Thicc Thread

Back from a two week break and I don't see a single thicc thread.What up with that?

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Because we aint faggots. Why are you fagging us, fag?

Homosexuality is a sin

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>implying this is gay
This thread is for people who want these bodys. Nothing gay about that

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God, this seems like something I'd love to go for, but I don't know if it's possible.
I'm such a small dude.

Tfw want to be thicc but i have lanky 6'2 frame with very long limbs, think of Cailer Woolam

My traps

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Is thicc possible when you're starting out from lanklet skeleton mode?
Currently 188cm/80kg, was almost 90kg at one point but got lazy and stopped eating cuz of depression and stopped gymming for about 6 months.


Im same height and almost same starting weight, and after 1.5yrs of lifting and heavy and eating religiously im still not thicc

Patience and hard work, you wont grow if you are going to pity yourself in depression, thats for sure.

And i know that bitch intimately, dont let her manipulate you

Please, never post your disgusting back again, but especially never post it again in a fucking thicc thread you twink piece of shit.

Never seen it IRL but Hafthor Bjornson was pretty slim before getting into strongman. Of course you could see he had a relatively thick build before too.

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Rude as fuck my dude

Ok sorry.

Fugg. That is thicc

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No problem

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*blocks your path*

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>oh hey there user

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>when bloatlord cuts

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Bloatlord disciple?

fuck that's hot

these threads never talk about how to get thicc, just gay pic dumps

Is this achievable naturally? I'm seriously thinking about trying to get to this mode.

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Nothing gay about wanting a thicc man ass sitting on your face.

You're a fagget for wanting girls, that's gay asf

Tfw when no thicc guy to cuddle with
why live

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