When you eat sweet foods (dessert), what do you eat and how often do you eat it?

When you eat sweet foods (dessert), what do you eat and how often do you eat it?

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>when you eat sweet foods
>when IIII eat sweet foods
Sweet foods are for kids and fat people with broken taste buds

Blueberries and raspberries most nights after dinner

fuck u

A very little bit but fairly frequently because I still definitely have obese taste buds despite getting down to a healthy weight.

But the portion size is incredibly modest, I don't pig out like I used to.

this is the hersheys chocolate pie isnt it

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Behold the perfect dessert

Get fresh cucumbers, get the smaller ones, they have more seeds than the bigger ones, peel the skin off, dip the tip in sugar, eat it, dip it again, repeat..
This is tastes great and its probably the least unhealthy option there exists for desserts

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this bad boy. packed with sugar but great for gains

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>sweet foods
Fuck off vegiefag

I've had a terrible sugar habit for much of my life. Quit cold turkey recently and I'm eating much healthier in general. Would apples and bananas be a healthy replacement? I heard natural sugar isn't as bad as table sugar.

Kys you stinkin cunt, I just had chicken, can of salmon, and two eggs, I am no veggie, but the large majority of desserts sold in shops is processed and then reprocceced x10 shit that gives you isntant heart attack. Fuck that shit. If I want something sweet I will the most basic ingredients + sugar and eat it.

Is it really worth it, user?

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Anyone that is dedicated about health and fitness will refrain from consuming such garbage outside of the occasional social dinner with family/girlfriend

I'll eat something sweet, like a pie, maybe once a month.
If I do, I'll go to an actual good pastry or doughnut shop.

I bake a pie, or some cinnamon rolls, or some cookies. Occasionally I make ice cream. Never anything bought prepared. I eat sweet food fairly often (at least once a week) but I try to control my portion sizes.

Definitely one of the following. Also, I kind of use the double chocolate protein powder and banana combo as a dessert.

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I eat an entire pumpkin pie once every two weeks.

If you workout every day it ain't hard to fit some shit like that in.

I used to weigh 400 lbs and ill never touch a single dessert or soda ever again
But when I did I would crush oreos and kiebler m&m cookies into chocolate chip icecream and cover it in strawberry jam and melted chocolate

what is that. that looks good.

peanut butter bagels are god tier, sometimes i'll have them every day for a while as long as it's natural non-sugar-filled pb

Been eating Cadbury mini eggs a lot lately. Feel like shit every time I do but that doesn't stop me

desserts are fucking disgusting. They're never sweet enough to be satisfying, yet they're calorie dense as fuck. If you're going to eat something sweet, suck on a jolly rancher or some shit. Then you can get some sweet as fuck flavor for half an hour and only consume like 30 calories.

basically sesame paste, sugar and whole almonds. it's amazing

muhfugen bix nood nigga

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Golden raisins and unsalted peanut trail mix

Ill bite,
Some weekends the parents come over for cake and coffee. Normally we have something like this and black brewed coffee.
The bakery by my house is crap so normally parents grab something. My dad shouldnt be trusted to go to the bakery alone but he goes on runs and somehow found out about IF to get rid of his christmas belly.

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Usually I eat them once a week, generally on Sunday.

I don't limit myself to anything specific, my only "rule" is that it has to be something I've prepared myself from scratch. So a lot of the time it's simple things that only take a few minutes to whip up, like crepes or waffles (of course I also make the syrups/toppings too), but occasionally I'll make a quarter batch of cookies or a small cheesecake or even attempt some fancy desserts.

Gobstoppers work too

>tfw been eating right/counting macros for 2 months
>at grocery store
>box of my favorite donuts I haven't had in a year are buy one-get one
>walk past it four times deciding
>don't buy it
im gonna make it

>tfw im skelly and bulking and it probably would have been fine

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I ate half gallon if this over the weekend. God help me I still crave those cookie chunks

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>fuck you for not liking what I like

are you mentally deficient?


Does this count?

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Dubs of truth
Bub tea fwe as fock

Save it for special occasions. It'll be more worth it that way. Don't spoil yourself.

Bowl of ice cream, pretty much every day

Cheesecake. 1 piece maybe every 2 weeks.

Mexican bread is the shit. I love these piggies.
I haven't had one all year though. Don't know when I will.

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I didn't buy it, probably won't ever buy it

Would you consider yourself to be fit?

brownie cheescake is the greatest thing on this earth.

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Not him but it can actually be pretty damn sustainable with moderate exercise and small portions. Look up the military diet

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Only women, children, and fatties can disagree
I find fruits sweet though and eat them every day but I know what you mean mean. I'm sure the average sugar addicted person doesn't think fruits are sweet

Don't forget about that honey niggaaaaaaaaaa. The good halva isn't made from sugar


My dessert is an orange.

I eat one every day.

Mint chocolate chip icecream about once a week on cheat day. If my gf bakes something I snack on that too.

I eat dessert every day, with every meal.

You dumb. Cucumber plus honey is win

user, you're going to make it

Protien bars and muffins and fruit
If I want sugar I’ll have it but always remind myself not to over do it

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thanks user

This some top tier mom science

never, fatass

I very rarely eat dessert. Never really have done.

I'll eat a tirimisu maybe once a month or so if I go out for a meal

It's the GOAT dessert

Depends on your tolerance for sweetness user
Profiteroles or tirimisu are about my limit and they're fantastic
Ditto coffee cake

I only eat sweets when someone buys it for me which is next to never.

Haagen daz vanilla and macadamia nut, coke, traditional cheesecake,


>Eating Western type "pastries"
Turkish pastries is the real deal anons

Prove it

>gelato sea salt caramel
>once a week as a nice weekend meal

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DUde... you don't even know. I had hershey sundae pies as my wallpaper all throughout chistmas time. high five op

Your body doesnt crave minerals so much as you just have empty room in your stomach. Drink some water and eat something healthy instead and you wont have cravings. End of discussion.

Never really craved sweets (born shortly after the easter wall fell, so obviously due to the commie ration diet of my mother). The only time I would eat some sweet stuff was when I dipped smoked sausages into a strawberry joghurt or eating my grilled chicken with berry jam being a fucked up carnivorous kid.

The only time I eat sweets nowadays is when I'm baking stuff and having the check how it came out before serving. But even than it's mostly pure fat like almond-butter cakes or other butter-creme stuffed things. Butter is just so delicious. Spouse on the other side drank like 2L of soda daily. Can't even drink a shot of that stuff without my teeth hurting. Tbh, I consider people depending on sweet stuff to be pathetic just like any other drug addict. Thanfully nothing a good fast can't rewire.

Currently in the end of a 12 week cut so have no cheatmeals at all.

When i crave sweets i make proteinfluff out of kasein + raspberry. Macros are 350 cals and 50g protein. Get a whole goddamn bowl and it fills me up like crazy.

Other than that i usually make some protein icecream fit into my daily intake. If i'm off work and slept in i could easily eat 2 whole tubs of those and still make it accountable in my macros.

sometimes I'll have either pic related, dark chocolate or wafer cookies. I also sometimes have cake or pie my mom made when I'm home. I always fit it in my macros and replace it with other carbs/sugars I'd eat.

If you get enough fiber and protein during the day, it's fine to eat something sweet here and there. Portion control is everything.

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I made a cheesecake last night to test a recipe I'm gonna use for the family Easter dinner and then I ate a slice for breakfast so I wanna kill myself now

Never going to make it.

really take it to the next level and buy them and just never eat then until they spoil. would unironically be pretty impressive

This looks tasty. Imma get me some whole grain bagels I guess.

the most expensive picture ever taken

Dark Chocolate covered quinoa clusters. They taste pretty much like snowcaps and I love them

I cant im recovered fatty ( 250 lb/18y )
175 fit / 25 y.o now
I have unlimitted stomach space, all i can eat are veggies/lean meat / fruit to not get fat, i dont have issue downing Kilograms of food without getting full so i just cant eat anything sweet/callorie dense

Just fast for a week and your stomach will be back to normal. Keep up with water and electrolytes and you will be fine as a fatty for a couple weeks even. Bonus: Your skin flaps will get autophaged after 2-3 days.

>But when I did I would crush oreos and kiebler m&m cookies into chocolate chip icecream and cover it in strawberry jam and melted chocolate


This shit , it's called "studentenschnitte". Holy fuck, it's so fucking good. It tastes like christmas cake.

I can eat 10 pieces of it in one sitting easily (234 calories each).

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i literally ate a slice of this exact pie earlier and regret it heavily.

I had a slice of apple pie yesterday. I felt so bad, but it was so good! Homemade pie is the best pie

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you fucking pigs

I ate a nutty bar yesterday. My reasoning is that I have a pft today and that I need the sweet peanut butter energy.

still working on one of these bad boys.

Mixed with some coffee blacker than slavery and smoking a stick of white imperialism. Delectable.

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>craving nitrogen

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>he doesn't nang post sip

>only 90%
enjoy that sugar filled shit

>Just fast for a week and your stomach will be back to normal. Keep up with water and electrolytes and you will be fine as a fatty for a couple weeks even. Bonus: Your skin flaps will get autophaged after 2-3 days.
I lost it by heavy cardio(marathons)/exercise, i have no loose skin issues and look really /fit these days, i tried fasting, aderall, amphetamine everything and i'm still never full, i decided to make it my great advantage so instead of 100g rice i eat 1kg of raw carrots, i must have micros of a greek demigod these days.

I'm sorry :'(

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You know you can get sugar free chocolate in the health foods isle right...?
It's a bit more expensive, but it should be even lighter, and depending on the variety it may also be keto friendly

Cottage cheese + peaches is pretty healthy and fucking god tier for "dessert."

Would highly recommend.

Didn't actually. I just go to normie grocery stores and all I've seen is cooking chocolate, which does have no sugar. Didn't know they made dessert/snack brands.

Was it gross? Do you feel sick? Or are you just regretting it because of the calories?

1kg raw carrots have at least 60g of sugar from those 100g of carbs. Literally worse than 100g of rice. No wonder you can't get further. If you still have been able to eat the same amount you didn't fast long enough, that's about it. Your stomach will shrink if it's not filled constantly.

I'm cutting right now, but plan on eating sweets and "dirty" foods a lot more when I'm bulking. Life's too fucking short. Given that I only gained about 1 percent of body fat a month when I bulked last time (4 to 5000 calories a day), I'm just going to eat without counting calories and let everything else take care of itself. Honestly, you have to actively try to get fat if you're lifting hard and progressing.

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I literally always am on the crave for sugary stuff and basically life is suffering
What do brehs

I always crave greasy shit.
Sugary shit makes me feel sick.

Good job user

oh for fuck's sake, a bit of sugar in a 90% chocolate isn't going to kill you.

Sometimes people on Veeky Forums really take it too far. Unless you're doing keto, there's no need to avoid it THAT much. As long as you don't pig out, there's nothing wrong with occasionally eating some sugar.