So what your saying is...that we can't gain muscle and lose the same time?...

So what your saying is...that we can't gain muscle and lose the same time?? Jamie pull up that video I wanna see

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joe "i dont know how heavy 3 pl8 is" rogan
>I bench 305 ... 315
>I deadlift 450
>Hex bar btw
It sick. It piss. It's revolting. It's insulting.

He's bigger than 90% of you and would crush you in a fight. Cope harder, faggots.

Obligatory pic related

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Am i the only person in the world who actually like Joe? I think he's a really nice person, and he brings some interesting guests. Also i think he has a very healthy world view as well.

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No this site is just filled with contrarian faggots or people who get butthurt when others don't blatantly shout their political views. Joe's a great guy and runs a great podcast. Don't care for his standup, but I find him hilarious in every day conversation

Couldn't have said it better myself.

As long as you're aware that he falls for ever scam in history (maybe for comedy, maybe not) then he's pretty good

i take it you've only become aware of him or started watching his podcast recently?

as a lifelong mma fan i've been exposed to more than my fair share of joe rogan and i can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is the pinnacle of self-righteous pseudointellectualism and i would probably d'arce his ass if i ever saw him irl

Like what?

childhood is idolozing joe, adulthood is realizing eddie makes more sense.

t. Joe

oh god

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no you wouldn-t you would stand there envying him thinking that you could but actually being too afraid to do so, because you know that you can-t do shit

barely an exaggeration.

Who would win in a death match?
Joe Rogan, or Jocko Willink?

You wouldn't do Jack shit

>Also i think he has a very healthy world view as well.
his world view is jewish as fuck and endorses child homosexuality

What does this even mean? Seriously people bitch about Joe with no real reason because he's just a calm guy that tries to be informed without some bias floating around his head.


only like his stuff when matter experts come on. and as long as those matter experts aren't hunters or bow shooters. the recent one with that bow shooting guy was cringe as fuck
Archery faggot:
>yeah i hate it when people post about archery
>because you know, i've burnt my own house down and shot 2million arrows, so i know what its like
>they are just posers
>yeah i post videos of me at the gym lifting dyel weights
>yeah you are like the best at shooting arrows
>just everything you been through
>your cock smells and tastes so good

Yeah I don't listen to the hunting ones. Just uninterested. There was one long hair guy who guided people on hunts that was pretty cool to listen to. Can't remember his name but I think he mightve been featured on some show or was a host or something


I think the most cringy thing is the guest being blown away by a 450 deadlift..

I enjoy listening to jre quite often. Always skip the archery/hunting/wolf episodes though. Haven't listened to many of the random comedian episodes also, they usually devolve to standup circlejerk.

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As Gavin Mcinnes put it he's "like a really smart dumb-guy"

It was funny only if you know bryan callen

That's an apt description of Gavin too tho

I'd guess 99% of this board can't break 355 off the floor

i enjoy the podcast, the hunting shit and when he has comedians. I watch the mma stuff sometimes even if though im not super into them.

I like him. I watch almost all of his stuff, only missing ones when I don't really have the time to get to them. Never miss MMA ones or anything with his comedian buddies/hunting guys

I hope you're wrong

it's a specific weight because that's his plateau at the moment.

Where is it? Someone post the picture.

Joe pls go

Watching Joe Rogan makes me cringe, because it feels like he's talking like the whole time.

That is the most articulate description of Veeky Forums users I've ever read. The majority of users really are contrarian losers who tend to be bitter with their lives or have a low level of self-awareness.

Gavin's a really dumb smart guy

>do you ever get high before you work out?
>that seems odd
Fucking chimp brain stoner retard

Jamie pull up that 6 hour documentary we watched the other day

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it's true, I can't yet

He's the kind of guy that would be cool to hang with but when it comes to him trying to be educational, he believes too much dumb shit and is way too gullible.

>I don't believe in lifting heavy until you are at a certain point
Then how do you get to that certain point if you never lift heavy

I also like Joe but I also agree with