How to stay motivated?

How do you stay motivated Veeky Forums?

I can work out consistently for a month or two then I fall off the wagon and stop for a few weeks before starting again. I realized I have no real motivation other than I know it’s good for me. I think I need a mindset change.

What keeps you going Veeky Forums?

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>was smaller than the others
>weaker than the others
>less developed physically, mentally and emotionally
>picked up things later than most
>had different interests than the norm and would easily feel depressed, had friends but they were just 'bi polar' friends, no pattern and no stability
>spent years on anti psychotic medication, for years the medication wasn't do anything positive, just heaps of side effects, but its not easy to tell that when it stops you from constructing sentences or walking correctly
>keep seeing glimpses of the truth and whats actually real, just keep grinding
>work my way off the medication, spend months recovering from the physical symptoms they caused me, still recovering and some things feel permanent
>work through the shit injuries that 'appeared' from taking the medication
>start getting shredded, making gains, getting mires
>start making up for what I missed all those years, learning, developing, enjoying
>know deep down that Im capable of succeeding and will fatigue mentally every day to keep my chin up

I think of this or my life shall I say and just think how far Ive come and how far I can still go

I know that if I give up I'll be fucked for the rest of my life.

Honestly , women are my motivation. Dick isn’t the biggest, gotta compensate with a rock body

gj user mirin that mental strength to work through all that

Back in high school gym class, I wasn't able to do any push-ups and my grip strength was utter shit so that was, and still is, the biggest motivator for me. I didn't like the idea of being at the bottom of the barrel in terms of physical fitness.

I'm a little older now and I plan to go into law enforcement so I know I need to keep going or else I probably won't make it. My little brother has been imitating my habits by eating healthier, doing bodyweight + dumbbell routines and playing sports which is something I didn't do when I was his age. I don't want him to become the fat fuck like I was so he's a factor as well. I want to be a good role model for him.

And maybe find a qt gf to spend the rest of my life with but you know. Maybe one day.

Keep working out user. It will give you so many benefits in the long run, don't fall off the train. Who knows, maybe you might have a friend or sibling that you might inspire to get healthier.

Is this meant to be megan rain in the pic

I like how I look with a pump, want to look like this all the time.

yeah, help an user out.

Start lifting at 32 after a divorce, go from 295 down to 185, get just a couple digits of bf% away from abs, then revert back to old ways and a dad bod.

basically.. had a shitty marriage, put on a ton of weight. Get divorce, start going to gym. Start crushing on receptionist, keep going using seeing her as motivation.

Wind up dating receptionist, break up a few months later (pro-tip: don't ever date a oneitis type, she'll wreck you 100% of the time).

Date new girl, get comfy, now that 'fire' to go in and work out every day is gone, and I can't seem to recover.

I'm a bit older, more established; have a decent home gym and all that.. but for the life of me, can't be assed to use it nearly as much as I did compared to the gym i used to drive 30 minutes every single day to get to.

Ideas? I'm engaged to a nice, wholesome girl, but yeah, i don't want to lose all that progress i worked for a couple of years to acquire. Apparently wanting someone to touch your penis is a pretty good motivator, and once that's 'sorted out'... bleh!

dump her and then you'll no longer feel secure in your shitty dad bod because of the disadvantages it brings to hunting for something to stick your dick into

The way I stay disciplined is I imagine every choice in life has two options, the soft option (eating junk, skipping workouts, even watching too much porn/ t.v.) and a hard option. While the hard option has temporary pain it is for my betterment. Then count every hard choice as a victory and build a streak.

Discipline builds on itself while motivation fades away

I read this

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I work in sports science, I'm in a masters degree program for kinesiology and I work with law enforcement. I have to look the part and also have the physical ability for the part. Keeps me motivated.

Fuck yes dude

You're a bitch and don't want it bad enough. If we ever come across each other in person, I'll most definitely be mogging you.

Interesting post. I'm 24 and Single since 20 which means I'm the perfect person to tell you how to live your life.

I used to work with this couple two years ago who were mad tight, quite cute really.
Both in good shape and active. The bloke always had clean foods, and the girl was just hot. I Resigned and never saw them.

How ironic but fast forward to a metal gig I saw last night and who was in the line? The same couple, but now accompanied by I'd say an extra 110lb between them.

Both fat. Not fph level, but definitely reverse progress thread edition. It was a shame how much weight they'd put on, and in such an average space of time. I almost said congratulations to the girl but I honestly couldn't tell.

All I can say is if you're looking at your Mrs for motivation then it's gonna be fleeting because all she has to do is touch your dick and you'll be like "job done" and that's it. And all you have to do is return the favour and she'll be like "he's happy with me" and before you know it, two years of "job done" turns you into the fat couple in line at my next metal gig.

Everyone's good at certain things and they don't need a single shred of motivation to keep it up, for most of us here that's lifting shit and loving ourselves.

Look at yourself for motivation fellow brother. Fuck the girl your dating, fuck your ex, and Fuck any other girl should your current love fall apart.
Do that shit for yourself, so you'll forever have your own self respect. There's no greater reward than self respect, because no one is left to fucking tell you what you want to hear when it's just you and the cunt you see in the mirror.
You are the only thing that got you where you are today, and you are the only thing that will ever get you where you want to be.
Look after yourself.
Better yourself.
Work on yourself.
Love yourself.
Respect yourself.
No one else matters.

>How do you stay motivated Veeky Forums?
>What keeps you going Veeky Forums?

Everything, i look at pictures, look at army motivational posters, lion motivational posters, i think about what i can achieve with hard work. I look at my body in the mirror, and see the results thus far. Remember how long it took, how long it took to get to this strength level. I think about the future, when i don't have it in me, i think about people who endured real hardship like those of WW1 / WW2 and man the fuck up and drag myself to the gym.

I watch army training videos of SEALS and the likes, watch how they get yelled at not for failing but for FAILING mentally and being weak minded. Makes me look at it a different way.

I'm a bit lucky, I've always had very good discipline, and never fell for peer pressure. So i was always able to motivate myself and be better then i was yesterday.

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Meditations by Marcus Aurelius can make a man out of a tranny. That's as much motivation as you need

iktf bro. cut yourself off form whoever put you on that shit. was on that garbage for jsut a few months and been off em a year. still affecting me. that shits meant to make you a part of the nigger cattle herd. ruins your life. i doubt were the only ones here who've been on em btw considering its /fit

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>I'm 24
>I'm the perfect person to tell you how to live your life.


oh milo manara, always be next to my heart

I was on antipsychotics in adolescence and I feel you about those seemingly permanent side effects man. It's been 7 years since going off them and I swear there are certain physical things that are only due to that medication to this day.

The rage.

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I also set bets with girls i wanna fuck or degrade.
got 2 of them to let me piss in their mouths already.

Motivation is for children

my life sucks if I dont lift, no pussy, bad moods, bored shitless


question: i'm currently reading this, but outside the first few chapters, i feel lost when reading it. I understand the english but I feel like I'm missing the meaning behind the messages. Am I just a brainlet or do I need to keep re-reading it until I understand?

Don't rely on motivation. If you don't feel like going to the gym... GO ANYWAY.
Ironically, the workouts I don't feel like doing often end up being the best ones. I plan my lifts before going every time, and when I feel shitty I'll set my goals low while still making progress -- even if it's just an extra rep on the last set. Mood improves while lifting, and suddenly you can do 2 extra reps instead of one. Instantly feel good because a) you made progress, b) you met your goals and c) you went beyond what you planned. And if you can't do it... Oh well, just work out harder next time or focus on other lifts that day. Failed squats 3 reps early? Smash that fucking OHP PR instead.

Living in the cold midwest, the idea of summer coming soon and showing off my biceps wearing a T-shit is what usually motivates me to keep on lifting.


mate... you literally have a home gym. Just work out. You can see it happening right before your eyes, the answer has never changed. Go tonight.

The edge

when I found out 5’ manlets from Rome could force march over 20 miles a day and fight at the end of it - what’s my excuse with better diet and living conditions 2000 years later?

Their diet basically consisted of grains and corn.

Not lifting for Rome, but respect their training discipline and resolve

It was sarcasm breh

self hatred - lifting is the only thing of value in my life

fuck, USA doctors just love prescribing expensive medication for everything don't they? It really is a sheckel business that fucks people up.

>get dumped
>find redpill, start lifting
>see ex 2 years later
>"oh user it's been so long, you look so good, we should catch up
>politely say no thank you and leave

The look on her face is what drives me to become better

Discipline rules above everything but I think motivation definitely has it's worth and if I'm being really honest, my biggest motivator is sex. I try to avoid porn but hot chick pics really motivate me most of the time, I have no shame to admit this.

Of course you need discipline and discipline is what keeps me going 95% of the time but every once in a while it's nice to have that extra boost.

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requesting the remember why you're doing it collage

the only way to be motivated to lift is to enjoy it.
As with everything in life you gotta find your passion. I used to swim 30 hours a week when i was 15, I fucking loved it. After a few years when i turned 18 I didnt like it so much so i quit. I then found I really like waterpolo, so now i do that 15 hours a week and I enjoy swimming because it makes me a better player.

Same with studying, I hate maths. But I love engineering and finance. So learinig math to apply to making computer models and dynamics is actually enjoyable for me so i dont mind it. What im saying is tasks that you dont like can become enjoyable if they are part of your passion. Find you passion and nothing is hard anymore. Just necessary.

I started training really late in my life (I'm well over 30). I was never really worried about being "in shape" since I was naturally a twink for most of my teenage years and 20s, I got beyond the 30 yo barrier without a gut while most of my friends were going downhill. Over 30, I started noticing staying lean was getting harder, so I started lifting and doing cardio.

my motivation is seeing that I'm in better shape at this age than when I was younger and seeing most of the people my age in horrible shape while I start to get mires.

Also, breaking PRs and seeing the progress in the mirror. I don't enjoy the process, as in the actual lifting, but I do enjoy the results a lot, that keeps me going.

Set goals. Something you actually wanna achieve, not just some arbitrary lift.

I made great gains when I had goals for each of my lifts, I had a bench mark in my mind I wanted to reach and I worked consistently for months to reach it.

Now I have switched sports from lifting into rowing, I'm gonna try to achieve an elite fitness level by the end of this year and I'm really ramping up training to try and get there.

Here's a mindset that has helped me in the past:

Starting and stopping might just be part of your life for a few years. Some days you want it bad, and others you understand the abstract goal but can't bring yourself to do it.

You can stop without letting that also be self-sabotage. You're going to find the desire/passion/motivation/discipline or whatever you want to call it again in the future. Don't kill yourself for giving up, just do as much as you can to leave future you in the best starting position possible.

Maybe you stick to your diet but not your routine. Or maybe the most you can bring yourself to do is sit on the couch all day drinking diet soda instead of binging cake. No matter what you feel like today, you know you'll pick it up again. Do the best for future you that you can muster.

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and what you do is just run 'em over


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fuck motivation, get some discipline

Throughout all my life I have been weak. I want to know what it feels like to be strong

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I'm in Fire. I try to tell/remind myself that my strength gains may be the difference between someone living and dying one of these days.

thanks bru

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> lifting since january
> find a cutie on tinder, start chatting, all is well
> start exchanging pics
> send her a shirtless pic
> I can tell from her texts she's not interested anymore
> after a couple of days stop texting

This happened like two weeks ago, and it's a shitty experience, but it filled me with the motivation of a thousand angry gods. I upped my gymtime to 4 times a week and started running on of days. I'm gonna make it. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but I'm gonna make it

It’s not motivation it’s habit

>grains and corn
>in Europe 2000 years ago

i feel you user

Mate I'm from England and we call shit made from corn, corn. We don't call wheat, oats barely or whatever else, corn. You spastic.

I realize most people use it that way nowadays, doesn't mean the other guy was wrong though. You cock sucker.

It happens usually if it's your first time reading philosophy (you usually don't know what the fuck they're talking about), I'd recommend re-reading some parts

Everybody should look at this guy

if i dont fap once in the morning and once after work i will waste my time trying to hang out with past hook ups just to get laid. Its a complete waste of time which i always realize the second after i cum.
So masturbate to focus on your goals until your find a gril that you still want even when you arent just horny as fuck and looking something to stick your dick into.