How do i do pushups with the elbows perfectly unmoving and straight like in the video...

How do i do pushups with the elbows perfectly unmoving and straight like in the video? I can kinda do it but not like the guy in the video.

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It's about hand placement. Make sure your base of your palms are around nipple level or your elbows will naturally want to flare

Sounds reasonable, how about the angle of the hands? Outwards? Or inwards like in diamond?


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Just slightly tilted outward. Inwards will also make your elbows flare outward. Though once you get better you can adjust your hand position to work your arms differently

no. It depends on the leverages. OP needs to play around with hand placement for his body proportions.

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I find it helps to think about almost moving the body forward and down as a whole while your forearms remain stationary. The end result should be that as you reach the bottom of the pushup your head and shoulders should be slightly farther forward from where they were at the top.



Most people are going to be putting their hands around that level. If OP is having trouble with his elbows then it probably has something to do with how he is placing his hands, probably putting them at face level rather than chest.

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