Everyone who keeps saying that energy drinks are bad for you are almost always referring to the regular ones which are...

Everyone who keeps saying that energy drinks are bad for you are almost always referring to the regular ones which are full of sugar.

What is bad about a zero sugar one?
I don't see there being a difference between it, and say regular coffee. It's probably a lot healthier than the crap most people drink at Starbucks every morning, because they sure as hell aren't getting black coffee.

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even the ones complaining about the sugary drinks are full of shit

>thinly disguised sip thread
Not that there's anything wrong with that.

This is now a /sip/ thread

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ive just recently discovered caffeine, been drinking normal red bull but im guessing thats garbage tier in terms of real sips. what do i start drinking lads

Is sugar free nos any good?

sips. White sugar-free monster

How does white Monster taste compared to the original? I'm willing to make the change.

Purple sugar free monster is the GOAT (ultra violet)

I see that Monster's PR division is working overtime during cutting season

You are stupid, there is nothing wrong with sugar when taken in moderation
Drinks like redbull energy are literally water, sugar, and caffeine, (and meme taurine and some b vitamins)

Now monster I am not so sure, it has lot more ingredients, some that dont sound healthy at all, also I believe even the sugar ones have artificial sweeteners in them, personally I find sweetness fromm most artificial sweeteners disgusting.

doesnt that sugar free stuff use artificial sweeteners that give you cancer anyways

literally nigger tier sip. still better than redbull obviously.....

low test non sipper detected

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how are sips different than shit like diet sodas?

seriously replies only please.

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I drank a bunch of zero sugar ones and it makes you feel like absolute shit, just stick to black coffee if you need energy.

t. Works at redbull

I love enjoying the taste of a delicious sugar free redbull before the gym! It's better then your silly sips. Where my bull bros at!!

They make my chest hurt and I had to stop drinking them :/

your bull is in your mom's room lmao

I just recently started buying the Mio energy water flavor stuff, its 60mg caffeine per 1/2 a tsp. I think they are awesome, and they also have B vitamins in them, people must know about this. Oh and the flavor i been buying is black cherry but they have others too


no man, bull is the nickname i use for all my friends who drink redbull with me! me and the bulls love chugging a couple sugar frees before we go dancing

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/sips/ allday

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absolutely terrible for you

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dumb fuck sugar fluid. gtfo

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Real sugar is much healthier than artificial sweeteners
Don't drink that trash

Its 355 ml, I try to avoid 500ml cans

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Still has carbs faggots

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Artificial sweeteners used to sweeten energy drinks such as aspartame kill your gut flora which inhibits your ability to properly digest and absorb nutrients