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What deoderant do you guys use? i've been using pic related but my skin is broken in my underarms, been thinking about getting dove, any recs?

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I use Axe Phoenix (the gel kind because I don't want brain damage from aluminum)
The middle school locker room connotations are a shame because they've long since reformulated the scents to be more subtle unless you're absolutely drowning yourself in the spray version.

i have the same problem with old spice, and apparently it's very common. stop using it immediately. i switched to right gaurd gel

fugg, think i'll just find a dove for sensitive skin i guess

What a useless thread. Just try different deos; they cost like $3 each

Women deodorant is where it's at. Dove dryspray. Try it.

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this shit

I had putrid sweating problems. couldn't wear anything but black in public becuase of how bad my pits would sweat. even sitting in an air conditioned office id still feel sweat dripping to my waste. now my feet can be puddles, my back could launch a boat, but my pits are dry as can be. it's great.

for smell I use wolfthorn old spice as well

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Shame, women frequently tell me how good I smell while I'm wearing Wolfthorn or Bear Glove

>tfw want to get into cologne but never go anywhere but class and the gym

i'm the same man, been considering this. my body is always really hot in general plus I live in FL, but my pits are particularly bad. gonna pick this up soon

Everyone should be using this shit regardless. Deodorant just masks smell it doesn't stop you from sweating. Antiperspirant does (which is what certain dri is, except a very strong one) but ones applied during the day ruin your clothes, whereas certain dri is applied at night and is strong as fuck and lasts ages and won't ruin your shit the next day.

just saving this shitty thread

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>be me
>not even fat, skinny as fuck holocaust mode
>don't even live somewhere it gets very hot
>put on antiperspirant deodorant every day at 7 AM
>by the time i get to work at 8 AM i already am sweating under arms even when its cold
>by end of day underarms of shirt are literally wet and i can smell Bo mixed with deodorant smell
>of course my undershirts are all yellow stained as well

what the fuck

The male unit in this house uses that shit and is constantly having a huge excoriated mess under both arms from it. Smells great, toxic to the skin apparently. All the ones that smell great are. Must be the perfumes.

I was using Axe Apollo antiperspirant but i moved to a third world country and i can't find it anymore

Dove for men.
Used to use Speed Stick, used to use Degree -- switched to Dove and zero issues.
I don't have bare armpits, btw.
And,,, the cashier whereever you get it from doesn't give a f*ck what you buy.

>t. former cashier (yes, a dude)

i can try to stink as much as possible with this shit on but its impossible

only downside is if you put too much on it gets in your t shirts and never comes out, fucking up black t shirts especially

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I just use cologne.

>using antiperspirant
>rubbing aluminum on your skin that plugs your sweat glands
Enjoy your brain disease

>using deodorant instead of attracting women with your musk


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I use an alum stone but I only recommend it if you don't reek when fully drenched in sweat.

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This is my go to. I would prefer not to have to wear any at all, but I sweat through shirts in the pit area if it's hot.

It says 48hrs, but I've gone 72hrs many times without reapplying and all that's there is still the faint smell of the deodorant (only really noticeable if you put your nose right in it). I workout and shower daily, but this shit has never ever failed me, and you only have to apply every 2-3 days.

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I got the pine scented one. No aluminum, smelled alright, not too expensive.

I use Schmidt's.

Axe Phoenix is the best! Fucking Phoenix bro. Although gel is lame because it’s soley a deodorant and not an anti perspirant. Not worried about aluminum because there’s shit in our foods, drinks, airs and everything our cells fucking consume. We’re all fucked long term. But at least i don’t sweat and smell good.

Dude if you’re showering and there is still deodorant in your pits so you don’t reapply, you aren’t showering good enough. There are adults that don’t know how to shower on this board wtf

not deodorant but who /old man in 23 y/o body/ here?

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any1 old spice Fiji here? I’ve used it for years, never had problems with skin breakage at all and I never switched up brands.

>not an anti perspirant
Never knew that, I never had problems with it wearing off and I find the gel deodorants last a lot longer than aluminum ones, which start to smell "sour" by the end of the day

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Everybody is different, I tend to sweat a lot so I look for both. I bought the deodorant only one by accident and definitely was able to notice. You may be able to get away with it, some are just sweatlets

Axe dark temptation. It smells like the taste of chocolate

Same problem, my dudes. Used it for a bit and my arm pits started cracking. Discontinued use after 3 days, returned it to the store.

I use Speed Stick Power Unscented deo. and Dove Men Care Cool Fresh bodywash.

What said. You should be applying deodorant after every shower because if you're bathing properly you should have washed it all off.

my niggas

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I never use deo or soap at the armpits. I like to live natural

Real talk I powder my balls with this and it's cash.

Get the big white bottle and say goodbye to swamp ass.

>a breeze sweeps through your shorts
>that minty chilled powdered feeling
absolute bliss

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bruh what the fuck how do you people know this works for 48-72 hours don't you fuckin shower what the fuck

I had a major pit sweating problem for a long time. I would get maybe 2-3 hours out of antiperspirant. I used pretty much everything I could find, even the prescription grade stuff. I tried wearing undershirts, taking cold showers, wearing looser clothes, etc. Nothing worked. I was sweating like a whore in church, even in the dead of winter. I ruined so many shirts with yellow pit stains. Out of desperation I tried the natural stuff and I'll be damned but my sweating problem went away within 3 days. I think the chemicals in the antiperspirants were actually causing me to sweat more. I've been using Tom's exclusively for like 2 years and haven't looked back. The only drawback is the scent doesn't last as long, so I will need to reapply if I go to the gym in the evening.

If you're having excessive sweating problems and you are at your wit's end, give it a shot.

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spoiler the label literally says effects last through showering spoiler

This one smells really nice and it lasts the whole day.

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$25 tho so not for poorfags

Love it but want aluminum free version

smells fine and doesn't ruin your shirts

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This is the right answer. If you have a mild scent then it is the perfect thing. Also continues working for about a week after stopping. Baking Soda is also good too but if you don't apply it correctly it will shred the fuck out of your underarm area.

I hate smells so arm & hammer no scent.

I have an autistically large collection of deoderant.
Is what I use when I'm at home or having a chill day but pic related is what I use to go out 9 times out of 10.
Axe Apollo is ok sometimes too. Old Spice Amber is a comfy winter scent. Fiji, Krakengard, and Aqua Reef good for summer

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The Fiji one fucks me up, but the sport one is great

Old Spice is cancer for the skin, don't use it on your pits.

trips of truth. Take a fucking shower retards.

The thing is that antiperspirants clog your sweat ducts so that even after it is washed away your sweat ducts are still clogged and therefore stronger antipersperants only need to be applied every couple of days

fucking this and its aluminum free.

Nah fuck you faggots. I shower every day after working out and I do either weights or cardio every day of the week, sometimes ill miss a session once every two weeks or so, but its very uncommon. I always wash under the pits with a soapbar and the shit still lasts forever.

Don't believe me then go try it for yourself, 100%srs.

I doesn't have any fancy smell, but it doesn't matter if I play basketball a whole morning or do a 5K, I keep me safe. I have been using it for years

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The gel gets everywhere around my skin and I have to either wipe off the excess or flail my arms to dry it like a retard.

love this shit bro. i shower in the evening before bed and when i get up in the morning this stuff mingles with my clean shower sweat to smell fucking amazing. totally makes me want to fuck me when i take a deep whiff of it on the sly or right before a lift

>ITT a bunch of people who want to and are going to get cancer

When I started using this whenever I would get hot I would sweat out one meaty droplet that would slide all the way down my underarm to my torso every ~15 minutes. Never had that happen with other deos

What do you suggest?

I used this stuff when I was 15 until my armpits got chemical burns. 4 years later and I still barely sweat

masterrace reporting in

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Aluminum free doesn't work that well. There's a reason they put it in there. Enjoy applying "deoderant" 3x a day.

Maybe you're putting too much user

I'm sorry your genetics are shit

wait, so you put this on then a deoderant on top of it?

Nivea men

my nigga with dubs to prove

Nivea stress protect is the best one I've tried.

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This, but Cedar+Juniper