Deadlift badform police

Do you consider it our duty to tell people at the gym on their way to snapcity about proper form. Seven years ago an old man tap me on the shoulder telling me I was strong but had very poor form and would hurt myself. If it was not for him I would have prol'y snapped my back trying to deadlift 2 plates.

How do you bros go about this in your gym.

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There's right and wrong. Don't be that guy who goes up to girls to correct their form. Some girls have their shit together and lift hard. But a lot just go to the gym to do their workouts without any real resistance to them just so they can feel good about themselves that "yay I went to the gym" and post on their snap. While they just wasted 30mins of their time doing nothing.

But if you see a dude at the gym. Shows up enough to show he's dedicated to getting stronger. He sees you there and you're stronger than him. He'd probably appreciate the tip. I know I look up to the people much stronger than me at the gym as long as you're not a douche about it

My lower back has been increasingly sore/painful since I last did deadlifts 4 days ago. I'm pretty strict with my form. Maybe I was arching my back too much. Am I fucked, bros?

>No mirrors at my gym
>Absolutely no way of being able to see if I'm holding form for diddlies and BB rows

I am conscious of trying to arch my back, but my god I'd hope someone would tell me if I was fucking up.

Why doesn't your phone take video?

>2pl8 diddly

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I corrected some asian qt's on their DL, but they giggled and liked it. so idk.

Well they're deadlifting which most people who aren't dedicated won't do. So they probably did like it.

It's called tact, the old guy was being diplomatic so that his advice would have been better received.

Only if I’m working in with them or if they ask. I’m not wasting my time teaching some NYRfag or summerfag who’s going to quit after a week.

There's a dyel at my gym that is always being coached by a big black guy. When the dyel deadlifts, his back arches like crazy and the "coach" doesn't seem to give a fuck about him. I've talked to my gym bro who works there and some of the staff are worried too.

What should I do? The guy is not only getting shit coaching(mostly cardio), but it's also going to negativity affect his health.

Has the pain increased since then?

>staff see someone regularly use dangerous form
>hem and haw about it instead of warning him

I've one seen this happen in my (commercial) gym once, and it was reasonably well received. I'd never do it myself. Not worth the trouble, as poor form is so common and it would be so awkward.

I always hope somebody will try and "correct" my form when I'm doing SLDLs, but it hasn't happened yet :( I think they just don't even notice it's an intentional variation and assume I'm a DYEL due to the weight used.

>Do you consider it our duty to tell people at the gym on their way to snapcity about proper form
No. If people can't even go to youtube and check what good form is before they do a new exercise they're idiots and I hope they injure themselves as soon as possible. My gym is too crowded anyway.

no, you might invade someone's personal space, and it's not really your job. better to wish them a safe trip when they get to Snap City

I drag the bar against my leg all the way up and down. Is this bad?

>stopped deadlifting
>Still make the same level of hypertrophy and strength gains
When did you realize deadlifts were a meme?

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I can keep my back straight when using smith machine but crook a little doing manual especially at the start . should i stick with machine with more weight ?

yeah if it was all old men with actual experience telling people, fine.
But most of the time it's highschoolers who just got done doing the most disgusting cheat reps on curls walking up to people giving them advice

nah, why bother? chances are they won't listen anyway.

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I would like people to tell me, but I will never tell people.

>I think I’m making the same gains, therefore I am.

That did not look very comfy at all, shit.

No, I just ask them if it hurts to deadlift how they are. Usually starts a conversation well enough without me seeming like form patrol.

Yes I literally am. Still progressively over loading 5 or so pounds to my bench/squat every week.

1-10 how bad is that form?

how can you not tell you're doing that tho
i feel it immediatly when my back bends during squats.

Hey guys dyel here

I deadlifted for the first time and it hurt my back. Does this mean it wasn't straight? I was doing my best...but my back isn't perfectly straight even standing up

Is it ogre for me?

No, you’re literally not making the same gains. Deadlift isn’t meant to improve your squat or bench in the first place you dolt.

God that made me cringe so hard expecting him to faceplant the shit outta that squat

Deadlifting is the easiest thing to do tho

Where does it hurt exactly? Right in the middle of your spine or more to the sides? Either way if it's muscle soreness it'll be gone in a few days. If it's a slipped disc it'll be gone in a few weeks.

Wouldn't you Deadlift to improve your Deadlift?

3. good mornings are a legit exercise so it can't be all bad that he's using his back so much.

everything else was good especially the depth

If I'm getting stronger in all my other lifts you don't think I can also pull more than I could before? C'mon now

By that logic then continuing to deadlift would marginally improve your other lifts. You can’t have your cake and eat it to. You’re attempting to say that you make the same gains without deadlifting, that you can pull more on your dead without doing deads, even though you don’t actually know, yet you deny that doing deadlifts could help on your other lifts by saying that you’re making the same gains.

you guys might not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like

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This seems a great as thread as any
Can I get a form check and any tips on what to do better?

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Jesus fuck he's gonna be a hunchback

I don't try and help people at the gym anymore, I consider it rude. People ask me for advice sometimes and then I'll help them as much as I can.

So he used the bar rolling to get some momentum then proceded to not really use his legs and just used his lower back to lift it. Did he died?

Your shoulders seem a tad far forward but other than that I’m not seeing anything that raises alarms.

Looks great, but keep your neck neutral. When you get to real weight your will experience upper back rounding. UPPER back rounding is ok. Lower is what fucks you.

Thanks m8s


Reminder upper back rounding and most back rounding during the deadlift in general is fine.

Only severe lower back rounding is dangerous

Add in some back extensions whenever you do abs. 3 sets of 12 with bodyweight should be enough.

what is real weight?

>snapped my back trying to deadlift 2 plates

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Most people that know what they are doing consider that you have actually started to take a serious approach to lifting once you get your 1000lbs club key or 1/2/3/4. For deads you are actually starting to move weight around lmao4pl8.

how tall are you?

You'll know if its spinal erector soreness or if you fucked up something.

As a beginner, I love unsolicited form advice. What I don't like is people coming by and saying "hey man your form is bad in this unspecified way. Have you considered quitting? K bye"

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It always cracks me up how he takes so much time to set up then actually looks like he is going to do a normal pull then BAM full retard snap city.

I refuse to believe that this isn't someone taking the piss
The only other explanation is that he's purposefully hinging around the belt instead of his hips for some reason

>the way he walks away so accomplished

looks good man. re: the other user saying your shoulders are too far forward, i think theyre perfect as is. rear delts look in line with the bar. maybe just push through with your hips more at the top of the lift to engage your glutes more. keep it up buddy

it depends, if you see some dude with a small issue who looks like hes not ego lifting they will probably appreciate being given advice more

nice gloves faggot.

Snapped mine 4 years ago doing 185.

I'm not scared to do them anymore luckily.

Some cool guy let me know of my absolute shit form while trying out squats yesterday, looks like it's back to the leg press for a few days until I get the form straight at home.
Hopefully I don't kill myself trying a deadlift today.
What are the most important points to keep in mind all the time? Off the top of my head:
>legs hip wide
>bar above middle of foot
>back squeezed flat, head in line with it
>arms flat vertical, outside of knees
>guide bar along the legs

Brace core. Squeeze bar as tightly as you can. Chest up. Back neutral. Pull slack out of the bar. Push the floor away from you with your legs.

i suggest looking up alan thralls deadlift setup video, really easy 5 step cue that really helped me starting dls

My back keeps arching when I DL, but I don't feel sore at all from it. I try to do my best to keep it up, but I guess my core is too weak.

I only DL 2.5 pl though, so that might be why I don't feel anything wrong.

There's a good video by Athleanx which does a complete runthrough of deadlift form.

tall fag here
I find my legs bow out as im engaging my glutes like im an olimpic lifter as my feet are close together and the weight is on my heel and the outside of my foot. Im thinking could i lift more if it put my shins outside the centre smooth part of the bar?

Do you do any accessories that engage your lower back? I used to blast tons of weighted leg raises and knee raises for abs and ended up just'ing my lower back on deadlifts. When I was getting back to it, I cut the hanging leg and knee raises and never had any more problems. Still did weighted planks and decline situps for abs and that was fine.

Does anyone elses lower back get extremely tight during warm ups? Like at 1-2pl8. It gets annoying to walk, I get that feeling you get when you're standing for hours and you just want to sit down. But if I continue increasing the weight to my working weight that tightness is gone eventually.

find whatever stance allows you to place the weight over midfoot with even dispersion. might have to stick your toes out a bit more to get the weight off the outside of your feet

Depends on the person really. I think at one point I might not have been receptive to someone telling me, but I also was the type to fix something when I saw it. I looked over in the mirror some years ago when deadlifting and saw my back and immediately backed off the weight and started focusing on form.

Try semi-sumo stance. Despite all the memes on Veeky Forums, the most important thing when you deadlift is that it feels good and not like you're in a compromised position with potential for snapping.

>camera man flexes a 'cep