Whats a good replacement for OHP?

Whats a good replacement for OHP?

I go to a very small gym and the only rack is a cage where I cant ohp, I could either do it seated or use dumbbells. Any ideas?

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>only rack is a cage where I cant ohp

ive never heard of this before what kind of gym

Can you not move the bar holders to the outside of the cage?

I'll go with athleanX meme tier (despite being someone that vehemently focuses on press) and say you should do standing dumbbell presses (with two dumbbells at a time)
his arguments sound very convincing for someone that wouldn't be able to press with a barbell

You can just clean the bar off the ground and then do your presses if you want to do them standing. Seated OHP is just fine, there's not much difference anyway

Leglet detected. You should be able to clean 1/2 your diddly to your shoulders and then OHP.

literally take the bar outside the rack and clean it
also u might be able to put the holding things on the outside of the rack

No, so the only bar holders are inside the cage. There is this like dip machine where I could place it? but it'd look retarded
It's called a max rack something, I can post a picture of it if you want. It has it's own prebuilt bar in it, too squat I have to bring in a different bar.

Oh fuck Im retarded, I could do this. Is that better than doing it seated?

Just do seated. I very rarely do standing OHP and I can press my bodyweight (80kg) for reps

Standing DB OHP is the best.

OHP is better than seated and will give u better strength gains
but some people just like dumbbells, doesnt really matter in the long run if u are training for aesthetics

handstand pushups are based, but the actual equvalent would be to do dumbell press

Thanks anons

Lol just do DB OHP, it's not rocket science. Hits delts better but Tris less according to EMGs.

Only downside is DBs don't lend themselves to push press as much and as always DBs means using a decent amount less weight since they're harder.

Zercher lift it to standing and then grab it with front squat grip


My gym also has shitty racks.
It's already been said but I do them seated or just clean them and the proceed to press at the deadlift area since nobody does deadlifts.


I did db press and ohp for years and never felt any medial delt activation, always the front.
Landmine press will smash your delts - and I think they're safer on the joint/cuff

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if you can press half your deadlift, you're either a world class strongman or a horrendous deadlifter with little baby t-rex arms

DB shoulder press if you absolutely want to press things vertically, or just more bench volume (especially close grip) for anterior delt volume and then add some lateral raises and rear delts if you don't care about overhead strength and just want capped delts

This. I am cleaning the bar after every rep. Even the gym receptionist asked me stop or they would have to start paying me full time.


Standing up is superior if you're talking about treating it as a main upper body lift, which some of us do. If not, just do it seated. Actually, unless you're maining it (or juicing) just use dumbbells as they'll provide a "better" shoulder workout.


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Quality bait op. In the fantasy land where this isn't bait, you could, of course, start with the bar on the floor and clean it.

CLEAN half your deadlift, not PRESS it you literatelet. Your pressing weight should easily be cleaned.

You mean the smith machine? The bar is weightless and on a track? Yeah fuck that thing. I just do seated with DB. It helps work your core too since you have to keep balance more with DB.