Been lifting two years, thought I was making ok gains...

Been lifting two years, thought I was making ok gains, somebody told me it looked like I’ve only just started working out

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nigga what the fuck have you been doing for the past two years

hasnt been cutting

Your program looks real shit OR you started super fat/skinny

You have no back and no legs

The past two years I’ve been doing a push/pull/leg split I found on

Your right I have no legs, there’s my last back pic from a couple weeks ago

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You don't look like you lift.
Start actually lifting. And than after a year cut.

Well your back looks good at this perspective. And the first picture, yeah your pecs doesnt really look good for saying training 2 years

Ah the latpulldown brah comes to fit to learn about SS

Do rear delt work man, your shoulders look rolled and it's an injury waiting to happen. You also look narrow if your shoulders are rolled too

i thought you were my dad for a second and got scared

Mostly curls, apparently

Nigga I've been working out for 2 months (I'll admit I swam a little before that) and I look better than you.

post pic then

Thats alright, you can call me daddy :)

>two years
wtf have you been doing
you look dyle brah

>PPL claims another victim

Post your height/weight and routine, I'll help you

Holy fucking shit, I hope you're joking

H: 5’11” W: 165

That routine is not THAT bad, but 3 days a week with 3sets on each exercise is not enough imo

Right now I'm doing:
4- arms (bicep/triceps/forearms)
With 4 sets of everything

I take a day off whenever I feel the muscle group I'm supposed to train isn't 100% rested, which means I lift 4-6 times a week

Shit chest genetics

Also if you were to do that, eat more. Gotta eat big to get big common!

Forgot to mention I have been doing it 6 days a week, my diet was very shitty the first year of lifting, not eating nearly enough, should I still increase the number of sets?

Height and weight?