5.9 inch micropenis

>5.9 inch micropenis

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Nice blog post dicklet
Sage in all fields

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>Be me
>Think I was 5.9 inch
>Check my size week ago after 2 years
>6.2 inch

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Lmao I have a 11 in her and girls still tell me it's too small

>tfw 6.0 inch gigapenis

tfw 7.4 inch supreme cock but too socially retarded to use it

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I'm literally you except I've used it on numerous women, you don't know what you're missing

7 inch dick but 3.5 inch girth

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>has 7.4 inch penis
>uses it on several women
>gets quads
Holy shit user he really is a better version of you.


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>.5 inches flaccid
>.3 girth overall
>2 inches erect.

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>8in toothpick

I-it's about the motion of the ocean r-right guys?

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Fucking dicklets lmao. I'm 11 inches and girls tell me that "If you were even an inch shorter I wouldn't even feel it" on the regular. Thank fuck I barely escaped dicklet status

>not really big
>5-6" soft
At least it looks impressive hanging there.

Are you ever worried it's going to snap in half?

>.5 inches flaccid
>.3 girth overall
>2 inches erect.
How the fug is that even real?

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>7 inch adequatepenis
Feels good not being too big or too small.

Never going to make it

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Hey Veeky Forums I'm single pretty much trying to find the perfect girl for me and I think I have found her but it's taking forever to get to know her more because of her working and studying anyways why she takes her time to get to know me I have back up girls to help me cope if things go south, I'm talking to 4 of them is this to much or am I playing the game just right? And does anyone else do this?

>have 8x6 uncut dick
>so socially retarded that I’ve never been anywhere near a woman

7.5 x 5 pencil dick reporting in

Man I would give it all for more girth. Has anyone tried jelqing for a long period? Is it a meme?

dicklets, when will they learn?

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my dick is like 4.5 to 5 inches and i thought i was fucked.

geez nigga

Imagine being so insecure about your "11 inch penis" that you post about it twice in the same thread.

inches erect
>tfw 6.5" length 5.1" girth and used to be insecure about it

Thanks user

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damn theres always drugs and hooker. You made me feel better user thank you

>tfw same measurements
>I've had a few girls giggle and tell me I have a surprisingly large dick
>I'm like "lol fuck yeah"
>"Wait, what did you mean surprisingly?"

only thing men can really do about their dicks is cardio and losing fat especially belly fat which makes a lot more blood full up your dick for the thickness.

All this talk made me look up pictures of small erect penises and one had a cigarette sitting on top of it for reference, which was barely shorter. That made me laugh

Nigga are you like 9

>tfw 4.5 inches cuz Im asian
Life is not fair

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You're asian its expected so you have no problem there. Just dont get with a white girl, theyll end up cucking you with someone with a bigger penis.

>tfw 6.5 inch as asian

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>tfw decent 7x5 dick looks even bigger since im skelly
>too ugly and mentally retarded to use it

26 year old kissless virgin lmfao

no idea how you get to this point

by not caring

>average sized 6x5 penis
>6'5" so it looks tiny on me
it's not fair

You're a fucking liar. I'm at least 6 inches and I've fucked girls and hit the cervix.

Keep telling yourself that

>asian and 5.9", 6'1" max if I'm horny enough
>fucking pathetic girth tho so it doesn't even matter

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>5.75" x 6"

6.1 reporting in to confirm as accurate

on a real note, i'm 4.5" and i've thought of starting a small dick porno series. good looking guys with small dicks pleasing hot girls. none of that shame/abuse shit either, just fucking. what do you guys think

>t. virgin brainwashed by porn

>dick ranges from just under 6 inches to over 6 feet
fucking unreal holy shit