it is basically for nothing.

I think that people who believe in a higher power are probably given a little bonus to mental toughness because they have faith in whatever delusion makes them feel better.

Not fitness related at all, fuck you faggots for posting shit like this here.

Keep it up OP

Dude, you have some religious people that are able to attribute things logically, then you have some that are legit mentally ill. You're trending towards the latter.

are we talking “married” by letter of the law, or “married” by the spirit of the law?

if you love someone and are going to marry them at some point why would it be wrong to have sex with them? you are already married in spirit

They're all on Hinge.

>Not going into detail but God saved my life via heart infection and blood clots I left hospital and survived, Gang member nearly shot me but random lady was walking dog at 4 am, get picked up on same warrants I bailed myself out for two weeks prior because of computer glitch which led me to sit in jail and get clean, been clean 6 months I’m in really good shape again (muscle memory) bought new car/ work side job as bouncer at bar.

Dude your life is a mess and you lack any self control or ability to think critically or be introspective.

Hopefully the christfag thing helps you get a handle on your life. It does legit help some people.

How do you know the Christian God is the right one? Why not one of the hundred others?
And don't tell me God is an unknowable force or whatever that's Deism

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>Why doesnt god ever get the blame for bad things that happen?
what is the old testament?

I come from christian family(currently im not believing tho) , and while i do believe there might be sime girls out there that want to be like you want op, chamces are very slim, and its not christianity thing to be honest.

>fuck your own depraved life up
>doctors and technological advances save you
>"it was god!"
>ff to now
>think you're all of a sudden worth an innocent qt's time because you spout religion

I hope this is a troll or that you have hepatitis and die alone soon

>Don't listen to the holy text, I know better!
Classic Protestant

>it's beyond any understanding.

You're mentally ill bro. You've latched on to the religion thing but you have something serious going on, probably the same shit that landed you on tons of drugs with a completely fucked up life.

You need to go see a professional.

>let me ask my favourite fitness forum on an anime website about sexual purity in women

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>Dude, you have some religious people that are able to attribute things logically, then you have some that are legit mentally ill

Do you mind elaborating on religious people that are able to attribute things "logically" ?

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Don't listen to the edgy atheists OP. They're the most insecure people on the planet, why else would a person spend so much time justifying the lack of existence of something. Effortless knowing like yours is the unshakable truth of it. And about your relationship problems, life your life following god, and you will meet your wife. It is inevitable if you are truly a changed man of god who surrounds himself with good.

OP you are a druggie degenerate who deserves nothing better than a druggie degenerate. If it wasn't a sin I'd recommend suicide.

dont listen to this reddit atheist

Some for instance, believe in the standard model of how life came to be. Singularity, expansion, cooling, suns, planets, conditions favorable to life, bio-genesis (contention around this one by many religious), then evolution etc.

Then you have some who believe the earth is 6k years old and dinosaur bones were put into the ground by Satan.

Some religious people go through life without attributing every little thing that happens to a higher power. Other's see god in everything.

Just saying, some can have a more logical approach to the universe and reality.

I'm christian dude, I just know crazy when I see it. Substance abuse issues are a dead ringer for some sort of coping/mental problem.

Modern marriage and Christianity is a joke and is only used as a means to control people

Actually, Christianity facilitated the development of modern medicine, defended Europe from invading armies, provided an early form of social security, and created the first modern bank. Europe is going to go through a horrible civil war in the next 100 years if not sooner, and its because of the symptomatic apathy and selfishness caused by modern easy living. Its not because of a lack of godliness, that is also a symptom.

Ok. You don't know me though, and you can't judge other people's experiences, especially if you have never witnessed any paranormal events yourself. By paranormal I mean anything that can't be scientifically explained (and yes I know the money/homeless incident doesn't fall into that paranormal category)

What paranormal events have you seen?

Yes, goy, the only cure for your mental problems are these comfy pills that will make everything better

>"Hey God, I've been a faithful Christian all my life! Can you cure my son's Leukemia?"
>"Lol no I have to save some junkie faggot so he can proselytize on Veeky Forums"

Why didn't you just marry your girlfriend? Do you really think it was a good deed to just dump her?

>thinking you are owed anything by god

OP Idk if you are still reading this, but I myself too am a Christian man about to be engaged with a Christian woman who loves the Lord and has kept herself pure through these wicked times we live in. I want to encourage you to keep on seeking the Lord with all of your heart. Reading the scriptures and trusting in Him. Paul Washer on youtube has some great videos on biblical manhood and what it means to have a wife. Other people that are really good to listen to grow spiritually is Curry Blake. I hope you are attending a Godly congregation of saints and growing in the Lord. God bless you. Praise God that He has saved you and may He give you wisdom.

Yeah, a decent amount actually. Mine had no religion but just had a decent upbringing with a father figure. Plus she didn’t get her period until 15 and ivswooped her up afterwards.

Proof that religious people are worthless and will never grow.


My redpilled Christian virgin QT girlfriend wants me to tell you that there’s good ones out there.

>Believing in the inherent goodness of a being that invented Harlequin Fetus Syndrome, Cancer, Malaria, the Bot Fly, and allows for incomprehensible suffering on a daily basis.

C'mon man. If God is so great, I can hold It to the same standards I'd hold a man, and if I met God, It'd owe me one hell of an explanation for some of this shit.

Assuming you're not a larper, how does someone like you find how way to Veeky Forums?Or are you one of those boomers?

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>William of Ockham is spinning in his grave
>the fucking monk, William of Ockham
>proceeds to insult Christianity
Yeah, nice try pseud

>Are their woman out there that don’t want to have sex before marriage?

It would take too long to type, and ultimately useless as you would read it with an atheist vision and would try to cherrypick things out to discreditate me; I'm not here to convince people

stop looking for hoes in nightclubs and tinder and start doing your churche's extra activities such as gatherings and volunteering work. your best chance at finding christian girls is to be at places where are christian girls you dumb dumb. there are at least 1 billion christian chicks

There are good Christian women out there OP. Keep your faith in Christ and don't compromise for anyone trying to lead you astray.

Most of all be patient. Christ will bring you to her when you're good and ready

Yes they exist, but you won't find them unless you look in the right social circles. My sister saved herself for her husband and they seem happy. However modern society isn't really optimazed for early marriage and waiting until your in your late 20s or early 30s to have sex is retarded so at this point I'm just looking for a girl who hasn't had casual sex outside of relationships. There's still a lot of girls out there like that so I'm good.

does she have a friend for me (with red hair preferably)

How was the universe created? The big bang? What created the big bang?
How do you explain that hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people have witnessed paranormal activity? Are they all lying? They all have books to sell or want to go larp on tv shows?

Here is the tldr; you are a soul "trapped" in a mortal flesh vessel. This is only temporary, much more awaits past this human life. Reep good karma and be compassionate

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