Can you recommend some actually AGGRESSIVE gym music. All these "aggressive" results return some lethargic garbage...

Can you recommend some actually AGGRESSIVE gym music. All these "aggressive" results return some lethargic garbage. I know I can up the speed, but then it's even more retarded.

I'm need more like this, angry and uptempo

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I don't care for the small dick faggy gook shit

stay small

my fucking man

lotta songs on this album go pretty hard.

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I regularly lift to death grips. If you want something real aggressive, then this will do the trick:

There is a very short section in here where its more of an opera/chanting part. I usually listen to the song until I reach that part, and right when the chanting is ending I start lifting.

If you like progressive breaks, here are some tracks that come to mind. Also good run music

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Metal for Metal.

How about songs about the mass destruction of faggy gooks?

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Do you like video game music? What about music with no lyrics? I enjoy these being on my playlist (personal favorite)

Sublime taste good sir On Divine Winds is their best album

>good sir
This isn't r*ddit

Converge is god tier work out tunes.

This has been my shit lately

Couldn't choose a favorite myself, but ODW definitely has the best album name and art.

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Latvian Military theme. Rap/something like that

Metal, probably closer to what you're looking for

Rammstein is always good but Til's new act, Lindemann, is even better.
And look at this beefy motherfucker. Dude is near 60 and he goes harder than 99% of the planet.

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I like Damnation from DOOM, for some reason evil sounding choirs pump me the fuck up so as soon as the song hits that part I can lift anything

I swear to god this song doubles the amount of reps I can do

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