That 30 year old guy that goes to the gym

>that 30 year old guy that goes to the gym

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>heh fucking kid
>i earn 150k a month
>15 year old girls are all over me
>you'll be 30 in a decade u know
>that 20 year old who thinks he is great
>heh, ur just jelly, kid


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time won't be kind to you either, friendo

32 here.

Advice for agelets...

Just like bald karma, age karma is real.

When it hits, it hits hard.

Be kind.

>turn 22 tomorrow
>already feel like it's over

its all good until you hit 21, from there 30 hits you like a ton of bricks.
t 30 in two months

Unironically I am 9% bf and only I at one point at 20 I was 8%, I also have abs that are 10 times more defined than I was 20

I turned 28 on Monday you'll be fine

nice job, triggering all old fags.
>be me 19
>train everyday
>slow gains
>feeling kind of bad
>see this
>at least no old fag yet
>be happy

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>15 year old girls are all over me

>shitting on someone for attempting to improve themselves
My grandfather got his bachelor's degree, age 67. Will he use this bachelor's degree? No. He was just interested in talking to college girls and imagining what life might have been had he the cash to do so as a younger man. I'm not sure where I'm going with this.

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Hey fuck you, Am I supposed to stop lifting when I turn 25 or some shit?

Lol what a creep

>tfw 23
>feel like 43
>teen years were so much simpler in all respects
>met my first and only gf when I was 18
>she left me recently
>feel empty
>sometimes start chatting with some random tinder whores and after a while feel tired and uninterested and just ghost them
>there's a cute nice girl I'm my class that likes me
>don't care about her, just try to be too nice to her and hopefully get friendzoned
>don't even wanna fuck
>don't care about vidya anymore
>at this point the only thing I'm good at is studying
>professors like and respect me, one even said to chill a little because I'm doing extra work
>can't wait to eventually become a wagecuck and put my energy into work and lifting
I-is this adulthood?

delete this!

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I think you're sayin that the noble attempt of self improvement should not be mocked at any age or level of development.

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user, if you work hard enough you'll eventually be able to get on a salary that with work 3~4 days a week you can do whatever else you want for the rest of your week.

My uncle is a heart surgeon and these days he works like 2 days a week and spends the rest of his days surfing, gym and learning violin.

whats wrong with being 30 and going to the gym

I'm starting to think you're envious of those 30 yo's or something seeing you post this shitty thread all the time

This is me, only I’m 26.



Jokes on you young fags you are gonna be 5 years older in 5 years.

>Be 24
>Started going to the gym 30 days ago
>Hit 1pl8 OHP yesterday (60kg)
>HIt 90kg x 3 bench last week
>Can do pull ups with 30kg added x 4

Not all is lost

Yes. This is the life from now on, user.

crab bucket.
don't stop improving. don't let them get you down.

you disgust me

same but 19

Dude, I am 27 going on 28, and I dont make 150K a year and this 14 year old girl legit hit on me at the subway

>Do you have instagram?
>Haha how old are you?
>I am 27
>I mean 16
>Yay! Still illegal!

I dont know what I did, but I never had attention from girls until I started lifting at 20 (I discovered Veeky Forums and Zyzz was alive. SL5x5 for life)

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I love this meme. I plan to stop browsing Veeky Forums when I hit 29 to avoid killing myself