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Bench is aids

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The winter bulk went very well

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Stall on 65kg ohp for 1.Can't lockout the 2nd rep. Should I just go for push press PR tomorrow? Started doing it as accessory and I love it.

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what website is this i cannot for the life of me remember

This is now an SS thread

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> doing singles and doubles when you have barely a 1pl8 OHP

drop the weight down and build up your reps and progress from there.
or do triples and add sets to build volume up

nvm i found it

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Poverty bench life

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I do that already, but struggle with lockout and push press is supposed to help a lot with that.

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>2 months of SS+GOMAD
Switched to 5/3/1 and having a blast every workout. I get to progress slowly on main lifts and still get volume/hypertrophy on assistance work

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ss+gomad = mad gains

push press helps to an extent, but not really the best use of time

if you haven't already start doing paused reps. I plateaued at 155x5 touch and when i switched to pause and built it back up, i can now do 185 for easy sets of 3 with 3 count pauses between reps.

can also throw in some Z-Pressing once or twice a week. Great lift for improving overhead press.

Also if you currently do shrugs in your program, swap them out for Overhead Shrugs.

oh btw, that progression scheme sucks. Do max 5 sets. All those back off sets are probably wrecking your recovery.

I suggest 5 sets of 3, all paused reps and build up from there

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500lbs diddly is exceptional. do we on Veeky Forums just have a completely warped sense of what is a reasonable amount to lift?

A 500lbs diddly is dyel tier

He's a lighter guy, 240 bench being proficient puts him between 150-170 lbs. Either very lean or very short. 500 diddly is incredible for that bw.

My Bench is shit too. I have pectus excavatum and am worried it might be more than simply cosmetic like I previously believed. Can any bros help me out?

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Aaaaaa what is this app

Screw the Bench Press. Also SS = Symmetric Strength

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Why the fuck can't I just be full teal already?

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20 y/o 5'7 79kg

Bench 147 kg
Squat 225 kg
DL 225 kg

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Squat - 355
Dead - 435
OHP - 155 x 3 seated
Incline - 215 x 3
Pull ups - 10 @ +45

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symmetric strength

>striving for intermediate

never gunna make it

Started two months ago desu

thats shit i was proficient in 3 months

I have similar numbers to you it seems. A low bench is pretty common on SS. Just give it time and it will go up.

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>no red anywhere

TFW no lats :,(

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What a stupid color scheme.

YOURE a stupid color scheme FAG

I don’t like this game

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reporting for duty

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If you can’t out-total Sarychev you are a dyel shit who should have done SS.

dam start doing some squats

Don't be a curlbro

No bully pls.

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Have at me, Veeky Forums

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Nigger you look like Rhianna

Why do you hate bench?

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So close and yet so far away.

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I fucking hate you

symmetric strength, buttboy.

Kinda same, brah.

Willing to bet a lot of money that your pendlay row isnt a pendlay row.

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currently in a 1000cal cut, so strength is a bit lower than it used to be
>26, 5'10, 185lbs
>lifting for 1.5 year now

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lol are you me


All blue, boys.

what's wrong with your front squat?

Not him, but I personally do lower weight, higher rep schemes for front squats, so I honestly don't know what my

Now srs fuck my bench

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Why is everyone green after 3 months of lifting? Are people just e-stating?

Skipping leg day replies only

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>reporting for dooty

>skipping calves day

My deadlifts are really unproportional to all of my other lifts. I'm using fit's greyskull lp and there's only one deadlift set on Wednesday, should I increase my deadlift frequency?

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6'0" 150 lb vegetarian skelly.
I started out completely pink, 2 months of lifting got me to this point. I went 3x/week for the first month, but have since been going 4x/week. Been drinking 1 scoop of protein powder in a glass of whole milk twice a day for the past 10 days. I'm happy with my progress but I know it's a long road ahead.

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What program? Also you should get to about 170 lbs ideally if you want to see some progress at your height. Maybe you have a crazy metabolism but when I don't eat that many calories I still stay at about 165 lbs at 5'11"

Custom routine made by my friend. Honestly I've seen some progress in my body already, I started out as a complete skinnyfat with almost no muscle. I can actually see muscles in my arms now, my core is tighter and flatter than ever before.

I haven't been concentrating too much on diet besides eating about 15% more than normal and including the protein shakes.

Routine is below, instead of lat pulldowns I do pullups/assisted pullups. Hitting 3x10 pullups unassisted is really my main goal for now, long term goal is 1/2/3/4.

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Routine looks solid, you'd make more strength gains on a full body lp routine but desu what you have will yield more results in terms of hypertrophy. Be careful about the 3x10 diddlies, you should be fine with it as long as the weight is not too large

Yea I just hit 1 plate on 3x10 deadlift, I feel like high volume deads are pretty intense cardio too

Why only incline curls?

I think it maintains much greater tension on the biceps since you can't cheat with momentum, and you really concentrate on the eccentric portion of the exercise. I only just started being able to do 20s in each hand for 3x10 but my bicep definition has improved rapidly after doing them

been through 3x 3splits
about to hit novice on bench

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>mfw barely full blue after 1.5 years

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Make sure you keep your pinkies level or they’re just as cheating.

As long as your biceps are literally destroyed, it's not cheating


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This thread is a shill, not this many people paid €4.50 for this app

its a free website what are you talkin about

Linear progression
Proper macros
Medium intensity training.
5-6 days a week.

It's literally a free website

Into my first week of month 2. Hoping to be blue man by the end of the month.

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Never really took OHP as serious as the big three. It shows.

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same my dude

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