Anyone here with an office job do high test power poses?

Anyone here with an office job do high test power poses?

I do pic related and I think it pisses my boss off or makes him insecure or something.

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gear boy here

my scent (yes my scent) literally makes lesser males try and flare their lats

>t. dyel

I’m also on gear, kiddo.

Maybe try wearing deodorant

I work on a couch with my laptop instead of at my desk. Sometimes I take naps. Nothing is more powerful than being comfy as fuck.

What do if you accidentally take a 4 hour nap in the middle of the work day ?

It's unlikely, I've never fallen asleep for more than an hour. But if I were to fall asleep for four hours I'd handle it like so:

If I were feeling ill (likely if I'm taking a four hour nap), I would tell my boss I was taking a sick day for the rest of the day. Otherwise, I usually have a set amount of work I want to get done in a day. If I needed to stay late to finish it, I would. If I felt I was on track, I would leave shortly after my boss because I'm sure people would notice my four hour nap.

Have you ever masturbated while working from home?

I have masturbated both while working from home and in the office. Record for most times in one day at the office is three, most times at home is probably in the 20-25 range.

There are actually a lot of things, like honestly A LOT of things are more powerful than being "comfy as fuck"

Like literally A LOT of things.

>puts hands behind head twice a day
>has to create a thread about it
>fitness thread dies because of it
total beta faggot confirmed

>using this board to actually discuss fitness instead of shitposting

Maximum fucking kek

no evidence for power poses raising T or increasing perceptions of dominance btw

>yay I put hands behind my head

Like using onions to raise testosterone level ?

Spoken like an uncomfortable dweeb

That pose literally means 'I don't care' and it's totally a bad idea doing it in front of your boss.

What if your boss does it as well? Does that mean he doesn’t care either?

that pose means "Don't shoot please, I am surrending, please please don't kill me I'll do what you want"
it's deep in your genes

>work in an office
>do pic related
>see women and a few men eyeing my crotch all the time

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I misread this as T-posing and had me a laugh.

I do this shit a lot. Working in a soyboy city with all DYEL asain comp sci kids makes it even better.
>cubicle filled with Arnold/car posters
>stack of boxes of supps in the corner
>moved desk around to see everyone walking outside my door and constantly make eye contact.
>legs on desk
>chair fully reclined
>drinking protein shake
>watching youtube and not caring about people seeing me
>go to the gym during work hours
I produce at least twice as much work as the rest of the team combined per week so despite being one of the newest hires, no one messes with me.

This is the mentality that will never get you promoted. I'm planning on taking my bosses job within a few years. The key is not being an absolute work-let. Being essential to the operation of the company/team is HIGH TEST BABY

you care too much about what other people think of your meaningless body language.

It’s easy not to care when you have no social life and still live with mother.


That got me hard

I'm implying that its self absorbed and egotistical to think that you doing a simple pose is effecting that many people, when in reality, probably no one cares.


Body language matters buddyroo. You’d know that if you had a buddyroo or two.

whatever helps you out brother

they think your autistic

Yeah, also wondering why the janitor has turned his desk to face them.

>LARPing this hard

Power posing isnt enough in my office. I have to call people out on their bullshit excuses and when they do immdietly submit, i get in their personal space and ask pointed questions until they want to fight me.

>wow user a little close huh?
>ya just like you were "close" to closing that sale. Not close enough if you ask me.


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this isnt real life right? holy shit lmao

You're my hero

Kek, gonna get that call to HR any day now

I've been told this by an uncomfortably high number of people.

>power poses
This isn't JoJos faggot

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not the janitor, im a software eng. /g/fag reporting in

I have an office and most of my employees are women, so I ignore their blabbering unless it's affecting business

>I produce at least twice as much work as the rest of the team combined per week so despite being one of the newest hires, no one messes with me.

Diarrhea doesn't necessarily count as work, gaynon

This is fucking bullshit and people need to stop shoving a stick up their ass for 8 hours

>not randomly doing warrior poses like Johnny Bravo to increase test

Never gonna make it

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I walk around like this all around the office, and no one ever f*cks with me.

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