I don't need an army

I don't need an army.

I need 20 good men.

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one last ride

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Aniki reporting for duty

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fucking manlets taking all the dumbbells

Pisslord reporting in!

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TOP KEK put me in the screencap XD

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Oh, a classic.
Mind if I download it good sir?

Be careful, it's spicy af

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kek i was there

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back to the manlet pit you go

get out fags

just no

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go back faggot

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Wow I swear I have NEVER SEEN this comment before for that picture

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>9 different posters in thread
>22 replies
>being an actual retard and thinking we are too

It must suck being you

200 Kg reporting.

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there is something incredibly alpha about this guy even though he looks like he couldn't wipe his own ass

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supreme gentleman, at your service

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You have to live it.

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i hope you got room for 3 more

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wodanaz guide me in battle

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