Break no fap

>break no fap
>feel like life itself is take a shit on my face the following day, bad luck mojo

>on no fap
>feel like my ancestors are smiling at me and god himself is guiding me towards good

any workouts for this feel?

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How long did you nofap until today?

literally 2 days

And I bet waiting those two days made the release that much sweeter yeah? Imagine 3. Imagine 4. Imagine an entire month and that next day into the new your hands full of cum and a bliss you've never known.

You don't have to go cold turkey, but it does pay off to space out your jerks.

I pretty much only do Nofap when I want my next jerk off session to feel extra good

Fuck off, you done 2 days, thats nothing, do a week or two and then brake it then come here say what a shit feel it is.

>day 3
>start constantly daydreaming about meeting & fucking normal girls instead of my weird internet fetishes
>day 10
>start getting boners randomly for no apparent reason
>day 20
>start getting boners when I push myself to improve
>day 30
>start getting boners fantasizing about facist imagery, have never considered myself a facist before i started lifting
>day 60
>start dreaming every night that i am the high priest of some extra dimensional alien force & must sacrifice souls to a snake god by becoming incredibly charismatic & starting a cult
>break nofap & go back to normal

i'm not even joking wtf

Your experience is not unique. Jerking off and ingesting fluoride calcifies your pineal gland. For a brief moment you were able to tap into real reality and see what's always there. Try again but try to reach further this time and you might come out the other side into the realm of the enlightened. Not even meming though it may seem that way. Your brief glimpse should motivate you enough to push deeper and believe this as true.

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Jerking on day 18... last time i did that was when i was 16 going in a family trip in a caravan. Top show

Quality green text brah

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Do you still do nofap? Or is it too much?

>Not even meming

Nah I'm with you dude. I saw enough shit on Acid back in the day (and managed to tap into it holistically long after I quit by meditating & doing yoga, confirming in my mind that it wasn't just weird druggy nonsense) that's in alignment with all of this. My first months long stint in 2015 gave me glimpses of this. My second long attempt in fall 2017 gave me the much more vivid imagery I described after 60 days. Most recently I had a 10 day stint (combined with living cleaner than I ever have + no longer drinking tap water) where this stuff was stronger than ever & I was starting to become consciously aware of it. Intentionally broke it on Sunday because I got spooked (and also was incredibly horny because my new lifestyle seems to be ramping up my sex drive quite a bit). Three theories

1. The particular "dark" tone of this imagery was the visions getting tainted by areas where I'm still weak (specifically, edging & looking at sexual imagery), and I need to continue developing strength in my discipline before I am ready to receive the clear signal.

2. The dark tone is how it actually is intended. I've had incredibly vivid fantasies about controlling people's minds for as long as I can remember (literally back to infancy). It seems to be a fundamental part of my being that I can't explain. I need to come to better understand & integrate this shadow aspect of myself (whether that means becoming a more fully developed normal person, or a cult leader, or a facist dictator).

3. I'm crazy

Thank you for the inspiration, dude. I'm a little over 48 hours in now. This time I won't take half measures. I'm ready for whatever comes.

from the yourbrainonporn website:
>one week after quitting the reward center sprouts new nerve cell branches, which correlate with cravings to use
starting to wonder if this is why so many people here fap once a week. I see the same shit in myself with my no caffeine diet. Used to drink 2 liters of soda a day and now drink one can a week

Most of the time for the last few years I've just done three to seven day long stints because that seems like plenty to keep me horny as fuck, and anything longer starts putting me in that particular headspace (I used to think it was doing drugs, but I quit that shit a while ago, and further reflection has revealed that aspects of this have been present my whole life). As I said in my other post just now, though, I'm getting to a point where my life finally feels stable & grounded enough (off drugs, no longer living with crazy people, working, lifting, meditating, etc.) for me to start exploring whatever this shit actually is. Two days in now. We'll see how it goes this time...

Good post user. My advice would be to dig further inward before externalizing outwards (as a cult leader or dictator). We all perceive the same things as empirical observations, but as the categories of our minds change with the chemicals of our bodies, our interpretation of these empirical things changes and you start to see the bigger picture. It's not that there is hidden meaning in everything that speaks to you (like the world of a schizophrenic) it's that your projection is altered and that is a powerful thing that can be utilized for greater physic fulfillment.

These tones you sense are the river of consciousness (and subconsciousness) that you have compartmentalized to fit a communicatable feeling (for you one of them is communicatable as dark). This is kind of like a shadow. They are like feelings behind perceivable feelings. Intuitions of reason behind your perception. Understanding these feelings behind feelings and witnessing the totality of consciousness as existence is ultimately up to you. Good luck user.

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Thank you. It's perspectives like these that keep me coming back to Veeky Forums, even with the constant deluge of low energy.

I've been quite active & outward the last few months, developing myself & working on my music (which is the main way I consciously explore & communicate these themes in the world, because just talking about them outright wouldn't work in most social contexts). Mercury's currently in retrograde...perhaps I will use this time to do a great deal of meditating & going inward, and to treat this new nofap cycle as actual spiritual development rather than just "thing i do to make me better at flirting with girls, that has some really weird side effects" like I have in the past

>This is not the sort of shit we discuss on this Mongolian Throat Singing Appreciation Forum, please consider yourself's warned or you will be banned.

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>fapping every day
>fucking my gf twice a week and cumming in her pussy

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>I'm important look at me

>Shitty waifu
>Shitty post

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Do no fap the sex will be twice as good for your girl

>fucking my gf twice a week

I wonder who's fucking her the other 5 days of the week