/fit faces/

does anyone ever make it?

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Doubt it

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Stove Rogors

Joel edgerton

The chosen one has fallen, so my guess is probably not.

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youre talking about greg plitt right

Another day, another favored son fallen. Hard to pay respects to just one. I meant Zyzz though.

zyzz made you think like if you were shredded anything in life could be possible for you

I see this guy's face here on Veeky Forums all the time with some retarded facial expression. What's his deal? Is he trying to bait people into posting their faces while not really posting his?

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which is true

how's prison, martin?

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The people who have made it ain't here


face is everything, take a good look at this picture

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Kek he got arrested?

Kek he got sentenced and six years for for fraud or something

i made it

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good fucking luck in fitness boyos

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you look like Joel Edgerton

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He thinks he's funny and he tried to become a personality multiple times but failed embarrassingly each time

I dont even care

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I have not made it yet.
Also I just realized my neutral expression looks like I have something in my mouth so I'll prolly just hang myself tonight.

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an old woman said i was too pretty

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An old man agrees :^)

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yeah such is life

girls like it tho

am i gonna make it?

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>sideways pic

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Need a haircut

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is that supposed to be a black hole, because black holes are incredibly massive, which would make the creator of this image the brainlet, and possibly be the first conceptually recursive brainlet wojak

Why does this ugly autist keep posting close up face shots of himself making faces?

It's obviously far away

>trying to apply logic to a meme

you're actually a fucking brainlet lmao

You're retarded

I'm only slightly inbred
>great great great grandpa married and fucked first cousin
I accept that I'll never be above a 6/10, currently a 4.

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Youre like chad-lite. With some work you could be chad

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Lose the glasses keep the hat

Brave, bold, beautiful

Autist reporting

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>When you’re a 5’7 manlet and have an average face

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You've got really nice eyes.

Close your mouth. You're posing like a girl.

hey, Veeky Forums

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Argentinian dindu reporting
Shave o no shave?

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You are all huge faggots seeking validation and fishing for complements to reassure you that you're attractive from other men, fucking kill yourselves and go back to /soc/ you complete pussies. Holy shit.

Calm down muhamed you are beautiful too.. on the inside

who /jew/ here?

>tfw gonna need to get a black teenager haircut (short on sides long on top)because jewfro

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no shave


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Post body
Didnt know jews can lift

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I can smell the soylet stains on your clothes.

I need to shave

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r8 my dinner guys
stop posting faces

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You look like depressed Philipp Lahm.

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