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Fortunately I've ignored most of what this board says, but one of the things I did listen to/fall for was the "compounds are enough for abs" meme. I'm sitting at a 2 pl8 bench, 1 pl8 OHP, 2.5 pl8 front squat, and a 4 pl8 deadlift all for reps, with nada. I see chest and delt striations/separation, and some obliques, but my rectus abdominis sucks, so I've decided to blast abs everyday for the next 6 weeks

Anybody know what the highest EMG activation exercise is for them? Hanging leg raises I think. Also isometric holds were proven to be inferior, right? And do stomach vacuums actually develop abs or just make you better at vacuums?

Post your ab routine and all ab related material

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Vacuums don’t develop your rectus abdominus which is your visible “six pack” however they do train your inner muscles which will generally tighten and taper your midsection in more subtle ways.

Wheel is good. I do 60 second prone hold, 2-3x10 wheels, and hanging leg raises. On pull days I do cable crunches.
I'm bulking rn but my abs still show if I flex and posture correctly. Still need low bf for it really to show

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Recommend wheel


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Weighted leg raises
Weighted knee raises
Cable crunches

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I do standing oblique crunches with a dumbbell, 12 reps one side then alternating sides followed by 20+ reps captains crunch alternating legs straight and legs bent. Focus on controlling your legs with your abs or it will just be a leg workout. I do the chair then immediately follow with obliques, then rest if needed. 3-4 sets. Easily under 10 minutes

That's my easy part, and it isn't too bad.

Next I do plank for 1:30 followed immediately by 20 reps of ab wheel, 1 minute rest 3 sets. Takes under 15 minutes but kicks my ass.

Start the plank as long/short as you need and add 5 seconds every week you can get all sets without failure/form breakdown.

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Evaluates a couple of exercises. Says stuff with power wheel, leg raises and decline crunches are good.

>2.5 pl8 squat
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2.5 pl8 front squats=3 pl8 back squat
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I don't know shit so I promise nothing but here's what I do
Also not actually downward facing dog but I cant remember the name of it, it's just for warmup/stretch anyway, basically pushup position lift the right arm and left leg till horizontal and hold, and alternate

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275 is ~87% of 315. That's a bit too high mate
It'd be more like a 2.5pl8 front squat is a 345ish backsquat

Compounds are enough if you're doing them with proper tight core form.
My lifts are shit by fit standards and my abs show perfectly by flexing, the rest of the way is just lowering my bodyfat enough and having good luck with genetics.

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