Let's settle this once and for all

Let's settle this once and for all

Protein Shake before, during, or after a workout?

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Let's settle this once and for all

have you even read the sticky?

It depends on your anabolic thumbprint. Does yours swirl with or without your nail

It doesn't fucking matter

Before during and after workout

>not being on a 24/7 amino acid IV drip
>going to make it

Pick one

If I have the opportunity to eat delicious, high protein food, why would I waste it with some weird shake thing?
Just eat fish, chicken and good german handkäs

never becasue you could be eating quality food instead

I have 3.

1 before, 1 during, 1 after.

All within balanced diet and daily calories in/out accounted for.

I drink protein shakes for breakfast

Actually make it 4

Morning: Half scoop of oats, scoop of protein, banana, oj.

Before workout: half scoop oats, half protein, half banana

During: half scoop oats, half protein, half banana

After: half scoop oats, scoop of protein, half banana

and of course a real meal ~90 minutes after workout

Protein powder is the #1 pleb indicator

Doesn't matter but it should always be with carbs.

t. bloated fucks
post pic

I have always kinda wondered: why is some protein powder grainy as shit like the one in the OP and some are smooth and fine as fuck. I have heard a broscience theory that the grainy one is worse grade.

and the #1 brainlet indicator is not being able to grasp the idea that in some cases protein powder is irreplaceable

It makes no difference whatsoever

Really depends on your intake.
I aim for about 120g protein/day (181cm 72kg) and have no trouble reaching that with normal foods.
However, a bodybuilder who tries to eat 250g+ might have a hard time to reach that without shakes.

I don’t want to be an authority on the subject, but I think that’s because the body has to spend less time and energy to break down the grainy types

it's also easy for a 250lb bodybuilder to get his protein from food
...if he's able to prepare his meals and eat them during his day
for some people, at certain times during the day, there is simply no way to eat a real meal or it's too inconvenient to even bother when you can just have a protein shake and something quick to eat for the carb intake

Post workout, within two hours of exercise. This is science people.

Won't argue with you on that.
Even I have to prepare food to meet my 120g and think in advance what I'm going to eat when because our canteen either serves unhealthy shit or tiny portions.

Will the protein shake meme ever die. It's such a classic, I love it.

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I hope you guys drink also electrolytes to keep your pH balanced


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what the fuck is the benefit of these things anyway
Is it just a meme?
Whenever I go to the gym I just bring gatorade and water.

very solid attempt, one day you will be CR7 of baiting

I'm serious
I've never even tried a protein shake before
I bring the water to keep hydrayed and the gatorade to keep energized

As long as you have it sometime I your day

Please don't become a fucking camwhore here too. It was bad enough on KC

then good luck on building muscle mass from gatorade

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protein helps build muscle after its been broken by exercise

people act like you cant develop w/o protein shakes, but you can; in spite of this, you will probably see improvements if you drink one shortly after resistance training
i usually have one about an hour before (some research shows "priming the pump" to be advantageous), and another right after; im a poorfag (doctoral student), so whey is a relatively cheap way for me to get protein, and I like to try to get a mix of proteins as well, so i dont mind this
most people i know, including a lot of experienced lifters, just get by with 1 after

whatever is more convenient for you except during the workout unless you want to look like an idiot who believes any internet meme.

Are fries during workout bad? Don't you burn them almost instantly?


Fuck you I won't do what you tell me



Not him but he obviously meant that he drinks gatorade before/during/after his workout, which is the right thing to do unlike those retards that drink protein shakes

If you can afford all the daily protein the real food way, then by all means, do it without powder. But keep in mind, you have to fit within TDEE and keep your diet balanced.

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>greater % of protein on a bulk


yeah those ratios are tricky, you have to play around to determine what works better for your goals

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Although carbs are the most effective macro before, during and after a workout, some amino acids in your system helps by raising protein synthesis prior to your workout. Now, you can just replicate this by eating protein more regularly, but not everyone can have food always available and drinking a shake lets you get those protons in your system with more precision.

>Not doing keto and OMAD
not gonna make it

>doing keto and omad
thinks he's making it but isn't and will quickly relapse

I'm nowhere near having made it but to be honest I just really fucking love chocolate and protein shakes are basically milkshakes but you can get them without sugar

hold on a second, isn't it like 20g of sugar in a candy bar? Why the fuck does a ""health drink"" have even more? Am I missing something here?

>started with GOMAD
>now OMAD
>you know what's next user


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It's supposed to be for when you're exercising for an hour or more, and need carbs. It's not a health food

The fact that you have to ask this proves its your first day here

Short answer: After.

Long answer: It really doesn't make all that much difference. The whole bit about "muh 30 minute anabolic window" is GREATLY exaggerated.

Pretty sure I read a study which documented just this, they literally couldn't tell any difference between drinking before, during, or after the workout, your body will still process it the exact same way. Same with all your protein intake, doesn't matter when you eat it, just as long as you eat enough every day.

So the sticky says it doesn't matter when you consume protien, it says "have some carbs before and after your workout" is this true? Also is there any point in going over 1g/lb of protien? I have been doing 50/30/20 Carbs/pro/fat. This is pretty standard right? I'm pretty skinny and trying to clean bulk and get gainz

>Gatorade Thirst Quencher contains water, sucrose (table sugar), dextrose, citric acid, natural flavor, sodium chloride (table salt), sodium citrate, monopotassium phosphate, and flavoring/coloring ingredients; some Gatorade flavor variations use brominated vegetable oil as a stabilizer.

why not make your own natural gatorade ot just have a shake with banana

You eat 17-18 bananas each week?

i eat 2 bananas every day, so yeah 14 weekly, precisely

I will agree that if you are a long distance truck driver or work in some isolated antartica lab, protein powder can be useful

Say hello to diabetes and heart disease. Eat more fat, less carbs

Doesn't matter, protein timing is a meme. That said, I prefer after. I hate drinking anything but water during a workout, and eating/drinking before makes me feel like puking.

Protein shakes are fucking garbage, it works out cheaper to eat 4 cage eggs instead. Dietary cholesterol is good 4 gainz

Also forgot to mention, it doesn't even matter when you have your protein, as long as you're getting enough each day

Protein isolate is the cheapest and purest way to get that there protein. Costs me about 2 cents canadian per 1 protein.

Greek yogurt, quark cost like 3-4 times gram per gram.


that is when the muscle repair happens

post workout shake is a meme and will just wreck your metabolism.

protein especially broken down protein like isolates will spike your insulin high, so if you eat a large post workout meals right after a shake then lol have fun gaining all that fat with the meal you just ate.

I would either drink it in the morning as a shake or at night during sleep.

This largely applies to people overweight and/are insulin resistant, otherwise I would be careful about chugging multiple protein shakes a day.

Healthy eating costs me less than $400 CAD/month.

Shitting like clockwork.

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I thought fat was bad for bodybuilding

such cases

I eat 4 protein shakes over the course of the day with oats and bananas (total 2 scoops of oats and 2 bananas daily) and ~90 min after workout i have a real meal with chicken breast and rice or buckwheat or quinoa or beans.

Yeah, healthy fit lifestyle will take sacrifice in the form of strict nutrition. But it's pretty easy. And if you are oligarch and can afford to vary your diet (within TDEE and balanced diet), even better.

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>Soy sauce

hehe yeah kikkoman
just for shits and giggles

Just put protein powder in everything you consume...

Like eggs, beans and bagel for breakfast whats the harm in sprinkling protein powder? You don't even feel it.

Then you have lunch do the same

Then you have a protein shake


have another protein shake

then have your dinner and sprinkle some more gains on it and boom... ultimate protein.

does that lemon have fuckin bites taken out of it

Most people are lactose intolerant, sprinkling protein won't do. It has to be well dissolved. Also never forget TDEE + balanced diet and ratios.

I just go to Sam's club and buy 36 of these for every paycheck. I drink 2-3 a day to help get my Macro's. One to take my supplements with, one on the way to work, and one after the gym. They're tasty, non-soy based protein, cheap, quick, and low calories compared to other pre-made protein shakes.

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Lol i cut out slices to put in my tea

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You've been tricked by Big Sugar

What are ideal macros for putting on muscle then?

t. too poor to buy one

This obviously sour grapes

And they never posted the damn pics.
Bunch of dyel pussys. I drink a protein shake 2-3 times a day to make optimal gains.

You got a food log for a day of eating by any chance?


>quality food instead
define quality food


Protein is most important to receive after you've done weight training and made the tears, right? This is just how I understand it though

The bigger question is, since cardio is best done after weight training, is it best to have protein in between weight training/cardio or after you're completely finished with your workout?


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During makes the most sense assuming that you're also consuming intraworkout carbs (such as pineapple juice/maltodextrin/gatorade). Gotta get those natty insulin gains.
I also like mixing whey in with coffee in the morning, but that's mainly because I'm never hungry in the morning and it's a lot easier to get down 2 scoops with my morning coffee and some walnuts/almonds than it is to eat a full meal.

I usually just drink a fat one directly after

additional info

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neck game on point as well

>Living pay check to pay check
>Bleeds money

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protein intravenously 24/7

>гpязнoштaнники нa /фит/

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